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Memorable Things to Do in Switzerland for a Lifetime Experience

Sl. No.Things to do in SwitzerlandApproximate Cost for TwoBest time to visitTripAdvisor Rating
1Go Hiking in the AlpsINR 6,500June to September4.5/5
2Visit Matterhorn PeakINR 16,000June to September5/5
3Ski in SunneggaINR 3,000December to March4.5/5
4Visit Rhine FallsINR 7,500April to October4.5/5
5Factory Tour of Maison CaillerINR 11,000All Year Round4.5/5
6Visit Zurich’s Old TownINR 3,500All Year Round4.5/5
7Ride Aboard the Panoramic ExpressINR 3,600September 4.5/5
8Visit the Oberhofen CastleINR 4,800Mid-May to Mid-October4.5/5
9Visit Bourbaki-PanoramaINR 1,700All Year Round4/5
10Hike across Trift BridgeINR 3,500June to September4.5 /5

Whenever anyone talks about Switzerland the first thing that comes to mind is the spectacular image of the Alps. From pristine beauty to the world’s best chocolate, from  This country has something to offer for every type of tourist. If you are looking for a list of exciting things to do in Switzerland, read on. We have tons of information for you!

If you are an adrenaline junkie then there are many outdoor activities which you can consider here. It offers the best experiences when it comes to Skiing and snowboarding during the winter. On the other hand, during the summer it provides ample opportunities for biking and hiking. If you are a romantic person when visiting the iconic mountain tops and the magical castles in the country can be quite an exhilarating as well as peaceful experience. Switzerland is filled with some of the most breathtaking lakes too. Just walking by these lakes or cycling next to it can have an impact on your mind like no other place in the world. We can bet that you will never run out of things to do in Switzerland. Our Switzerland tour packages acquaint you with all the best places in Switzerland.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Switzerland

1. Go Hiking in the Alps – The most recommended things to do in Switzerland

  •  Best Time to Visit: June to September
  • Must Try: Ponte Tibetano Valle diSementina
  • How much Time to Spend: Walk about 7-12 miles a day
  • Operating hours: Daytime
  • Approximate Cost for Two: INR 6,500
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

This is by far the best experience that anyone can have in Switzerland. It does not matter, It does not matter if you have any experience of hiking or no, this hike is definitely going to change your life. There are many hiking trails to choose from. Some of the best include Eichhornchenweg, Heidi’s Village and the Olive Trail. However, the best of them is certainly the Ponte Tibetano Valle di Sementina.

2. Matterhorn Peak

  • Best Time to Visit: June to September
  • Must Try:  Hiking and cycling
  • How much Time to Spend: A day tour to Zermatt
  • Operating hours: Daytime
  • Approximate Cost for Two:  INR 16,000
  • Trip Advisor rating: 5/5

This is an ideal way to spend a day touring various places at Zermatt. It is situated at the height of 1600 meters above the sea level it is a once in a lifetime trip that everyone should take. The temperature ranges from 12-25 degree Celsius during the summer which is the ideal time to visit this region. It is also a good idea to visit this place during the holiday season of Christmas and New Year’s; however, the prices shoot up during this time of the year. Another experience which should never be missed here is the cable car. It is home to the world’s highest mountain cableway, another top attraction in our list of things to do in Switzerland.

3. Sunnegga

 Image Source

  • Must Try: Book a Restaurant with a sun terrace and watch the sunset
  • How much Time to Spend: 2-3 hours
  • Operating hours: All day
  • Approximate Cost for Two: – INR 3,000
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

Not too far away from the Matterhorn lies the sunny corner of the Zermatt which is known as Sunnegga. This is an excellent place to visit if you are there with the family. The Wolli Leisee playground near the Leiseelake provides a great environment for the family to get together. It has a lovely adventure playground with facilities for barbecue. With the picturesque Matterhorn in the background, it provides an idyllic experience. You can also hire kick bikes here if you want to spice up your trip with a bit of adventure.

4. Rhine Falls

  • Must Try: Go for ‘Historama’, an interactive exhibition.
  • How much Time to Spend: 5 Hours
  • Operating hours: Day Trip Recommended
  • Approximate Cost for Two: INR 7,500
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

Experience the beautiful Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfalls in Europe, situated in northern Switzerland, amidst the charming wine growing region. During summer, visitors can take a boat ride up close to the falls. They can actually stand on a platform almost in the middle of the falls to observe the beauty and the roar of the water reverberate within them. The majestic and medieval castle of Laufen is just a boat ride away. For an adventurous but brave experience, a canoe can also be availed. ‘Historama’, children’s playground and a centre for new visitors are the new additions to the already popular tourist spot.

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5.     Maison Cailler

  • Must Try: Visit the Specially Designed Cailler Chocolate Shop
  • How much Time to Spend: Half a day
  • Operating hours: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Approximate Cost for Two: – INR 11,000
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

Maison Cailler has opened its doors for factory tour so that you can witness the magic of chocolate being created. This experience evokes different senses, as visitors are led by the captivating aroma of freshly made chocolates. The visitors are also given a trip down the memory lane with pictures of the factory since its humble beginning to its present stature, in the audio-visual tour. The audio-visual tour showcases live production of chocolates.

This is an experience to behold as it is sensual and poetic. Moreover, an additional exciting experience you can have is when you visit the workshop, Atelier du Chocolat. The visitors get to try their hands at making chocolates guided by their professional chocolatiers and at the end get to take their creation home.

6. Zurich’s Old Town

  • Must Try: A tour of the old town
  • How much Time to Spend: 3-4 hours
  • Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 6 AM to 11 PM
  • Approximate Cost for Two: Tour for INR 3500
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

When in Switzerland this is definitely one place which should not be missed by the tourists who love to shop for souvenirs. It is the perfect blend of the old and new world. On the one hand, it has some of the best historical pieces of evidence here with a lot of cultural references, on the other hand, it also houses some of the most well-known clubs in the country.

You should not miss the tour of the old town which educates the visitors about the various aspects of the history of Switzerland. The double tower of the Grossmünster is another place which you should definitely visit when you are in the region. This is one of the most recommended things to do in Switzerland.

7. Panoramic-Express

  • Must Try: Simmen Valley
  • How much Time to Spend: 6 hours
  • Operating hours: As per tickets availability
  • Approximate Cost for Two:  INR 3,600
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

This trip on the train is an experience to savour! There are multiple reasons why this trip is worth every penny that you spend. One gets to see a lot more of the beautiful country that Switzerland is on this ride. On this train journey, one is able to witness the different facets of Switzerland. Montreux is located very close to the serene Lake Geneva. The lake is surrounded by 2000 meter high peaks which make for a picturesque view.

The natural beauty of this region is such that it continues for quite a few kilometres. Hence, a train ride is the best way to truly absorb the beauty of this place. The Panoramic express starts from here and takes its passengers on a memorable journey passing many beautiful sceneries while it rides uphill through Gstaad to Zweisimmen.

From here the tourists need to change the train to continue on their journey through the Simmen Valley passing many gorgeous farmhouses and mountains finally reaching Lake Thun.

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8. Oberhofen Castle

Image Source

  • How much Time to Spend: 1-2 hours
  • Operating hours: 11 AM to 5 PM (Monday closed)
  • Approximate Cost for Two:  INR 4800
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

Once you reach the calm Lake Thun, one of the best ways to spend your time here is by visiting the Oberhofen Castle, which is located right on the shore of the lake Thun. The castle has an extremely intriguing past which dates back to the early 13th century. The castle is most famous for the in-house museum that it boasts of.

The castle park here is supposed to be the most attractive castle park in the entire Alps region. This massive park which was built back in 1840 spreads across an area of 2.5 hectares. It illustrates in detail the fin retails of the garden art that existed back then. This is a nature lover’s delight as it has some of the most colourful flower arrangements and unique trees and groves that you can imagine.

9. Bourbaki-Panorama

 Image Source

  • Must Visit: Giant Panoramic Painting
  • How much Time to Spend: 1-2 hours
  • Operating hours: Open every Day, April to October: 9 am to 6 pm, November to March: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Approximate Cost for Two:  INR 1,700
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5

It is always a great idea to learn about the places that one visits. Soak in as much culture as possible when visiting a foreign land. This exposure helps a lot in the overall development of a person which is one reason why people need to visit as many new places as possible. The Bourbaki Panorama offers all this and more. This is why it features in our list of top things to do in Switzerland. It is a testament to the cruelties faced by hundreds of people during the German-French War in 1870-71.

This was a major event in Swiss history which involved very strong public emotions. The media heavily criticized these events. The 112 meter by 10-meter painting is a way to commemorate the people who lost their lives due to this event. It is the last of the giant panoramic of the 19th century. When you visit this museum you will be able to learn a lot more about this historic event and many more.

10. Trift Bridge

Image Source

  • Must Try: The cable car ride
  • How much Time to Spend: 6-7 hours
  • Operating hours: Day trip
  • Approximate Cost for Two:  INR 3,500
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

This is one of the most thrilling things to do in Switzerland that one can hope for around the Alps region. This pedestrian suspended bridge which is about 100 meters high and approximately 170 meters long is placed above the Trift Glacier. Everything about a trip to this place screams adventure. It is extremely popular among the adventure junkies all over the world. The cable car journey to the bridge itself is an experience to behold as even that is a thrilling ride in itself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the top things to do In Switzerland?

  • Visiting the Majestic Alps
  • Going on hiking and cycling trips
  • Shopping and Clubbing at Zurich’s old town
  • Visiting the many museums and castles
  • Check out Lake Geneva and the surrounding areas

2. What are the best places Chocolate factories in Switzerland?

  • Maison Cailler Chocolaterie, Broc
  • Beschle Chocolatier, Basel
  • Chocolaterie Durig, Lausanne

3. What are the activities you can enjoy at the Geneva Lake?

  • Zipline and Aerial Adventure Park
  • Geneva Lake Shore Path
  • Geneva Lake Museum History

4. What are the top activities do in Zurich?

  • Mount Titlis Day Tour from Zurich
  • Rhine Falls tour
  • Snow Ski experience
  • Go on a cruise

5. Where can all you go for a day trip if you have a day at leisure in Basel?

Although there are many places, however, the top two locations which rank among the top things to do in Switzerland, as well as Basel, are Lucerne and Rötteln Castle.

Switzerland is a country which has hundreds of places which are worth visiting, yet, not many people truly experience the best things that this European country has to offer. The region is so spectacular and mesmerizing that people are often confused about which places to visit and which places to give it a miss. No matter how long your holiday is, it is very difficult to find enough time to see all that this region has to offer.

Hence, it is very important to do a lot of research and shortlist the places which suit your interests. Moreover, thorough planning is also necessary to ensure that all these places are visited in the most convenient way possible. So start making your bucket list of things to do in Switzerland right away!


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