Independence Day: Places that tell intriguing stories about Indian freedom struggle

While the pain and atrocities that freedom struggle brought upon us may have faded with time, the sacrifices that our fearless freedom fighters made will always remain alive in our hearts. With great bravery and courage, many revolutionaries from different regions of India campaigned against foreign domination, and freed India from the shackles of slavery that day is celebrated as Independence day.

As India celebrates its 69th independence day in 2015, we have collated a list of iconic places, where every Indian should pay a visit to at least once in their life time to relive the memories of our freedom struggle.

Cellular jail – Andaman and Nicobar islands

The cellular Jail in Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which was established as a prison island by British rulers, tells a very painful story of Indian freedom struggle. The three-floor prison with seven wings hosted a lot of freedom revolutionaries and political prisoners. The jail stood witness to the hideous atrocities committed upon the inmates. Andaman tourism is travel for leisure, but Cellular Jail is amongst the top attractions. Don’t miss it!

Jallianwalla Bagh – Amritsar

When people in Punjab gathered at Jallianwalla bagh, a garden near the beautiful Golden Temple, to celebrate Baisakhi on April 13, 1919, Brigadier General Dyer gave command to the British Indian army soldiers to fire bullets over a crowd of non-violent protestors along with Baisakhi pilgrims. The bullet marks on the walls of the garden’s well, in which people jumped to escape bullets, is an intimidating sight. A visit to Jallianwalla Bagh is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Sabarmati ashram – Ahmedabad


Standing on the banks of Sabarmati, Sabarmati ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram, was Mahatama Gandhi’s laboratory where he started his experiments with truth. The famous freedom movements such as Satyagraha, Civil Disobedience, Swadeshi Movement started from Sabarmati Ashram. This iconic site is no longer functional as an ashram, but Gandhi’s living quarters are preserved just as the way it used to be during his lifetime. The famous Dandi March, a protest against British Salt Law, also started from here.

Red fort – Delhi, Celebrated first Independence Day

The Red Fort in Delhi was built by Shahjahan, the Mughal emperor of India in 1857. This world heritage is one of the iconic places that reminds us of the first Independence Day. India’s first prime, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, unfurled the national flag and gave a speech here for the first time.

Gandhi Smriti, Delhi

Gandhi Smriti holds an important place in the history of Indian freedom struggle, as it’s the same place where the father of the nation was assassinated by Nathuran Godse on January 30, 1948. The place is home to the room where Gandhi ji used to stay during his visits to Delhi, and a prayer ground where he used to hold important meetings. The preserved area also has a museum where you can spot Gandhi’s memorial, and other relics of the time he spent there.

Aga khan palace, Pune

Built in 1982 by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, the Aga Khan Palace stands testimony to the Indian independence movement. Also, Gandhi ji’s wife Kasturba Gandhi and his secretary took their last breath here. The beautiful palace is home to a picture gallery, a museum, and a simple memorial to Gandhi ji.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Located on the waterfront in the Apollo Bunder, the Gateway of India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The monumental memento, built right next to the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, is a place, which was used to bid adieu to British troops as they sailed out of the Mumbai’s harbour.

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Independence Day: Places That Tell Intriguing Stories About Indian Freedom Struggle
As India celebrates its 69th Independence day in 2015, we have collated a list of iconic places, where every Indian should pay a visit.
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