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Feel like Royalty on King’s Day 2018 in Amsterdam

King’s Day, Former Queen’s Day is a national holiday celebrated annually in honour of the King Willem-Alexander, which marks the birth of the king Willem-Alexander, on 27 April.

King’s Day celebration makes the end of April a jaunty and fun-filled enjoy in Amsterdam and Dutch cities. King’s day is also called Koningsdag in Dutch.

  • Netherlands, king Willem-Alexander celebrates birthday on April 27, which is considered as King’s Day.
  • This day is a seen as public holiday, folks from nationwide join the festivity.
  • Koningsdagis called as Oranjekte or orange madness and the Vrijmarkt (“free market”) throughout the nation, an open-air parade on the channels or in the streets, where people wear orange clothes.
  • Celebrations are all around the Netherlands on King’s day. The most famous destination is Amsterdam as people from every corner join the festivity around one million people visit the world’s biggest street party ever!

In Amsterdam, this day is seen as a festival of fun and frolic. Under the former Dutch monarch, Queen Beatrix, it was called Queen’s Day.

 Timings of Celebrations:

If you are fond of parties, make sure you join the King’s day celebrations in Amsterdam that coincides with Friday on April 27, 2018.

  • When: Friday, April 27, 2018
  • Where: All around the Netherlands (Holland), and every corner in Amsterdam.

What to do on King’s Day?

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This day is celebrated with street parties in every corner all over country and we see many cafes and restaurants setting up their own tables on pavements outside the restaurants and cafes. It is celebrated with something quintessential in Dutch for setting up a flea market nationwide.

People vacate their attics and set stalls on the streets, to sell all they have to spare. Many folks also provide services such as massages, makeovers and the like. Children enjoy the many plays, games and side-shows in the street corners. There are also many commercial food joints that are a part of the festivities. And a major portion of the earnings is also donated to charities.

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 Where to go to Enjoy Kings Day?

The epicenter of the festivities is Amsterdam and the city does get crowded during the festivities, especially the area over the city squares and main canals, sometimes up to three million folks are in the city with a population of just 750,000.

The Vondelpark is another area where Kings Day is celebrated with pomp and show. There are many stalls and street parties that go on over here and along the River Amstel across the street. In fact, this is one of the most famous areas for street parties during Kings Day.

The Vondelpark:


The Vondelpark, reserved for children, to sell their toys that they have outgrown over the years. Many youngsters perform on the streets, transforming the luminous Vondelpark into the feasts of dances and songs

The gates of the park are opened at 9.00 pm along the side of street sale, there are plenty of games and various entertaining events to amuse oneself.

Kids Markets:

There are some areas that are designated only for children as kid-friendly zone on the King’s Day and they are marked as the best places for children to set up their street stalls in the markets:

  • Amstelveld
  • Westerpark
  • Buikslotermeerplein
  • Artisplein
  • Amsterdamse Poort, large square in the shopping centre at Bijlmerplein 205-207
  • Stadspark Tussenmeer
  • Bilderdijkpark
  • Erasmuspark
  • Frederik Hendrik Plantsoen
  • Frederiksplein on the square near Falckstraat
  • Sarphatipark
  • Sint Antoniesluis up to the road
  • Vondelpark
  • Bellamyplein
  • Dappermarkt
  • Leliegracht, even side of the street between house numbers 42 and 58
  • Plein ‘40-‘45
  • NDSM, Vrijhaven

How to Reach Amsterdam?

Iberia, Vueling, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines also fly to the Dutch city from UK Airports.

Travellers from north might be considering to take the ferry service from Newcastle.

If one is already in Amsterdam to celebrate the King’s Day, it is better to avoid reaching the place on the same day, as it will be mostly crowded and it makes travelling throughout the city impossible.

Where to stay:

The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, has rooms with a vibrant bar and the theatrical interiors. One can book them in advance for April 26-28.

King’s Day  Events and parties:

King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day) turns the other monarchies, green with envy around world, as the Netherlands and Amsterdam turn into an orange shade to celebrate their own royal family.

King’s Day Boating Regulations:

Amsterdam’s canals seem extremely busy on the King’s Day and there are certain regulations to be followed, which are introduced on the same day to help people by controlling the flow of traffic.

Boating rules into force on the King’s Day.

Taking to the canals on King’s Day:

Besides the general rules that apply to a boat travelling on Amsterdam’s canals, there are many regulations that come into force on the King’s Day. Here are some significant rules to keep in mind:

  • Always towards the right side
  • The maximum speed permitted is 6 km/h.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted while controlling the boat. Passengers are allowed to take one unit of alcoholic drinkthe (regular one, which is below 15% alcohol) for own consumption.
  • Pontoons  and flat-bottom boats  are not allowed within the canal, Singel in Amsterdam (with/without a  push tug or towboat)
  • Amplifying electronic devices are not allowed (i.e. music should not be audible ten (10) metres from the boat).
  • Boats that are too long, more than 10 metres are not allowed on the Prinsengracht, Zoutkeetsgracht, Grimburgwal , Rokin or Oudezijds Voorburgwal

Street markets:

As the city is built for trading, people in Amsterdam like to haggle and  feel there’s no better place. Traders over there display their second-hand wares on the street markets, in Amsterdam. They create themselves one of the largest flea markets in the world.

Citywide street sales in Amsterdam:

Everyone can take part in the street markets and you get whatever you imagine, big deals waiting for you to snap up that ranges from vintage chic and handy gadgets to the downright bizarre. It is most essential part of the King’s Day and is loved by hunters that would love to bargain and also the window shoppers.

  • There are various streets and specific districts of the city that are known for being hot-spot for few second-hand wares, one must take the chance to explore the different parts of Amsterdam for a wide range of bargains.
  • The street markets kick off at06:00 and goes around till 20:00

King’s Sports Day:

The King’s Games will be enjoyable all day for the kids in primary schools. The King’s Sports Day is going to be the highlight for the day and a healthy King’s breakfast will be served. Every school is set free to decide the forms of the King’s games, it can be conducted as per their wish so that it can be in a creative way.

The King’s Breakfast:

Before the sports activities commence on the King’s Sports Day, students come together to have their healthy festive breakfast, which is very essential for students to have good energy for the day. Kids are taught many healthy habits.

NDSM Vrijhaven’s Day:


Everybody is welcome at NDSM Vrijhaven, it is a free event (on the old wharf) in Amsterdam. They celebrate King’s Day with food, music and fun with families with lot of happenings at the event that includes music and the Kindervrijmarkt festivals for all the ages, there is no time for boredom!

Noord from Amsterdam joins the King’s Day fun with NDSM Vrijhaven on the King’s Day.

Celebrating King’s Day in Noord:

There will be so much fun with live music and food, plenty of art, creative madness theatre, karaoke, a flea market for children, all sorts of activities are held.

Facts about King’s Day 2018 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s most popular carnival, the King’s day is celebrated on 27 April and over a million people come together to join the festivity. Spreading into the streets and spilling onto the canals. If you have never been to the King’s Day in Amsterdam or if u want to know just how great it is going to be, then here are fun facts to know about the most enthralling carnival

  • Fact 01: If at all the King’s birthday falls on any Sunday, then the celebrations would take place on a day before to that, (i.e.) on a Saturday, as it happened earlier in the year 2014.
  • Fact 02: The royal celebrations were first celebrated on 31 August in 1885 to celebrate Queen Wilhelmina’s birth.
  • Fact 03: On an average a person can spend €26 on souvenirs or orange outfits for the King’s Day
  • Fact 04: There is an increase in the sale of wares on the King’s Day, when compared to other days.
  • Fact 05: King William Alexander was the first monarch of the Netherlands.
  • Fact 06: Around 250,0000 people come to Amsterdam by train on the King’s Day
  • Fact 07: The street sellers on an average make €90 on  the King’s Day
  • Fact 08: The only museum in the world is Rijksmuseum that one can cycle through
  • Fact 09: On the whole, over 135,950 tickets were up for sale during dance festival on King’s Day in the year last year.


 The  King’s Day celebration in Amsterdam is a guaranteed entertainment for all the age groups, right from kids to elderly people and it is sure not a boredom for anyone that explores in the festivity.

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