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Kasauli: A Dreamy Small Town In Himachal

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Blessed with Natures’ bounty, Kasauli is a dainty hill town in North India in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli is known for its’ fresh and laid-back life in the leg of nature. People believe in living a slow life and making the most of the serenity of the place. It is a refreshing place to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are also lots of adventurous activities in Kasauli for those looking for one to choose from, such as paragliding to snow skating, skiing, and zorbing. At a small distance of 12 km from Kasauli is Dagshai, a dreamy small town almost like out of fairy tales. Paragliding in Dagshai and Paragliding in Kasauli are one of the most famous paragliding spots in all of India. Imagine floating around in soft dewy winds while overlooking the most beautiful mountains. It is an experience that’ll last with you for a lifetime. Be ready to feel airborne and fly with the birds.

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Best time to Visit Kasauli

Kasauli is a place situated in the northern city of Shimla, India. It is characterized by cold weather throughout the year, which can range from single digits to in high ranges of the twenties. 

Kasauli experiences three elaborate different seasons: Summer, Monsoon, and Winter. 

Kasauli in Summer

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Summer is one of the best times to visit Kasauli. Summers can generally get very hot, but Kasauli being a hill station, experiences a delightful climate even during this time. Kasauli has a very festive feel during this period as the sun is usually out and shining. The weather is warm enough for people to have a good time, but cold enough not to feel the sweltering heat. This period is also ideal for indulging in adventure activities in Kasauli, like paragliding, zorbing, and skiing.

Kasauli experiences very light showers and hence offers an excellent time to explore the town at ease. Nature lovers and trekkers can take delight in the blooming flowers and tall grasslands. The famous festival Sari takes place in July every year and involves a lot of local traditions, festivities making it a merry time for both the locals and the tourists.

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Kasauli in Winter

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Winters are beautiful in Kasauli. There are vast spreads of snow throughout, accentuating the real winter beauty. The temperatures, though, can get a little extreme, which might prevent you from exploring Kasauli to your hearts’ content. It also gets dark sooner, which might be another hurdle. However, this can be the best time to explore Kasauli for many.

One of the things to look forward to is the Renuka Fair. This fair is held amidst snow-capped mountains and has a variety of cultural and recreational activities that can be enjoyed by one and all.  

If you are not much into adventure sports like paragliding, skiing, etc. and would want to explore Kasauli, need not worry. Here is a list of top things to do in Kasauli

  1. The Kasauli Baptist Church is a brick and wooden building, which is an adequate example of the colonial architecture of the British era. 
  2. The Kasauli Brewery, also known as Mohan Meakin is the oldest distillery for scotch whiskey in all of Asia. It was founded in the 1820s and is open to the public to take a tour.
  3. Gilbert Trail is a trail entwining around mountains. This 1.5 kilometers walk from Lovers’ Lane amidst leaf-covered roads and bushes is magical and perfect for honeymooners to spend some quiet time alone.
  4. Marked as a World Heritage by UNESCO, the toy train is a fun-filled ride cutting through coniferous forests. One can take this toy train from Kasauli to Dharampur, a 10-kilometers stretch. A must-do activity in Kasauli.
  5. Some of the most beautiful experiences while travelling are always on foot, and Kasauli is no exception to it. With innumerable trekking paths to choose from, put on your trekking shoes and start walking! Rest assured you will end up somewhere beautiful.
  6. There are several camping sites near Kasauli, especially in Dagshai.
  7. If you are looking for fun things to do in and around Kasauli, Timber Trail definitely tops the list. This ropeway takes you up while crossing a beautiful view of the majestic mountains and green valleys.
  8. Known initially as Hawa Ghar, the Sunset Point is a stunning place where you can view some of the gorgeous sunsets floating over cotton candy clouds. This surreal sunset amidst chirping flocks of birds is sure to calm you down and set the mood for the perfect evening.  

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Head over to the Thomas Cook website to book an exhilarating trip to Kasauli today! The adventures that Kasauli has in store for you are beyond what you can expect and will blow your mind away. 

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