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Romancing abroad – Part 2

A trip to a great destination with the intention to spend some lone time with your partner can help you set the right notes to your relationship. Here is a list of the romantic places for romancing abroad, from which you can choose your honeymoon destination:

St. Lucia

The Caribbean island off the coast of Central America is one of the prime honeymoon destinations for romancing abroad. Relaxing in the exotic resorts and enjoying the tropical weather can offer you enough intimate time to set your relationship on a firm footing. Strolls along the endless beaches, soaking in the sun rays and the dips in the hot springs can be other activities that you can indulge in.


The beauty of the South Pacific Ocean turns Fiji Islands in to a dream destination for the newlyweds. With white sand beaches and coral reefs, this archipelago can light up romance in your relationships. Endless luxury resorts along the beaches can offer ample together time which you can use to get to know each other.


Alluring by the day and lovelier by the night, the Indonesian island can offer you lots of reasons and places to ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. With picturesque views of the ocean, varied landscape, uneven coastlines and extensive beaches, Bali can help you commence on a loving journey of togetherness. The underlying spirituality and colourful culture will leave impressions of a lifetime.


Intimacy during the initial few days of your relationship can be the gift that Maldives can offer you. The coral islands in Southern Asia are decorated with palms, sandy beaches and sparkling waters. It can be the perfect place where you can relax with your beloved while indulging in a spate of spa therapies across the various resorts spanning the city. Apart from the romance, snorkelling, diving and surfing can add the rush and excitement to your stay.

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Returning back to the daily hubbub after a long honeymoon at any of the above mentioned destinations will leave you with memories to be cherished forever.

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Romancing Abroad – Part 2 - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
Romancing abroad with your partner can help you set the right notes to your relationship. Choose your honeymoon destination from these 4 romantic places.
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