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Savor wines, scenic delights in Washington

When you travel to Washington, the first thing you will find is that the place is divided into two distinct halves. To the western frontiers lie the snow-capped volcanoes and the luscious evergreen forests of the spectacular Cascade Range. Turn your attention to the east and there lies the suave and sophisticated glitzy Seattle. Move further east and there you will find the flock of traditional farmers and fruit pickers, who contribute to the US’ booming economy significantly.

From gently rolling green hills, verdant and fertile plains, rugged deserts, snow-capped mountains, wetland estuaries, alpine meadows, to beauteous visages, Washington has it all to woo tourists. Washington will cater to all that you seek on the American Escapades.

Look around

Washington’s diversity works in its favor, as tourists are left with plenty of options to choose from, to fill up their Washington tours itinerary. For most, the tourist capital in this state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States is Seattle. With its affluent cosmopolite café culture and proximity to attractions like the Mt. Rainier and the Olympic National Park, this city is a sure shot choice for most visitors.

Add a quick visit to the sophisticated and poised Olympia on your travel list. The laid-back and easy collegiate charm will appease you. Or visit the pastoral lands of San Juan.

Other tourist attractions include Spokane, Forks, Bellingham, Tacoma, Leavenworth, Vancouver, and Bellevue, among others. You can also experience tropical paradise by visiting the Whidbey Island.

Things to do in Washington

There is a lot that you can do while in Washington. If you are an outdoor person, there are options galore, like going for cross country hiking, or trekking along the Mt. Rainier. Savor the water activities in San Juan Islands such as surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming, etc. Go kayaking, canoeing or Ride the Ducks, which is a chartered ferry services. Tourists will also have ample options of mountain climbing, fishing, boating, playing golf, horseback riding, etc.

Eat, shop, see, travel and revel – Washington offers an exotic concoction to suit the varied palate of tourists. And while you are here, do tease your taste buds to the tingling taste of some of the wines at the various wineries in and around the state. It is guaranteed to cling onto your taste buds.

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Savor Wines, Scenic Delights In Washington - Thomas Cook India
Washington has it all to woo tourists from gently rolling green hills, rugged deserts to snow-capped mountains. Plan your trip now!
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