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How to ‘Go Goa’ in COVID-19 for Vacation

Goa has always been a preferred getaway destination for many travellers. No matter how many times you have visited before, Goa always calls you back for more. COVID-19 in the recent few months has led to the pause in tourism for many destinations. For many of you, Goa may also be the first destination to travel in COVID-19. From July, Goa is reopened for tourists, and you can escape from your home and let Goa be the weekend destination you’ve always dreamed of. But during this COVID-19, there are certain measures and precautions that you need to follow if you want to visit Goa. Here is a detail of what to do to make your travels smooth.

Before Travel Preparations :

1. Pre-book your Hotel – Booking of a hotel is mandatory for visiting Goa. The hotels which are open for guests are of the highest safety and hygiene standard.

2. Self-declaration form – these forms are available at pre-booked hotels or units. You need to fill this form and carry this while travelling.

3. COVID-19 negative certificate – Before you travel, make sure you have a negative certificate issued in the last 48 hours. This will ensure that you don’t get quarantined when you arrive. Alternatively, you can get tested at Goa at entry points, at your own cost. 

When you arrive Goa, you need to follow the below process:

1. Thermal Screening: At various entry points, basic screening is done by a thermal gun. 

2. You’ll need to show your documents, mentioned in Before Travel Preparations section

3. If you carry a COVID-19 certificate, you can go straight to the hotel and start enjoying your holidays. 

However, if you don’t carry a certificate, your swab sample will be collected at entry points. You’ll be required to stay in isolation until your test results come in. This will take 2 days. If you are found positive, you will go to institutional quarantine. 

How to travel to Goa :

You can reach Goa via road, train, or air. 

By road, you can reach Dodamarg, Patridevi, Keri, Mollem and, Pollem. 

By train, you can alight at Madgaon, Thivim, Vasco da Gama. 

By air, you can reach Dabolim International Airport 

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Now that you’ve all you need about travelling to Goa, let’s start packing bags!

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