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Indulge in Mouth Watering Delicacies at the Dubai Food Festival 2020


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The Dubai Food Festival is a gastronomical experience that gives the locals and tourists a chance to view the city in a different light and visit unexplored spots through the city. Organized by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), The Dubai food festival is actually a part of a larger initiative to develop a year-long programme consisting of city-wide set ups to boost the tourism and retail sectors in Dubai.

Head over to the Beach Canteen to savor mouthwatering home-grown food concepts next to the crystal-clear waters of Dubai, dig into the food at wallet-friendly Hidden Gems across the city or simply gobble a meal to remember at exclusive culinary hotspots during Dubai Restaurant Week. Find never seen before dining experiences and limited-edition delights to pocket friendly street style food, there’s something on the menu to satisfy all tastes in Dubai and budgets.

In the previous year, the festival gave an opportunity to 40 culinary treasures to shine. This year, the culinary fest is set to offer some of the most scrumptious meals from all over the world, so strap on your bags, get your passports and plan a trip to Dubai to savor some oozing deliciousness.


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The Dubai Food Festival is going to be take place this year for 17 full days from February 26th to March 14th 2020. Just like the previous year, it promises to outdo itself by being bigger, better and tastier than ever before.


  • SWYP Beach Canteen
  • The Restaurant Week
  • Hidden Gems all over Dubai
  • Exclusive Experiences for Foodies
  • Limited Coffee Edition

SWYP Beach Canteen

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When one serves delicious budget friendly meals by glistening shores of Dubai, it is sure to attract flocks of people. SWYP Beach Canteen proves the same year on year and has made it one of the biggest hits of the 2019. A canteen is built on the outdoor stretch and converted into a culinary hotspot every year for the festival.

Miami Vibes

Hands down the most instagrammable event of the Dubai Food Festival, the Miami Vibes is back for a second edition on the city walk in Dubai. Right from rainbow cheese toasties, creatively made shakes, giant ice cream cones with colorful sprinkles to huge neon signs with funky quotes, adorable food trucks and pink and blue picnics hotspots, every corner of the city walk will come alive with Miami Vibes during this period.

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The Restaurant Week

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During one of the weeks of the Dubai Food Festival, some of the prime restaurants of Dubai like Bleu Blanc Dubai, Hotel Cartagena, Morimoto Zheng He’s, GIA, Scape Restaurant and the Lounge play hosts to guests for an elaborate three course meal at reasonable rates. The food at each of them is very different from the other thus giving the visitors an option to choose the meal that suits their taste buds the best.

Hidden Gems all over Dubai

The Dubai Food Festival gives ten not-so-popular restaurants all over the country an opportunity to participate in the festival and win based on the diner votes. If the restaurant serves good food, it can be a great place for them to gain some recognition.

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Exclusive Experiences for Foodies

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If you are someone who not only loves food but loves the science, art and thinking that goes within and beyond it, the Dubai Food Festival can truly be your Mecca. Master Classes with top chefs, themed tours, workshops with nutritionists and exclusive wine tasting menus from the perfectly curated menus, be ready to jump on the culinary ride of your life.

Limited Coffee Edition

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Whether you are a coffee lover, need to have some to wake yourself up or simply someone who enjoys a cup once in a while, the coffee spread at the festival is sure to enthrall you. The Dubai Food Festival arranges for gourmet coffee collected from all around the world to treat the coffee heads and feed them the best cups of caffeine.

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The Dubai Food Festival, though held every year, brings with it something completely new each time thus making it a once in a lifetime opportunity which is not at all worth missing. It is time to entice the foodie in you, eat your heart out and reminisce in the glory of worldly flavors yet again. Head over to the Thomas Cook website to get the best deals for your travel to Dubai and immerse yourself in the stunning experience of the Dubai Food Festival this year.

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