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Hong Kong Beaches – Your Escape from the Concrete Jungles

Sl No.Hong Kong BeachesDistance from the AirportActivities at the Beach
1Cheung Windsurf Beach16.2 kmSunbathing, Swimming
2Wan Beach46.8 kmRelaxing, Outdoor living
3Tai Long Wan Beach62.9 kmOvernight Camping
4Stanley Beach30 kmVisit the many Seafood Restaurants, View the Dragon Boat Race
5Big Wave Beach52.8 kmVisit the Cafe's that are part of the Beach
6Pui O Beach13.7 kmStargaze with an overnight stay
7Silvermine Beach18.5 kmTaste the various Barbecue foods from the famous Barbecue pits
8Long Ke Wan Beach67.1 kmRelaxing

Tree-clad outcrops blended with sharp peak rises are an integral part of the Hong Kong Beaches. The main attraction that draws tourists towards the beaches of Hong Kong is the big water. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that the concrete jungle of Hong Kong gets plenty of attention.

However, there is more to the city than just electronics and rooftop dining. Amidst all the excellent hiking trails and cycling roads, there is another thing that makes Hong Kong attractive. It is in the form of the pristine beaches. There exist more than 50 beaches in Hong Kong, and each of them has the ability to fascinate you with their diversity. Quite interestingly, a lot of these beaches are located near to the city and are just a bus ride away.

The Best Hong Kong Beaches for an Enchanting Experience

It is important to note that the Hong Kong Beaches are accessible quite easily. Some of them would present to you with a wide variety of diversity while the others are the best option for relaxing. Moreover, you can also opt to trek to reach these exotic Hong Kong Beaches. A majority of beaches in Hong Kong attracts overnight campers and surfers during the weekend. On the other side, you would find these beaches deserted in the average weekdays so you can then check out the other places to visit in Hong Kong.

However, as per the rules set by the local authorities, you are not allowed to swim in the water. But that should not bother you at all as resting beside the pristine blue stream is a pleasant escape from the hectic city life. If you are tired of visiting the main attractions of the city, then you must opt for these beaches to have a fascinating experience. Here is the list of beaches in Hong Kong which would serve as your ideal entertainment.

1. Cheung Windsurf Beach

  • This Island comprises of three beaches which promise to be an ideal destination for couples. Quite interestingly, this beach is only a short ride away from the island of Hong Kong. In this context, it is important to note that this beach is split into two halves. The first portion comprises of a few restaurants where you can treat yourself to drinks and lunch. This half usually stays busy with chores for families visiting it for a sumptuous dinner. On the other hand, if you want to get away from the standard din of the crowds, then stroll on the beach for ten minutes where you can encounter the second cove. Visiting this beach is one of the most exciting things to do in Hong Kong.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • This half is entirely devoid of eateries, and this is the reason that you would not find much crowd here.
  • Additionally, the white sand on this beach is spotless, and you can swim here safely.
  • It is one of the perfect places where you can rejuvenate your mind and tan your skin.

2. Wan Beach

  • It is one of those Hong Kong Beaches which is popular amongst tourists for freshwater swimming. Quite interestingly, this beach lies in the Sai Kung Country Park, and hence you can opt to hike to reach this enthralling place. The beach is quite small and is full of pristine white sands. You can also find two waterfalls in which you can take a shower in Mother Nature’s lap. This beach is surrounded by two top hills that are located on either side.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • It forms a protected bay, and you can relax in peace in this beach.
  • It is one of those Hong Kong Beaches that is wholly cut off from the city life which in turn renders it with tranquillity and serenity.

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3. The Tai Long Wan Beach in Hong Kong

It is one of those Hong Kong Beaches which remains the hot favourite among a large number of tourists. However, to reach this beach, you have to struggle a lot. It is so because you have to opt for an hour-long hike on the trail of MacLehose. However, if you can put forward your best foot on the hiking trail, you would be rewarded with fantastic views of the pristine water. Unlike the other Hong Kong Beaches, it is one of those beaches which come with a certain serene appeal. You can also find a small restaurant on the beach where you can buy yourself a variety of food items. On the other hand, you can also see a range of camping essentials in this store. You can also opt for renting surfboards from this shop. In this context, it is important to note that this beach can get crowded on weekends with the presence of local scouts.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • So, if you are an individual who prefers serenity and peace, it is best to visit this beach during the average weekdays.
  • You can also opt for overnight camping in this beach as waking up to the sound of waves is indeed a unique experience.

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4. The Stanley Beach

  • One of the top Hong Kong Attractions, the Stanley Beach is one of the top Hong Kong Beaches, resplendent with a lot of diversity. The Stanley region is also famous for the presence of a market. It always stays chirpy as there are a lot of activities that go around this place. This beach usually gets very crowded during the peak tourist seasons, and hence it is best to avoid this beach on the weekends and national holidays.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • The Stanley beach is one of those Hong Kong Beaches that comes with various facilities.
  • You can opt to take a stroll along the boardwalk and select the seafood restaurants for a sumptuous meal. One of the most enticing aspects of visiting this beach lies in the fact that you can set your barbeque.
  • It is also one of those Hong Kong Beaches which is home to the annual Dragon Boat Races.
  • This Beach is quite famous in Hong Kong as it comes with various facilities like changing rooms, restaurants, public toilets and barbeque pits. Just make sure that the Hong Kong Packages you choose includes all this and more.

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5. The Big Wave Beach

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  • This is one of the primary reason that you would encounter a lot of surfers while you are visiting this beach. However, it is one of the cleanest beaches you can find in Hong Kong, and this is another reason that it is quite popular among the likes of various travellers.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • This beach is also the perfect spot where you can down two or three beers and enjoys the activities of the surfers.
  • It also has multiple facilities in the form of cafes, public toilets, and barbeque pits.

6. The Pui O Beach

A top Hong Kong Tourism attraction, if you are someone, who wants to avail vibes related to relaxation and tranquillity, then this beach is the perfect place. It is one of those Hong Kong Beaches that sports a serene environment ideal for swimming and surfing. It has a large number of favourite restaurants where you can enjoy quality food items. Moreover, a lot of pubs situated on this beach would serve you with the right blend of cocktails and mocktails.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • It is also one of those beaches in Hong Kong which is perfect for an overnight stay.
  • The sand you would find here is quite darker and sticky.
  • Hence, if you are fond of the idyllic white sand beaches, then you must look elsewhere.
  • However, if you want to spend the night under the starlit sky, then you should always visit this place.

7. The Silvermine Beach

It is one of those beaches in Hong Kong that is easily accessible. It is so because it is just a short distance away from the Mui WO pier. If you are fond of cleanliness and lays great emphasis on hygiene, then this beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in Hong Kong. On the other hand, it is also one of those beaches which is quite popular among the day as well as during the night.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • At night, you would witness tourists frolicking around the barbeque pits for a sumptuous meal.
  • You can also find a variety of other dining options in the vicinity.
  • This beach also comprises of a lot of facilities in the form of changing rooms, toilets, and showers.

8. The Long Ke Wan Beach

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  • It is one of those beaches in Hong Kong which would present to you with clean white sands and transparent clear waters. It is indeed one of the most magnificent beaches in Hong Kong.

Interesting activities to pursue:

  • It is regarded for its serene beauty.
  • If you genuinely want a break from the busy city life, then opt for this beach for an overnight stay.

The Hong Kong Beaches as mentioned above would present to you with a lot of diversities. Be it the food, or the local culture, you would be astonished by these enthralling aspects found in the breaches of Hong Kong. Moreover, Hong Kong also presents its tourists with a lot of facilities besides these beaches. A lot of beaches also have proper barbeque pits so that you can have a great time grilling your food with the cacophony of waves. In short, the beaches in Hong Kong are one of those places where you can properly unwind yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hong Kong Beaches:  

1. What is the best area to stay to access the beaches?

If you are someone who wants to bask in the glory of white sands, then you must stay in the central part of Hong Kong.

2. Is local transport cheap?

Yes, local transport is quite cheap and would not burn a hole in your pocket.

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