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Good News! Indians Can Now Get Visa on Arrival in Jordan

Yes, the news is indeed true. Indians can now get a Visa on Arrival in Jordan. A day ahead of King Abdullah II’s planned meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jordan announced the decision aimed at boosting tourism and also the bilateral and business ties between the two countries.

Jordan Visa on Arrival: Duration, Fees and Rules

Indians visiting Jordan can now get a Visa on Arrival for a period of 2 weeks. The fees for the same will be INR 2000 or $30 approximately. Visitors need to have at least INR 65,000 or $1000 with them to cover their expenses for the stay and also have flight tickets to return to India or to their onward destination. Another interesting fact about Visa on Arrival in Jordan is that Indians who enter and exit from the Jordanian city of Aqaba, located along the Red Sea will get a 1 month Jordan Visa without having to pay any fees.

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3 Things to do after you get the Visa on Arrival in Jordan:

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  1. You simply MUST take a dip in the Dead Sea. Don’t go by its name, the Dead Sea is a one-of-a-kind marvel of the natural world. This is the only deep water body where you can take a dip without having to know swimming or wear a life-jacket. The salt content of the Dead Sea is so high that you can float without anything!
  2. Next, visit Petra. The imposing buildings and architecture, the magnanimous cliffs and the breath-taking Treasury Square are a really amazing sight. Petra was one of the most important parts of the legendary Chinese Silk Route that existed around 2000 years ago. Once lost, it was only known to the locals here until the West rediscovered it in the year 1812. Petra today is a favourite for many Hollywood movie directors including the ones who shot Indiana Jones and the Transformers Series.
  3. While in Jordan do visit the Feynan Eco Lodge. This luxury retreat makes the country’s wildlife and natural resources a priority and does all it can to protect it. With the help of a local guide, you can check out the nature reserve including the local flora and fauna, the ancient ruins and also talk to the locals who are only willing to share personal anecdotes of having been born and grown up here.

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