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Gurez Valley – The Crown of Kashmir

The valley of Kashmir is one place which never ceases to mesmerise with its enchanting beauty. The holiday packages for Kashmir include places of pristine natural beauty and the world-renowned hospitality of its people. Gurez valley, famously known as Crown of Kashmir, is one of the gems nestled between the lofty mountains of Kashmir. Located at a distance of around 123 kilometres from Srinagar, this mystical valley sits along the banks of Kishenganga River.

All About Gurez valley

The most striking feature of the valley is the famous Habba Khatoon peak. Shaped like a pyramid, this mountain peak is named after renowned Kashmiri poetess Habba Khatoon (real name Zoon). Legend has it that she was the married to an illiterate peasant named Habba, who mistreated her as she was always immersed in poetry and singing. Fed-up from the mistreatment, Zoon changed her name to Habba Khatoon (Habba’s servant). The ruler of Kashmir, Yusuf Shah Chak was bewitched with her poetry and intelligence. He arranged for her divorce and married her. Later on the king was captured by his rival and Habba Khatoon used to wander near the peak in search of her lover.

The valley is not only famous for the legend of Habba Khatoon, but its unrivalled beauty also. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is a trekker’s delight. The most famous visitors of this valley include US President Franklin D Roosevelt, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sheikh Abdullah and Indira Gandhi. Gurez valley once also acted as the gateway to the famous Silk Route across central Asia.

Visitors to this place are bound to be mesmerised by the roaring sound of the Kishenganga River that resonates through the valley. The various small streams and mountain lakes provide perfect environment for trout fishing, which is a unique experience on its own. Around 20 kilometers from Gurez, there are small villages which provide log houses for tourists. These log houses provide a magnificent view of the snowy mountains and the pine forests, and is bound to have a calming and stress relieving environment.

On your next visit to Kashmir, make sure that you take a trip to Gurez, the land of the legends and lofty mountains.

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Gurez valley, also known as Crown of Kashmir, one of the gems nestled between the lofty mountains of Kashmir. Plan your Kashmir trip now!
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