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Scenic Biking Routes for Couples to Enjoy This Valentine’s Day

Adventure Trips are known to get the adrenalin pumping and what better way to do that than with your significant other? We have jotted down some of the best scenic biking routes in India where you can enjoy the thrill of the ride as well as the romance of being just with your very special someone!

They say the road teaches you a lot of things about life and people and true to its statement, one ride with your partner on the road can bring both of you closer than ever. The limitless expanse of the road, changing natural ambiance, constant and surprising encounters with nature, alternating terrains are all meant to strengthen the bonding between the two of you. If you share our thoughts and intend to take a different route to make your Valentine’s Day special, rent a bike, call up your partner and tell him or her you are going on an adventure through some of the best scenic biking routes ever!

Here is a list of scenic routes to venture into the Valentine’s Day.

1. Mysore to Valparai:

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From the best of Karnataka to the best of Tamil Nadu, the road that connects the two states is bound to connect the two of you as well. Ask any rider or traveller about the journey in this route and he or she would definitely revere. With well-laid roads, climatic conditions, views of sunrise and sunsets, food and a vast expanse of forests along the way, this is one of the many scenic biking routes is especially for couples

Also, if you are lucky, you will also encounter herds of elephants coming out of forests in search of food and water and if you are truly lucky, you can also catch leopards watching people go by from trees. Home for indigenous species of animals, the Nilgiris offers steep turns and up close and personal views of the mountains. With sprawling tea estates surprising you all of a sudden, you will stop at more points than for food and refreshments.

2. Kerala:

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Any bike trip in Kerala is magical. With backwaters, seafood, rubber and tea plantations and pleasant climate all through the year, any time of the year is perfect for a bike ride in Kerala. This Valentine’s Day, especially, Kerala could the place of bonding for the two of you as you traverse through the alternating terrains of God’s own country together. Starting from Cochin, you can ride towards the Eastern Ghats and end your trip at Nilgiris or go to Munnar, ride to Kottayam or Idukki or simply ride down to Alleppey. With tons of eateries and homestays along this scenic biking route way and hospitable people, you simply have nothing to worry about when riding in Kerala. Our Kerala tour packages will acquaint you with its serene beauty.

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3. Mumbai to Goa:

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Every rider for once looks forward to speeding down the magnificently laid expressway. From the city of dreams to the hipster destination, the scenic route is all about living your Dil Chahta Hai moments, albeit with your lover. One of the most famous road trips, the journey takes you along exotic landscapes, benevolent coastlines, hills & valleys, and an adventure you will cherish for a lifetime. February is the perfect season for a ride down this stretch and Valentine’s Day falling in February, you can plan out in advance and surprise your partner for a getaway along the multiple scenic biking routes from Mumbai to Goa. Cherish the good vibe of Goa with some of our best Goa tour packages.

4. Manali to Leh:

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The big daddy of all bike trips, the treacherous terrains of the road connecting Manali and Leh via Keylong will bring you closer than ever. When on this route, you two are the perfect company for each other and every moment down this stretch is dreamy with the hills of Himachal connecting with the holy and majestic mountains of the Himalayas. This is for the more adventurous souls out there who would literally go any mile for love.

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With a Bullet, a backpack and undeterred courage and love, this Valentine’s Day could be the best one for the times to come and something you will be proud of 15 years down the line. From alternating terrains of barren lands, lush green landscapes, and snow-capped peaks, your Valentine’s week is destined to get special with your partner and the scenic route. Blessed with mesmerizing beauty, every turn has a story to tell as the road unfolds to welcome you into its territory. You have to be equally blessed to venture out on this terrain. You Game?

When the entire world boils down to just nature and the two of you, romance fills the space and the air, making the company of just the two of you blissful. Valentine’s Day is all about opening up, learning about your partner, caring and venturing out into dreams and aspirations and what could be a better way than riding down to the picturesque locations and scenic biking routes while living your dreams with your partner? With still ample time left, go ahead and make the arrangements. It is going to be a ride to remember.

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