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Top 11 international destinations that offer visa on arrival

A holiday is that once-in-a-while opportunity that allows you to escape from professional and personal formalities. And if it’s an international holiday, the fun quadruples! Having said that, planning an international holiday calls for a lot of formalities, and visa is the biggest among all. However, if you are planning to travel the world, why not kick-start your expedition from destinations that offer visa on arrival for Indians or ask for no visa at all. So how about picking one of the below mentioned international destinations for your next vacation?

Visa on Arrival – International Destinations

Bhutan – Visa not required

Renowned for its untainted beauty, Bhutan is a traveller’s dream! Good news is that it’s totally visa-free for Indian nationals. Thanks to our traditionally close relationship.

Fiji – Visa not required

Fiji holidays give you a chance to acquaint yourself with culture and customs dating back to the olden times. This beautiful visa-free destination is home to 300 odd islands. Fiji holiday packages are all about revelling in the beauty of golden sandy beaches and sky blue waters. Indians can travel or stay in Fiji without a visa for up to 4 months.

Indonesia – Visa on arrival

Did you know that you don’t require a visa to holiday in the paradisiacal island of Bali? Often called as the Island of the Gods, this beautiful Indonesian gem has to be amongst the top holiday destinations on your bucket list.

Thailand – Visa on arrival

Thailand greets Indian travellers with visa on arrival. And the beauty of Thailand has always been praised by travellers from all across the world. So if you haven’t seen Thailand yet, this is your chance!

Jamaica – Visa not required

Discover the stunning land of craggy coastlines, hidden waterways and cerulean blue swimming holes without having to worry about visa hassles. Jamaica not only bestowed the world with the global superstar Bob Marley, but also some of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders.

Maldives – Visa on arrival

If you wish to cut off from the world and unwind in the abundant beauty of nature, plan a trip to Maldives. To soak up the cyan waters, isolated luxury resorts, unique culture and scrumptious cuisines of Maldives, India nationals need not go through visa hassles.

Mauritius – Visa on arrival

The world knows about the beauty of this island country. And Indian nationals can let go of their visa hassles when planning to explore the turquoise waters and remoter than remote islands of Mauritius. And this is the reason Mauritius honeymoon packages and Mauritius tour packages are the most popular amongst all.

Hong Kong – Visa not required

Home to a fusion of eclectic cultures, Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities in China. Hong Kong’s state-of-the-art-infrastructure, show-stopping skyline and delectable food are sure to win the heart of every traveller. And Indian nationals can visit and stay in Hong Kong for up to 14 days without visa or entry permit.

Seychelles – Visa on arrival

Seychelles is a honeymooners’ paradise. Splendid beaches lapped with shimmering topaz BLUE waters and lush hills are what Seychelles has to offer.  So if you planning a romantic trip with your other half, Seychelles holiday packages are abound.

Sri Lanka – Visa on arrival

Travelling to Sri Lanka, the pearl of Indian Ocean, is not a hassle if you apply for an online visa application, also called an Electronic Travel Authorisation. Sri Lanka is a safe haven for surfers and other water sports lovers. So book a Sri Lanka tour package and let the adventure junkie in you run wild.

Travelling to one of these countries and getting a visa upon arrival is a blissful experience, but to steer clear of any inconvenience, make sure you have your other travel documents such as passport, national identity, return tickets and bank statements in place. If you have all these documents, there is nothing that can spoil your trip.

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Top 11 International Destinations That Offer Visa On Arrival - Thomas Cook
If you are planning to travel the world, why not kick-start your expedition from international destinations that offer visa on arrival.
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