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Foreign Exchange in India, Now Easier than Ever

A trip to the foreign shores is indeed an exciting thought. Meticulous planning and itineraries follow. However, one thing that can be mildly discerning is buying and managing foreign exchange that would be needed during the trip. All those doubts can now be put to rest because buying foreign exchange in India is no more a cumbersome task. It can be done and handled easily by just about anyone. You can now travel without worrying about foreign exchange rates or how to buy foreign exchange in India.

Travelling to another country is always accompanied by the thought of visas, local currency and a lot of other things. However, Thomas Cook makes the foreign exchange in India sound like an easy task.

Every traveller’s priority is having enough local currency so the trip, be it business or leisure goes well. Also buying foreign exchange in a foreign country has its own set of hassles and hurdles which could result in travellers spending more time chasing currency than actually enjoying their vacation. ThomasCook makes life easy for you by helping you exchange currency anywhere in the world.  Say goodbye to exchange counters at airports, unreliable sources and forex vendors, once and for all. With Thomas Cook Forex Service, you can now avail the best exchange rates for any currency across the world from the comfort of your home.

All you need to do to buy foreign exchange in India online is to log into the Thomas Cook website. Fill in the relevant details and submit the form online. You can also have the forex delivered to their doorsteps, now isn’t that wonderful?

Travelling to a foreign country with pockets full of currency is not a great idea and therefore when buying Forex one could buy Forex cards. These cards are similar to the ATM cards and help travellers avoid bulky wallets. It is highly recommended that you carry 30% forex cash and 70% of it on the Forex card. Also getting this process done well in advance saves all the last minute hassles and running around.

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Wondering how to get a Foreign exchange in India? The answer is simple.

  1. Log in to the ThomasCook website
  2. Fill in the relevant details and submit the relevant documents needed
  3. Check for the latest forex rates for the currency of your choice
  4. Purchase the currency of your choice
  5. Enjoy your trip seamlessly

Why ThomasCook Forex Service?

1. Order Foreign Exchange on the Forex Card or in Cash is easy

The Forex card can be used as a currency card and allows free ATM withdrawals while on the go. Also, reloading the Forex card can easily be done online. Travel light and stress-free.

2. Forex at your door

Thomas Cook takes 24-48 hours to the forex to be delivered on working days. It might take longer on weekends and holidays.  Transactions can be done from anywhere in India; however, door deliveries would be done only in select cities and towns. However, be rest assured about the safety of the product as we will be taking care of all the necessary precautionary measures. However, be rest assured about the safety of the product as we will be taking care of all the necessary precautionary measures. However, be rest assured about the safety of the product as we will be taking care of all the necessary precautionary measures.

3. Low Exchange Rates

The exchange rates vary on a daily basis and at Thomas Cook; you can be assured of low exchange rates. Save more as compared to transactions done at banks and forex counters.

4. 24/7 Customer Service

Customer service that will be at your service at all times, irrespective of the time zones and time differences. Receive support from experienced staff that is always willing to help.

5. Easy Payment Options

Thomas Cook offers hassle-free online options like Debit card, Credit card, online banking and offline options like cheque making travel easy for every traveller.

6. Re-selling Forex

Back from your holiday and still have some foreign currency with you? Put your worries to rest and be rest assured because ThomasCook offers you the best prices when re-selling Foreign exchange.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your destination, pack your bags and go on that memorable trip and leave all your worries behind.

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