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Ever heard of getting a FREE HOLIDAY on buying forex? Yes! That’s true

The colours of summer bring along a wave of relaxation and vacation. It is that part of the year where you let your hair down and enjoy. While planning everything important, you cannot miss out on buying forex for your foreign trip. And if you have already planned your overseas trip, there is something amazing we have in store for you.

  1. Buying forex is your ticket to another Holiday: Buying forex this time comes with a jaw-dropping offer and you just can’t miss it. Ever heard of getting a holiday free on buying foreign exchange? Sounds too good to be true, but this offer is real where you have a chance to plan a holiday after a holiday.  We are offering an irresistible deal where you can buy forex above U.S $700 and get a free 2N/3D holiday. Alluring isn’t it?
  2. Shopping for your holiday is sorted:  To cheer up the shopaholic in you, we are offering a Shoppers Stop shopping voucher worth Rs.500 on a purchase of U.S. $ 500. Now you can add something extra to your shopping list.

Avail these amazing offers here.

Wondering if you can save more? Yes, you definitely can. Here’s why you need while buying forex card for additional benefits.

  1. Understanding and easy going: The Forex card is easy going and understanding. This friend is always by your side, handling your money wisely. The best part is, it will never do anything that will pinch your pocket!
  2. No proof to befriend: To befriend the Forex Card, you need not prove your credit worthiness. There is no concept of borrowing money when it comes to a prepaid forex card, hence you no longer need to go through any credit checks. This is a great benefit for students.
  3. Safe like a Boss: On your summer trip, if you have a forex card, you are free from the stress of your wallet being stolen. If at all, your forex card is stolen, it is still secure as someone needs to have the card and the pin both to access your money. So, with your forex card friend by your side, you are safe like a boss!
  4. Good exchange rates: A major benefit of having a forex card is that they offer a better exchange rate as compared to converting cash. This is because you can lock in an exchange rate before your trip. The rate that applies is the one on the day you purchase the card.
  5. Wins you ‘waive-offs’: Some prepaid forex cards waive off overseas charges which are fees that banks and credit card providers impose on customers for using their card abroad.
  6. Top-up King: Forex cards can be topped up whenever and wherever you run out of money. You can do this online and also over the phone by sending the amount in rupees from your account to the card provider’s account. Your forex card friend will never let you go broke!
  7. Showers extra love upon you: Forex cards offer certain supplementary benefits like a health insurance cover or emergency cash service. Also, if you have some cash left in your forex card, you can return it to the issuer at the current rate.

If you haven’t planned a foreign trip, you have all reasons now to plan one with out International Tour Packages. We have done our best to help you save money and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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FREE HOLIDAY On Buying Forex? Yes! That’s True - Thomas Cook Blog
If you haven’t planned a foreign trip yet, plan now. As you can get a free 2N/3D holiday while buying forex. Hurry Up!
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