Revisit the top five sitcoms of all time

They made us laugh out loud, they made us cry and they triggered our innermost emotions to give us the most wonderful moments ever witnessed on television. Sitcoms ushered a new era of light-hearted storylines on television that has continued to rule our hearts even years after these shows were taken off air. The most popular ones are discussed below:


Friends was first aired on television way back in 1994. The story of six friends who spend most of their time in Central Perk cafe ransacked our hearts and made it their permanent residence. The intricately mingled life and stories of these six charming friends ruled the tele-world for 10 long years. The last episode of the show was telecast in the year 2004. Even a decade after the sitcoms went off air, Friends is still a much talked about show among TV audience.

The show became so popular that it even sparked the trend of recreating Central Perk Cafés in different cities across the world. Today if you visit places like New York, Liverpool, Chester or even on your trip to Beijing and China, do not forget to experience the quintessential “Friends” ambience for real by visiting the Central Perk Cafes located in these cities.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith appeared in his most adorable avatar for the first time in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will Smith who was then only a rapper, played a fictionalised version of himself. The uber-talented actor got into the shoes of a street smart teenager from Philadelphia to woo the hearts and minds of his audiences. The show entertained international audience for a span of six years across six seasons.


The continuing misadventures of the neurotic comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally eccentric friends entertained us for nine long years over 180 episodes. Set in the backdrop of Manhattan’s Upper West Side in New York City, Seinfeld was filled with quirky humour.

The Big Bang Theory

When talking about the most loved sitcoms of all time, how can one forget to mention “The Big Bang Theory”? The onscreen characters of Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper as brilliant physicists won accolades from all over the world. Their life and relationship garnered huge popularity for the show.

Two and a Half Men

The sitcoms was one of the most popular situational comedies to be aired during the early 2000s. The audience enjoyed watching the freewheeling life of the charismatic Charlie Harper, played to the T by Charlie Sheen.

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Revisit The Top Five Sit-Coms of All Time - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
There are some sitcoms that keep us glued to the tube - no matter what the era. Revisit the top five sit-coms of all time.
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