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Quick Dubai Travel Guide

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Dubai is a glistening jewel sitting at the heart of the UAE desert. With man-made islands and mammoth buildings that stand among the clouds, this city is a true vacation hotspot in the Middle East. Dubai has evolved drastically over the past few decades to become a bustling hub for tourists. So if you’re confused to select a package from many Dubai holiday packages, then here is a quick Dubai travel guide that may be perfect for you.

Dubai Travel Guide and Travel Information

Burj Khalifa

The Burj KhalifaNeedless to say, visiting the tallest building in the world has to be on your to-do list when taking a trip to Dubai. The panoramic view from the observation deck will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire city and definitely take your breath away. The height of the building makes it possible to watch a sunset twice, once from the ground and then again by going to the highest viewing deck; definitely a romantic thing to do if you’re on your honeymoon here.


4_57a0558bdd490Before Dubai transformed into the megacity it is today, it was a simple trading town on the Dubai creek. It was home to early wealthy Persian merchants who traded in pearls and textile. Lucky for tourists, the homes of the merchants have been well maintained and still stand strong until this day. A visit to this quaint part of the town will take you back in time when things were much simpler and at a slower pace. Try not to miss this place when on your Dubai tour.

Jumeirah MosqueJumeirah Camii

Considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the land, the Jumeirah Mosque deserves a visit. Said to be an exact replica of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque, the Jumeirah Mosque quite beautifully displays Islamic architecture. Its true beauty is on display when it is lit with floodlights every evening. Guided tours are conducted every day except Friday and will definitely help you understand the history of this beautiful mosque.

Deira SouksDubai Gold Souk

Deira Souks is a hotspot for tourists visiting the city throughout the year. This traditional souk houses one of the largest gold markets in the world. And you’re sure to find every possible spice on the planet! This amazing marketplace is where you’ll find anything from frankincense to rose water and everything in between. Established in the 1830s, it has been a one-stop shopping destination for tourists from all over the world! If you want to take back a souvenir, this is the perfect place to shop from.

Dubai AquariumDubai Aquarium

If you haven’t visited the Dubai Aquarium, you definitely haven’t seen one of the best aquariums in the world. One of the city’s most visited tourist hot spot, it houses close to 140 marine species and also offers glass bottom boat rides, snorkelling and shark diving. All this and more make this a must-visit place with your entire family.

Dubai MallDubai Mall

Imagine a mall so huge that it housed a cinema complex, an ice skating rink, a food court, countless stores, a gaming zone and an aquarium. It also serves as the entrance to the largest building in the world. Well that’s the Dubai Mall for you. Anything and everything you could possibly want or imagine is available in this behemoth of a mall. Dubai Shopping festival and the Dubai Summer Surprise is the best time visit the mall. Once you are in the mall, we bet you won’t come out empty handed.

Palm JumeirahPalm Jumeirah

From the ground, it’ll look like just another set of islands, but a view from the skies reveals the true beauty of the Palm Jumeirah. Designed to display a gigantic palm tree from the skies, the Palm Jumeirah is a set of man-made islands just off the coast of Dubai. Whether you’re looking for resorts to relax for a few days, a restaurant to dine in style at or just rent a villa by the waterfront, this massive Palm has it all. You could also opt for a helicopter ride to get a bird’s eye view of the entire artificial archipelago. Dubai tourism has given this marvel the attention, making it a must-do on your list and Dubai travel guide.

Bonus Tip

Sandboarding - Dubai

Head off the coast and hit the desert for some sandy action. You could either take a desert safari or try out some adventure sports like sandboarding and off-roading.

The above blog is the perfect Dubai travel guide for anyone on their first trip to this mystical and. Do ensure to visit all the mentioned places and you are sure to witness the best of Dubai.

Quick Dubai Travel Guide - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
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Quick Dubai Travel Guide - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
Dubai has evolved drastically & has become a bustling hub for tourists. If you’re heading for a Dubai tour, read this Dubai travel guide here
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