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Where can I get Foreign Exchange Near Me?

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Where can I get foreign exchange near me? This question, which appears trivial at first glance is something that has worried a lot of us, I included. More so if I am getting late for a flight. Be it business or pleasure, foreign currency or forex is something that we all need from time to time whenever we are abroad. This is why I trust Thomas Cook to take care of all my forex needs. For they offer services not only in India but in a lot of other countries out there. Want to know more? Here goes:

How can I locate a Thomas Cook Outlet to get Foreign Exchange near Me?

Locating a Thomas Cook outlet in my area that deals in Foreign Exchange was really easy. I just log on to the official website and use the store locator and I will easily get the list of all the outlets that cater to foreign exchange near me. What’s more, you can even buy foreign exchange online on the official website. Worry not, this purchase is completely secure and all your personal details, payment information and more is completely private.

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What are my options when I am looking for Foreign Exchange near Me?

There are 3 main options which you when it comes to getting the foreign exchange from Thomas Cook. They are:

  1. Foreign Currency Notes
  2. Single Currency Forex Cards
  3. Multi-Currency Forex Cards

Each of the above options is available at all Thomas Cook Forex outlets and you can choose the option which is most suitable for you. To give you an idea of single and multi-currency forex cards, while the former only has a single currency loaded on them, the latter is meant for multiple currencies. These cards can not only be used in the same way as you use your debit cards for transactions online, offline and even to withdraw cash from ATM’s. Moreover, the Thomas cook Forex Cards are secured by a chip and a PIN making them your best companions on foreign tours be it for business or pleasure! And in case if you lose the Forex Cards, you can call our 24*7 customer care cell and we shall take care of blocking the card and also issuing a new one to you.

All in all, whenever I am looking for Foreign Exchange near Me, I rely on Thomas Cook to offer me the best foreign exchange rates and value-added services that I need. They are a one-stop-shop for all my Forex requirements.

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