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Pahalgam Winter Festival – The Place to be this February

One of the most magical colour combinations nature has ever teased us with is that of blue and white. Especially, when you are in the snow-clad mountains, the chirpy white snowflakes and the contrasting blue sky reminds us of paradise we can’t witness but only imagine. If you could relate to the picture we tried to paint in your minds and immediately feel the excitement about being there, we have a reason for you to pack your bags.

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Yes, the Pahalgam Winter Festival is here and it is happening on the 17th and 18th of February, 2018. For those of you looking for a carnival-style event here in India, the Pahalgam Winter Festival will make you live your dreams with an array of activities lined up for its tourists. If the snow-capped mountains and the surreal views of the valley and peaks are not enough for the wanderer in you, there are arranged plenty of events that will help you not just socialize with fellow travellers but get to understand the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the people of Pahalgam too. As much as they are excited about life, they are equally hospitable and friendly and this event is a celebration of their spirit as a whole.

1. So what is lined up for me?

The Pahalgam Winter Festival is designed to offer something for everyone. With well-illuminated market areas that add vibrancy and colour to the festivity to countless stalls serving authentic street food, complementing the chilly temperature, you are in for one memorable show. There will be

  • local magicians performing live on streets, surprising you with their acts and bringing a smile to your face
  • music is bound to fill the avenues and streets and add more to the occasion
  • you can see jugglers entertaining you on the go
  • sketch artists waiting to draw your caricature or portrait
  • skits and dance programs to make you more familiar with their occasions and festivals
  • local shops selling the best of local produce and artefacts
  • a happening dance floor and a DJ to thump up the mood and loads of other interesting activities are waiting for you to explore

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2. The Club House Festivity

Besides the events we have mentioned, the Pahalgam Winter Festival will also feature exclusive Club House events like book reading sessions, storytelling sessions, shadow art, puppet shows by the veterans, magic shows inside the auditorium by the pros, unplugged music performances for a soothing evening, an exhibit of paintings by children, wood carving, ice skating events, golf tournaments, a royal dinner and much more.

Just in case, you need more of the festival, the organizers have also come up with a village walk that will make you explore the villages and settlements around the region, taking you through the woods and back for an up close and personal experience of the place. The festival has a number of travel packages you can check out and book the one that meets your needs.

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If you were looking for an opportunity to get to know more about one of the most mystical destinations in India, this is the best chance that can come knocking on your doors. Kashmir has always been a place of enchantment and we suggest you don’t miss this one. No matter if you are planning a honeymoon trip or a vacation with your friends and family, the Pahalgam Winter Festival should be on your list this season. Have a blast!

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