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Holiday humdrum – Must pack for a holiday

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A vacation is such an exciting affair. With all the planning, ticket booking, hotel reservations the chaos is almost maddening. Along comes the task of packing. For all the cautious travellers, packing may be a cakewalk, yet for the madcaps and forgetful, it is anything but easy. Here is a quick list of must packs.Beachy fun: The sun, sand, serenity and cool waters spell a perfect vacation. To make the trip as smooth as possible, it may be a good idea to pack accordingly. Besides the mandatory sun screen lotions, shades and flip flops, there are a lot of essentials one may miss out on. It is always a good idea to carry extra clothes. An impromptu dip in the inviting waters may leave you low and wet. Also, a good anti allergic may come in handy after an unfortunate seafood allergy. If you are travelling to an offbeat destination, carrying a few beach accessories with the likes of beach mats may prove to be a savior. You may also want to carry a waterproof beach bag lest your phone suffers untoward consequences.

Adventure mania: If you like your holidays to be action packed with hiking sprees, moonlight camping nights, you may want to be a tad bit more prepared. A handy backpack is quite convenient when you are out in the hills. A good torch with back up batteries, mosquito repellent ointments, a first aid box, a small yet comfortable sleeping bag, an umbrella/raincoat and warm clothes are some must haves when you are exploring nature. A sturdy pair of shoes and a map of the local area are a must as well. Food and water are your lifeline if you are mostly out. It is best to invest in a foldable tent to avoid any mishaps.

International Travel: If you are travelling out of your resident country, it is a must to pack your visas, passports and a photocopy of all your documents. An informative guide book and maps of the cities you are travelling to come next. It is also wise to pack clothes according to the expected weather conditions. A first aid kit goes in next with a stock of emergency medicines.

A smart traveller makes a happy traveller. With this short list packed safely inside your suitcases, there is little else that can go wrong with international holiday packages. Happy holidays!

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