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Long Weekends Of 2018 – We Have The Best Holiday Plans For You

Monotonous life, dreaded work schedules and never-ending chores. We’ve all been there, and wish we weren’t. 2018 has it all covered for you with its list of long weekends.

Living in cities and towns, we all dream of places that would make us experience paradise in many ways possible. To see the world through our eyes, redefine different cultures and experience its true luxuries are on everybody’s checklist. From far-stretched beaches to hot water springs, encounter and capture these moments that will live forever on the walls of your home and in your hearts.

Where to on the long weekends of 2018

1. January



Dubai is an ever-growing city that spells culture, architecture, technology and luxury. Being the most populous city in the middle east, Dubai has an undying vibe to it. Home to pearls like beaches, tallest skyscraper in the world and Arabian food, it has a lot to be explored.

Indulge in

a. Dubai Shopping Festival

Also known as a shopper’s paradise, one can indulge themselves in high end branded showrooms as well as street shopping. Around 2 million people visit Dubai in January alone for its fairly cheap shopping experience.

b. Dubai Marathon

The distance of the track may vary from 5kms to 50kms according to age and purpose. These marathons are held for multiple charities as well as to attract fitness freaks from around the globe.

c. Dubai Creek Cruise

This is a 2-hour long cruise which consists of good food, fun music and various activities. Spend some time with your loved ones while enjoying the colourful view of the bustling city.

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Havelock Island

A serene beauty, hidden away in the coastal areas of Andaman, Havelock Island is a destination, not many know of. Never ending beaches, white sands, sumptuous greenery, crystal clear water and a huge commercial market are a few places that offer a paradise to the tourists.

Indulge in

a. Scuba diving

The oceans of Havelock have a diverse and vibrant marine life. One can take up classes or simple wallow in the paradise of the underwater. Our Andaman tour packages ensure a bliss holiday in Andamans.

b. Surfing and Yoga

Many resorts strive for ultimate comfort and offer various packages that involve adventure sports for a complete experience of the island. Warm waters of Havelock with mellow tides make it amongst the best surfing places in India. Opt for yoga to peacefully end your day after a good surfing experience.

c. Shopping

The islands consist of segregated villages, one that is dedicated entirely to shopping. This is a hot-spot for the tourists who prefer shopping local antiques and boho merchandise.

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2. February

Take a leave on the 12th and make it long weekend



With mild to no rains and declining temperatures, Vietnam is one of the best places to visit in February. From beaches to ancient monasteries, discover all the phenomenal sites Vietnam has to offer.

Indulge in

a. Halong Bay cruise

More than 200 boats to choose from, you can hop on one of these boats and go on a short adventure amidst the steep rocks and colourful caves. You can also shop once the boat halts at different destinations.

b. Paradise Cave

Standing true to its name, Paradise Cave is a surreal experience for the travel junkies who long for picture-perfect views.

c. Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Cu chi tunnels are a perfect example of the ancient Vietnamese traditions. Walk through these caves and explore plantations and large forests that ooze those traditions through their history.

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Nasik is known as the hub of the Hindu culture. Many Hindu monasteries, forts and ancient artefacts can be found in Nasik. Apart from the traditional feel, it also is known for its parties and fests. Saul Vineyard is a popular tourist attraction that holds several events and fests throughout the year.

Indulge in

a. Sula Vine Fest

One of the few fests that are meant for youths as well as adults. Sula is a leading wine producer of India and is known for its authentic taste. Wine tasting, crazy parties and food culture are some of the main highlights of the fest.

3. March



Also known as the “land of the rising star”, Japan is a perfect blend of technology, architecture, beaches and canopies.

Indulge in

a. Cherry Blossom season

The cherry blossom season begins in March and usually ends before 30th March. The Japanese have a hidden love for blossoms, and you’ll just know why. It is an absolute pleasure to watch the scenic beauty of these blossoms.

b. Awashima Doll Floating Festival

This festival marks the ending of the ‘girls day’ in Japan. People launch thousands of dolls into the sea. The miniature dolls that are a crucial part of their culture look beautiful together, floating on a huge bed of the sea.

c. Skiing and snowboarding

Some parts of Japan are cold during the month of March. It is the perfect time to ski and snowboard at a high elevation, along with the cool breeze.


Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu is the only hill station in the otherwise deserted state of Rajasthan. It is famous for its history of saints and priests, perfect weather and breathtaking rustic beauty.

Indulge in

a. Sunset point

Experience sunset from the peaks of Aravali, cutting horizons and a ravishing view. Many Bollywood movies have shot several scenes here, capturing the beauty of the alluring sun.

b. Mount Abu bazaars

Mount Abu bazaars are colourful, exuberant and vivacious. From tiny artsy handicrafts to life-size antiques, you’ll find it all here. Don’t miss the shopping experience these pop-up shops and hut-like bazaars have to offer, its one of a kind.

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4. April-May



Perfect temperature, warm water and glistening sand make it the perfect go-to destination this may. Rentals and packages are on a soring low and light on your pockets. Also known as “Islands of Gods”, the terrific cultural evidence, serene beaches and delicacies are what Bali is all about. Our Bali tour packages have everything you want.

Indulge in

a. Tabanan

Dip in the hot springs of angsri, witness the rice plantations throughout Tabanan and admire the picturesque beauty of the Tabanan temple located on the rocks surrounded by fresh, sublime water.

b. Lovina

A paradise for the dolphin lovers, Lovina is home to pretty dolphins that dance along the brim of the ocean. Immerse yourself in the turquoise waters of sing sing waterfall and release away from the lethargy.

c. Nusa islands

One of the popular islands of Bali, save yourself the energy to surf, dive and paddle board. Play along with the coral reefs, aqua-porn at its best.

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Kadmat Island Lakshadweep

Kadmat Island is an exotic island of India which is considered truly divine and exquisite for its natural beauty. Surrounded by heavenly waters of the Arabian Sea, bliss to watch the quiet luscious ocean.

Indulge in

a. All sorts of water sports activities

Numerous resorts offer activities like scuba diving, canoeing, windsurfing, etc. One of the famous resorts is water sports institute that lets you enrol in classes as well as guide you through these adventure sports.

b. Cruise

Luxuriate yourself in these lavish 1-day cruise packages. From huge extravagant boats to tiny ones, each has their own feel and aura. Halt at and explore various islands that surround kadmat.

5. June

Kullu and Manali

Residing in the laps of Himalayas, Kullu Manali is an evergreen tourist destination. Rohtang pass, Solang valley, Bhrigu Lake are some of the age-old attractions. Covered in glittering snow and pinewood forests, Kullu Manali produces the most dramatic winds and charming tiny river bodies.

Indulge in

a. Skiing and trekking

Adventure junkies will leave with satisfied souls and adrenaline pumping. Widespread snow and high altitude mountains are bound to make your experience one of its kind.

b. Shopping

Places like old Manali market, mall road, Tibetan market are brimmed with best quality clothes and period pieces. Don’t miss out on the famous Kashmiri shawls and pure dry fruits.

6. August


Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

Encrusted with a magnificent variety of flora and fauna, the valley of flowers is considered as one of the best trek spots in the world and is recognized by UNESCO world heritage sites. Surrounded by the Himalayas and angelic thick clouds, it is a sight of utter delight. Colourful and vibrant flowers are the speciality of this destination.

Indulge in

Since you only have three days to spare, trek on this valley of Uttrakhand and enchant the blissful songs of the winds. Book a resort with an overwhelming view, opt for a relaxing spa and enjoy natural beauty at its best.

Take a leave on 23rd and make it a long weekend.



Blue beaches and white sand shores are the perfect combinations for any beach-bum. Not many are aware of this gem located in the Indian ocean. The commercial aspect is a missing piece of the puzzle thus making it a unique and enthralling destination.

Indulge in

a. Surfing in Anse Intendance

One of the most beautiful and secluded beaches of Seychelles, Anse Intedance is a favourite surfing spot for the tourists seeking peace. Bask in the warmth of the sun and click a few pictures of the turtles that reside near the shores.

b. Victoria

Victoria appeals to the masses for its shopping extravaganza, botanical gardens and historical masterpieces. Sir Selwyn Clarke market located in Victoria sells products ranging from fresh vegetables to pure pearl jewellery.

c. Cousin Island

This island is declared as a nature reserve by the officials. It currently is home to many exotic and endangered species. Spend time with fairy terns, turtledoves and many such breeds that you never knew existed.

7. September



Known to be giving potential Mumbai vibes, Pune is a youth occupied city. There are significant historical places to visit as well as chill and let your hair down during the evening, Pune is a happening place for all the solo travellers and the young gen.

Indulge in

a. Mulshi Lake and dam

A must see for all the nature lovers. The scenic beauty of the lake, Sahyadri ranges and Dhangad Fort makes it an ideal weekend getaway.

b. National war museum

The patriotic souls and priceless contribution of many people have found their way in this museum. National war museum serves as a tribute to all the honoured beings that served the nation in a countless number of ways.

c. High spirits

Head to high spirits, the best club in Pune, for a night you’ll never forget. Groovy music, DJ nights, continuous events and a never-dying dance floor are what this club symbolizes.

((ii) 13th 15th 16th
Leave 14th)


September is the peak season when all the tourists pour in from around the globe. Amritsar (Punjab) is known for its cultural, historic attractions and the undying vibe of joy.

a. Golden temple

Millions of people visit golden temple daily. This holy place is of significant importance to all the Punjabis. The holy water (jal) is known to possess healing properties and also wash away your sins, according to believers. The structure and the sky light up bright during festivals and is a treat to the eyes.

b. Wagha border

Borders of Pakistan and India meet at Wagha border. There are events and parades that take place throughout the day that depicts the friendly relations between the two nations. It gives you chills every time you watch it.

c. Sadda Pind

This huge place, located right outside Amritsar, was built to capture the true essence of ancient Punjab. Apart from the visual representation of the houses and lifestyle of the people belonging to those eras, Sadda Pind also serves mouthwatering delicacies and holds live dancing/singing shows.

8. September

9. September and October 

Take a leave on the 1st and make it a long weekend.



Nepal is a land of heritage and Himalayas, food and folklore. Ranging from gleaming lakes to steep mountains, experience the adrenaline rush through your veins.

Indulge in

a. Mount Everest trek

Standing 29,029 tall, Mount Everest is a prestigious destination for the trek lovers. This popular site has base camps that allow you to trek through the elevation along with experts. Enjoy the chilly breeze and thrilling trail that serve as a unique escapade.

b. Pokhara

Being the largest city in Nepal, it is recognised as one of the important commercial markets of the nation. It accommodates numerous monasteries and temples like Barahi temple, peace stupa, Jangchub Choeling monastery, etc.
Second most visited lake of Pokhara, Phewaa Lake, and the divine Dewis falls are the main attractions.

c. Mountain biking (Kathmandu)

Easy trails and dirt roads make Kathmandu one if the best places for skilful biking excursions. You can try your hands on these even if you’re a beginner. The route differs with location and so does the difficulty level.

d. River Rafting

Hosts as the best places for river rafting in Asia, the bote Koshi River is sure to splash around water and take you by swings with its wooing twists and turns. It is usually a 2 day, fun-filled package.

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Munnar literally translates to “three rivers”. Well connected with the important national highways and surrounded by high altitude western ghats it is a beauty of Kerala. This is a hill station has everything from lush tea plantations to rejuvenating hillside views.

Indulge in

a. Treehouse

Situated 20 km away from Munnar, tree houses are made of twigs, hay, bamboo and all things old school. This gives you an ethnic and raw feel, exactly why these houses were constructed. Lavish 1-day stay is enough to soothe your senses.

b. Camping

Munnar is a dreamland for the camping enthusiasts. The charming backdrop of green valleys surrounded by heavenly clouds, splendid flora and fauna diffusion amidst the chilliness of Munnar is nature at its best. Late night campfires, warm food and engaging activities are sure to make your stay worthwhile.

c. Shopping

Each region has a speciality, something you wouldn’t want to miss taking back with you. Munnar is highly acclaimed for the frangent aromatic oils, earthy tea and coffee beans, rich Kerala sarees and organic spices.

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9. November 

Take a leave on the 6th and make it a long weekend. This is the best long weekend among all the long weekends of 2018.



Jamaica is an island situated in the Caribbean Sea that has a boho vibe associated with it. The Jamaican air is uplifting and always roaring joy. One cannot leave Jamaica minus the merry. Authentic food merged with the culture and bustling beaches are a retreat for the tourists.

Indulge in

a. Rose Hall

Once home to a cruel ruler Annie Palmer also known as the white witch, Rose Hall is now a heritage site for the visitors. Visitors have mentioned ghost sightings and spooky vibes during the evening.
Enjoy a candlelight dinner or a 1-day tour of this age-old property.

b. Negril Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica, Negril beach is a hit amongst the tourists. Fancy restaurants complete this place.

c. Food

Enter any eatery, however big or small, you’ll be welcomed with wide smiles and hearty music and dance performance. The locals know how to please the crowd and always seize the opportunity to do so.


Runn of Kutch

Located in the Thar desert, the moonlit sky strike the white land of kutch making it look like heaven on earth. Warm during the day and a little breezy and cold during the night, November is the perfect time to visit kutch.

Indulge in

a. Rann Utsav

The carnival starts from November and lasts up till January. It is one of the most popular and joyous carnivals in India. Tourists across the world travel down to kutch to try their hands on paramounting, skyzilla, ATV ride etc.
Being the largest tent city in Gujarat, you can spend a night in these tents, star gazing and camel riding.

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10. December

(holiday: 22nd 23rd 25th
Leave 24th )



Singapore is an ideal blend of culture and technology. Skyrocketing towers, high-end restaurants and the ‘Singapore-spirit’ keep the city alive. Due to the impact of British colonization, people in Singapore still celebrate Christmas. The city is hyped with parties all night long, Christmas carols and huge Christmas trees.

Indulge in

a. Urban ventures street party

Pop-up stalls, music events and the groovy crowd is the perfect party place for Christmas. If you’re not a fan of parties and music, simply indulge yourself in shopping from stalls put up nearby.

b. Gardens by the bay

Yuletide happens every year during the Christmas season. It is perfect for all the peaceful Christmas lovers. Skate under the stars, attend workshops and mingle with the crowd.

c. Universal Studios

It is a worldwide famous theme park that captures intrigue details of the movies made under the same banner. Witness fireworks and merry carols sung by people disguised as popular cartoon characters. Entail on the journey of huge rides sure to give you goosebumps.

You can also shop from a vast variety of merchandise and jewellery.

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Known as the party capital of India, goa is a dream destination for every party lover. Goa has huge casinos, local eateries and cheap alcohol. Enjoy a drink or two under a clear blue sky beside a crystal clear beach.

Indulge in

a. Christmas Eve in old Goa

Old Goa is an evident location of British colonization. Influenced by the British culture, the Catholics who live there, prep for Christmas a month before it starts.

All the streets and churches are lit by candles and people hymning carols. Delicious cuisine prepared by the Goans are a delight to your mouth.

b. Arpora

Heaven for party animals, Arpora has plenty of party paces, shacks and sells cheap alcohol. Also popular for midnight shopping, Arpora offers a huge variety of clothes and jewellery for its tourists. Shop your heart out here!

c. Cruise

Lavish cruises are a pride of Goa. Santa Monica, paradise cruises are some of the popular choices for varied cruise options. Some of the cruises also have in-house casinos and unlimited alcohol.

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