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Top 10 Places To Visit In New Zealand – The Land Of Kiwis

Talk about scenic beauty, picturesque landscapes, unmatched blend of land and water, beautiful sprawling mountains, lush greenery, and, huh… trust me the list is exhaustive here, New Zealand will surely make its cut amongst the best places to visit. Nature has bestowed so much beauty upon this country that when you undertake an excursion here, you will realise that how much ever you discover will only be less for you – there are so many things to do in New Zealand. Apart from the natural landscapes are the lively cities that add a perfect glitter of excitement. You sure do need to give New Zealand a good load of time to experience its beauty thoroughly. So, while you’re contemplating a trip to New Zealand, let this article be a supplement to your itinerary accentuating some of the best places to visit in New Zealand.

1. Queenstown

All you adventure seekers out there, this one is your dream destination. The beautiful Queenstown is located on the Southern Island of New Zealand. This spot lays in the embrace of the Southern Alps, and the Lake Wakatipu. You can go cycling by shore of Lake Wakatipu, and even take a cruise on its pristine waters. As the evening beckons, you will soak in to its vibrant nightlife that’s set abuzz with a plethora of bars and restaurants.

2. Nelson – One of the most recommended places to visit in New Zealand

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Nelson is located atop the South Island, popularly known as the spot to claim the highest number of sunshine hours in New Zealand, every year. Therefore, its climate and being surrounded by three national parks makes Nelson a favourite among New Zealand tour packages for outdoor activities. The local agriculture and wineries will certainly catch your attention. Do visit the Founder’s Park which is a great spot in Nelson to dine on some local farm-to-table cuisine, while you soak up some sunshine right in the heart of the city.

3. Glacier Country

Located on the west coast of New Zealand’s southern island, Glacier Country comprises two most remarkable glaciers: Franz Josef Glacier, which is amongst the most accessible glaciers in the world, where you can, for a fact, walk up and through the glacier valley itself. The second one is the Fox Glacier. Both these glaciers reside in the Westland National Park. If this doesn’t sound exciting enough, then there are glacier hot pools where you soak in to calm yourself down after a long of hiking.

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4. Napier

Best way to experience Napier would be on foot, where you will get a sight full of vintage architecture. Another major attraction for New Zealand tourism in Napier is the gigantic National Aquarium of New Zealand, where reside an array of colourful marine life, encompassed with some world class contemporary exhibits.

5. Rotorua

Several natural and colourful geysers and hot springs define Rotorua as the thermal wonderland of New Zealand. Most of these are a part of the parks and water reserves. Occasionally you will also find some natural eruptions in other locations in Rotorua.

6. Paihia

This place is about giving you that feel of a small bay on the island. However, do not underestimate its size for there are a bunch of hotels & resorts and adventure activities that will add a spark to your New Zealand holiday packages. It’s a paradise for those adventure seekers who can go SCUBA diving to scour the life underneath the waters of Paihia, and can also go swimming with the dolphins. In case you end up going for a SCUBA dive, do check out the shipwreck underneath called the Rainbow Warrior. Come back to the land, and there are amazing restaurants that will offer you some fresh-caught lip smacking seafood.

7. Auckland

Of course, it’s a no brainer. Auckland – the City of Sails – will feature in any traveller’s list for the places to visit in New Zealand. This largest, and the most populated city in New Zealand is popular among tourists for its vibrant culture. If you want to catch some beautiful glimpse of Auckland, do climb up the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Then there is the Auckland Domain, which will give you an insight in to the history and heritage of New Zealand.

8. Stewart Island

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The Stewart Island is all about outdoor activities, and if there resides an adventurous soul in you, then you can’t miss it. You can go hiking/camping, trekking and even go birdwatching. You can also get an insight in the New Zealand wildlife by visiting Rakiura National Park, which covers 80% of this island’s landscape as most of it covered in dense forests laden with green foliage. If you do end trekking on this island, you will find some breath-taking views and amazing wildlife on your way through.

9. Tongariro National Park

The first ever national park of New Zealand, will welcome you with many surprises. You will be amazed to see the plethora of natural beauty that you will find within the premises, like the lakes, volcanoes, herb fields, wild forests, and desert-like plateaus. This should be in your list of places to visit in New Zealand.

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10. Fiordland, Among best places to visit in New Zealand

Popular as one of the most spectacular spots in New Zealand, the Fiordland National park, will take you on a journey of a lifetime with enthralling experiences like hiking, fishing, cruises and many more. Do not miss out the Milford Sound, a feature attraction of this destination, where you will experience a true fjord created by a glacier. As you will cruise through Milford Sound, you will get some amazing sight of the waterfalls, towering rocks on the water, dolphins and, last but not the least, penguins.

Of course, there is a lot more to explore in New Zealand, and what you read is just to give you a taste of what the country will feel like when you land there. So, which one of the above destinations sound the most intriguing to you. Have you been to any of these places to visit in New Zealand before? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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