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How to Plan a perfect holiday trip To Kerala?

The word ‘Kerala’ breaks into two words in Malayalam, ‘Kera’ and Álam’. ‘Kera’ means coconut palm tree and ‘Alam’ means land, location or abode. It forms the word ‘Keralam’ which means the ‘Coconut Land’. Kerala is a tropical symphony that will touch your soul and rejuvenate your energies, just what you have longed for all this while. Plan your holiday trip to Kerala with your loved ones.

A land of rich culture, pure traditions, and unique customs. It has a glowing beauty that is untouched by modernization and an imitation of the western culture. Just as your heart is racing to witness this beauty, we have for you ways to plan a perfect holiday trip to Kerala.

Tips to Plan Perfect Holiday Trip to Kerala

  1. Munnar: The Kashmir of Kerala

Munnar is the perfect beginning to your trip to Kerala. It is indeed the beginning of good times. Munnar is rich in palm trees, sunny paddy fields and lazily flowing rivers. This combination of nature gives way to rushing waterfalls, mountain forests, and a soothing weather. The overlapping tea plantations which seem to go on forever are sure to leave you enthralled. Munnar is the heart of Kerala tourism and you shouldn’t miss it. Do visit the Eravikulam National Park to enjoy the blissful Neelakurinji blooming, which blooms once in 12 years.

  1. Kochi: The City of beauty and history

Kochi also referred to as the ‘Gateway to Kerala’ is an enchanting city with an eclectic influence. Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese and Portuguese all have left their impression here. Known for its rich history and glory, the Kochi Fort is a must visit. The excellent architecture and historical sites in Fort Kochi draw an irresistible attention of the visitors. You can enjoy the intricate details of the Fort while on foot or bicycle. Kochi is certainly a shining star of the Kerala tourism.

  1. Thekkady: Close to nature

Thekkady is known for its lush greenery and home to nature atmosphere. It is the perfect place to be lost in nature and on that journey, you find yourself. Another beautiful experience you will enjoy here is staying in a tree house. You can also indulge in activities like rappelling, rock climbing, nature trails and mountain biking. The beauty of Kerala is enhanced during the monsoon. The good news is it rains 9 out of 12 months in Kerala and those 9 months from May onwards are the best time to visit Kerala.

  1. Kumarakom: Where the birds reside

Kumarakom is home to Kerala’s well-known bird sanctuary. All nature lovers must have the Kumarakom bird sanctuary on their itinerary for sure. Here, you will be able to spot rare migratory birds such as egret, heron, waterfowl, Siberian crane and much more. The best way to enjoy your time with the birds is by combining bird watching with a houseboat stay on Vembanad Lake. To enjoy the beauty of this place in Kerala to the fullest, November to February is the best time to visit.

Get ready to revivify your energies, your mind and enjoy the much waited serene and calm, as you enter God’s own country, Kerala. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head on for a trip to Kerala.

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How to Plan a Perfect Holiday Trip to Kerala? - Thomas Cook India Blog
Kerala is the perfect holiday destination to relax & rejuvenate. We are presenting ways to plan a perfect holiday trip to Kerala.
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