Greatest Street Food Destinations in the U.S

Friday, February 5, 2016

Best Food Trucks in America
Ditch McDonald’s and Starbucks. With flavours from across the globe and a pot pourri of delectable spices, meats and veggies, these food trucks are a local delight. So while you pick a suitable United States tour package, or if you are visiting on your own, make sure you experience food on wheels. It’s finger lickin’ good!

Best Food Trucks in America

The Lime Truck Orange County, California
Say hello to Mexico with a twist. Organic, spice infested and absolutely innovative, try out the tuna nachos and carnita fries, and a variety of Mexican inspired items. The Lime Truck adds a summery-lemony tinge and one must try the famous Ghost Peppers.

Red Hook Lobster Pound New York City
With a plethora of sea food indulgences, you must try out these lobster rolls when in New York. Rolled into a bun coupled with celery, spices and home-made mayonnaise, warm and buttered – it’s a foodie delight.

Kogi BBQ Los Angeles
Relish Koream barbecue tacos on the streets of L.A. Serving delicious Asian tacos, this truck has upped the ante on the street food circuit. Setting off a flavour bomb with reasonable prices, no one leaves L.A. without a bite!

Kogi BBQ Los Angeles

East Side King Austin, Texas
The most recommended must-taste are fried potato noodles in pork stew. Tofu chilli, fried chicked and fried rice are will tease your taste buds. They put a spin on Japanese street food with a bit of their own tangy flavours. So if you’re a complete pork-a-holic, you’ve found your destination.

Rickshaw Stop San Antonio
A traditional food truck, brimming with only Pakistani flavours, the best buys here are kebabs and samosas. Eaxh of these foods have been made with utmost care, the meats set to marinate for the perfect amount of time to give you a feel of home-made delicacies.

The Cinnamon Snail New York City
If you thought a vegan couldn’t survive in the States, the Cinnamon Snail will prove you wrong. A complete organic vegetarian food truck, they serve burritos with scrambled tofu, fresh plum pancakes, sandwiches and burgers. So if you’re new year resolution is to give up meats, then stuff yourself right here!



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