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Kashmir – a new hub to shoot for Bollywood

Kashmir’s romantic and divine beauty makes it perfect for Bollywood to translate its musical story on the big screen. From Sharmila Tagore to Shah Rukh Khan, these privileged actors have shot in the backdrop of some of the most stunning locations in Kashmir. It is a never ending love affair, the one between Bollywood and Kashmir.Can you imagine the wonders of Bollywood influence on Kashmir tourism? Read on as we implore some of these breathtaking destinations that have been captured on the silver screen.

SrinagarFamous for the beautiful Dal Lake, there have been countless songs filmed on a ‘shikara’. Remember the ever graceful Sharmila Tagore in the movie Kashmir Ki Kalli? Apart from the Dal Lake, there are many other captivating locations in Srinagar, like Pari Mahal, Indira Gandhi Tulip garden, not to forget the Mughal garden which make it Kashmir’s official summer capital!

PahalgamMajestic mountains. Green meadows. Gurgling rivers. Bollywood has used this destination rather well. Movies shot in the beauty of Pahalgam are Silsila, Highway, Jab Jab Phool Khile among many others. What makes Pahalgam stand out is the beautiful Betaab Valley! It would also fascinate you to know that the valley got its name from a Bollywood movie called ‘Betaab’. A fine example of how Kashmir and Bollywood go hand in hand!

LadakhUnlike the rest of Kasmir, Ladakh’s beauty lies in its vast cold deserts and crystal clear blue lakes. In recent times, Ladakh has been extremely popular amongst Bollywood directors. Remember ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’? Or the massive hit, ‘3 Idiots’? Known for its high altitudes, Ladakh is one of the few places in India which is travel friendly & enchanting.

GulmargTake a walk down your memory lane, and you will find that timeless movies like Bobby and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani have been extensively shot here. A popular hill station and skiing destination, Gulmarg is the mini Switzerland of India. Snow capped mountains, birch trees, apple trees all covered in snow. Could you ask for anything better?

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Kashmir – A New Hub To Shoot For Bollywood - Thomas Cook India Blog
Can you imagine the wonders of Bollywood influence on Kashmir tourism? Here are few breathtaking destinations captured on the silver screen.
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