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Top 8 Resorts in Jaipur for Every Budget

Sl. No.Resort in JaipurDistance from AirportApprox. CostTripAdvisor Rating
1The Byke Grass Field Resort11.6 km from Jaipur International Airport₹ 1739 per night5/5
2Tree House Resort48.6 km from Jaipur International Airport₹ 19,589 - ₹ 25,369 per night4/5
3Savista Resort28.7 km from Jaipur International Airport₹ 10,256 - ₹ 66,026 per night.4/5
4Lebua Resort18.4 km from Jaipur International Airport₹ 7,129 - ₹ 16,378 per night4/5
5Choki Dhani Resort11.6 km from Jaipur International Airport₹ 7,514 - ₹ 22,479 per night.3.5/5
6The Woods Villa Resort19.0 km from Jaipur International Airport.₹ 2,119 - ₹ 3,019 per night.4/5
7Oberoi Rajvilas17.5 km from Jaipur International Airport.₹ 36,737 - ₹ 81,439 per night3.5/5
8Lohagarh Fort Resort33.2 km from Jaipur International Airport₹ 6,936 - ₹ 15,671 per night4/5

Jaipur, the Pink City of India is one of the prime tourist destinations in India. Every year, millions of tourists, both Indian and Foreign nationals visit Jaipur to take in the rich history and picturesque architecture of the Pink City. What makes this city unique are the distinct cultural landmarks which form a predominant part of the city. The Rajputana artefacts, the rich Rajasthani food options and the culturally rich resorts in Jaipur make it a distinct city to visit for anyone who is loved Indian history and culture.

Jaipur, also called as Pink City is definitely a standout among the destination cities for people who come to visit India as a tourist. The city is always filled with the international as well as the national vacationers along with the locals. It is the history and the culture which has been layered through the years which make city predominant and as a result, the resorts in Jaipur that you find in the city, also reflect the glory within. It is a wonder that most of the resorts in the city are elegant rich stays which are flooded with customary Rajputana craftwork, glistening food, and terrific views. What’s more obvious? Well, there are quite the wallet burners.

The Best Resorts in Jaipur for a Luxurious and Varied Cultural Experience:

1.  The Byke Grass Field Resort

Located around 4 km from the city center, this resort is made in the form of a cultural paradise. It offers the best of both, connectivity and seclusion, which makes it one of the best resorts in Jaipur.

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  • Location: Plot No: K, 107, Jan Path, Kishan Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Jaipur
  • Distance from Airport: 11.6 km from Jaipur International Airport
  • Approximate Cost: ₹ 1739 per night
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast, Air-conditioning, Pool, Restaurant
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Rich in amenities provided, it has amusing garden views, an outdoor pool and also a restaurant with delicious good. Private parking is provided without any charges. Some of the rooms have a convenient seating area along with the sleeping space and all of the rooms come with an attached bathroom. It’s the remarkable indulgence that the resort has with the young travelers along with the bohemian interiors, the crisp services, and the appetite-hiking cuisine is why people choose this place. One can play billiards and tennis at this resort in Jaipur. Car hire is an option that you can consider to wander around the city from the hotel.

2. Tree House Resort:

Located opposite to the Amity University, this resort is away from the concrete jungle and hence, offers the serenity in a plate.


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  • Location: Nature farms, NH11c, Opp.Amity University, 303002
  • Distance from Airport: 48.6 km from Jaipur International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Approx Cost: ₹ 19,589 – ₹ 25,369 per night.
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast, Airconditioning, Pool, Restaurant, Golf, Archery, Jungle Safari, Camel Ride, Bird Watching.

One of the best resorts in Jaipur, it offers shelter perched on the keekar trees, justifying the name ‘Tree House’, The live branches run through all the rooms to make you feel closer to nature. Apart from that, the place has a wide range of activities including nature biking, jungle safari, and bird watching. Enriched with flora and fauna, you can also play many outdoor games like swimming, golf, ATV rides, volleyball, tennis, and archery. If you want to get hold of the indoor activities; stay in and have fun with board games. The restaurant named as ‘Machaan’ offers the best Indian cuisine and best International cuisine as well and you can smell it through the aroma that comes out of the organic kitchen.

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3. Savista Resort:

If you’re one of those people planning for a memorable family/friends trip; this resort is the most suitable place to stay in the list of resorts in Jaipur.

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  • Location: Jaipur-Ajmer Roaad, At Village Sanjharia, Jaipur.
  • Distance from Airport: 28.7 km from Jaipur International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Approx Cost: ₹ 10,256 – ₹ 66,026 per night.
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast, Airconditioning, Yoga, Pool, Restaurant, Tennis Courts, Jungle Safari, Camel Ride, Bird Watching.

Sprawled over 12 acres, it contains 12 wide rooms with calm and composed atmosphere dwelling inside it. Near to many historical places; you can find the authentic and indigenous food in this place. This resort is known to show the city’s other side as it offers a cart ride (camel cart) to know the local villages around the city. You can also employ a guide for the day trips to the places around the resort and in the evenings, you can watch a movie in the screening room, spend time reading in the library or explore the fully equipped gym. On the availability of the yoga teacher, you can also seek private classes along with block printing workshops and hiking. The resort contains a spa center that offers traditional massage where you can witness the 360 degrees sunrise from the terrace roof.

4. Lebua Resort:

A juxtaposition of the contemporary style with the traditional Rajasthani style, this resort promises you a unique experience.

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  • Location: Agra Road, Tehsil Ballupura, Jamdoli, Jaipur.
  • Distance from Airport: 18.4 km from Jaipur International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Approx Cost: ₹ 7,129 – ₹ 16,378 per night.
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast, Airconditioning, Pool, Restaurant, and Bar.

A must visit in the list of resorts in Jaipur for the travel buffs, this place is the most interesting and indulging when it comes to the ambience and visual acuity. You can feel the difference soon as you walk into the resort and it’s as if you are entering into a different world, altogether. The architecture of this place is inspired from Jantar Mantar, the Jaipur’s gem. The resort has a total of 63 rooms designed with all kind of state of art features and therefore, you can make some real-time memories in this retreat. However, if you’re one of those people who are not psychologically comfortable with the vibrant colours and patterns, make sure you notify the staff about the same to avail the cooler colours for more comfort.

5. Choki Dhani Resort:

Named after the village near to the city, this resort introduces you to the semi-rural atmosphere of Rajasthan.

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  • Location: 12 Miles Tonk Road via Vatika, Near Goner Mod Fly Over, Sitapura, Jaipur.
  • Distance from Airport: 11.6 KM from Jaipur International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 3.5/5
  • Approx Cost: ₹ 7,514 – ₹ 22,479 per night.
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast, Airconditioning, Pool, Restaurant, and Bar.

A standout among the pre-eminent resorts in Jaipur, you can find nothing better than this if you’re looking for a period experience. It allows you to grasp your way out of the Rajasthan with legacy spread all over the walls. The staff at this place is overwhelming and friendly which is why you will want to stay here, forever. Offering the ordeal of the typical Rajasthani society, it is suitable for conferences, meetings, get-to-gathers and as well as excursions. It manages to cater all the needs of the visitors by staying rich with the delectable nourishment making you feel the exterior demeanor and grand perspectives of the rural towns.

6. The Woods Villa Resort:

Justifying the image that we usually get on listening to the word ‘Resort’, this place is known for the peace.

Representational Image

  • Location: Behind Sogani Hospital, Sumel Road, Agra Road, Jaipur.
  • Distance from Airport: 19.0 km from Jaipur International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Approx Cost: ₹ 2,119 – ₹ 3,019 per night.
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast, Airconditioning, Pool, Restaurant, and Bar.

A must visit the exotic resort in the list of resorts in Jaipur, it is located around 5 Kms away from the city center. While your stay at this resort, you can listen to the birds chirping in the morning as you sip your coffee realizing why the resort is named as such. What makes the resort, so popular; if you ask? It’s the romantic candlelight dinners, the small yet sophisticated pool and the light synchronized music altogether turning the resort into an individual heaven. As a result, this resort is always filled with families, friends and sometimes people who come along with their pets. The rooms in this space have a different scenario on their own following the lavish them yet giving protection and security.

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7. Oberoi Rajvilas:

By the way it looks, you can identify this set as an imperial set with many exclusive elements clubbed together.

Image Source

  • Location: Goner Rd, Jagdish Colony, Paldi Meena, Jaipur.
  • Distance from Airport: 17.5 km from Jaipur International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 3.5/5
  • Approx Cost: ₹ 36,737 – ₹ 81,439 per night.
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast Buffet, Airconditioning, Pool, Restaurant, and Bar.

As the most delightful resort in Jaipur, it can make your trip energizing with its shelter. Compromising of 32 sections with patio nurseries that offer bird watching, this resort has been built the 18th century around the Shiva sanctuary. As a result, it manages to give us the yoga, the Hinduism, and tranquility as a platter. Among the list of the resorts in Jaipur, nothing can be as exquisite as staying at this place and after receiving the royal treatment, you will nod your head to this. Constructed using traditional methods of recreating dividers made out of lime mortar and painted in pink; this resort is embellished with high domes, golden frescoes, stone ceiling elements and Mughal curves.

8. Lohagarh Fort Resort:

If you’re looking to invest your solitude with someone you love in order to move away from the hectic life, this place is the perfect fit for you.

Image Source

  • Location: NH-8, Kachera Wala, Kukas, Near Tree Of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur.
  • Distance from Airport: 33.2 km from Jaipur International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Approx Cost: ₹ 6,936 – ₹ 15,671 per night.
  • Amenities: Internet, Breakfast Buffet, Airconditioning, Pool, Restaurant, and Bar.

Ideally located far from the city’s core; Lohagarh Fort Resort can be termed as the extravagant resort in the list of resorts in Jaipur. One glance at the resort and you will know how it managed to win the eco-accommodation certificate even with the lavish and luxurious touch. It has got private cottages, a pool, suites made out of white quartz and also luxury tents set in a Jacuzzi. Ever dreamt of spending a night like a King or a Queen? In that case, you must visit this resort. All the lavish tents are arranged towards the south and there are around a dozen roomy-bungalows with private pools. Each of the cabins has a fragrance of its own that elevates the character of the resort, on a whole.

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Conclusion: Therefore, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t mind little extra costs for the staying experiences; these resorts in Jaipur will provide euphoria to you over the nights. Established with style and loftiness; you can choose any one of the resorts that posture the flawlessness and help you explore the destination with style and solace.

Resorts in Jaipur – FAQs:

1.What are the documents that are required to check-in the resorts?

Keeping the security in mind, the Indian government asks you to provide an approved photo validation along with address validation while you’re checking in as a foreign national. Sometimes, you will also be asked to provide the scanned copies of Passport and visa.

2. What are the common amenities that are provided at the Jaipur Resorts?

As mentioned in the listicle; all of the resorts in Jaipur usually provide Free internet, Free Parking, Breakfast, Airconditioning (optional), Restaurant, Pool (Optional) and Laundry.

3. Are there any disabled-friendly resorts in Jaipur?

Yes. There are many disabled-friendly resorts in Jaipur. At times, you might find the entries of the resorts creating hurdles but other than that all the other spaces are according to the rules of barrier-free environment rules.

4. Do these resorts allow unmarried couples?

Preferably, yes. Most of the resorts in Jaipur here are highly sophisticated and therefore, on the provision of validation, they will allow the unmarried couples to stay together. However, it is preferred to actually contact the particular resort and ask them if they will allow the unmarried couples, before booking your stay.

5. Can I get an instant accommodation without booking in prior?

Mostly, yes. But, the accommodation availability usually depends on the season and therefore, if you need a confirmed stay, it is recommended to actually make a prior booking. However, in cases where you have failed to book before you can always try calling the customer desks at each resort and enquire before actually reaching the resort.

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