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Science says travelling improves your health and relationships

A wise man once said, ‘Health is wealth’. We have heard this gazillion times and have taken the usual remedies like regular exercise, a healthy diet and what not! Well, there is one fool-proof way to improve your health and overall well-being at one shot, and that’s travel! Amazingly unbelievable, isn’t it? Travelling a quarter keeps the doctor away!  Here’s how:

Health Benefits of Travelling

The happiness mantra:

The minute you begin to plan a trip, your happiness level rises. The fact that you have a trip to look forward to makes you feel better about your health, well-being, family, relationships and quality of life. It was found out in a Research conducted by the professors of the University of Surrey that anticipating a travel experience brings more happiness than the anticipation of buying something new. So, go ahead and plan that trip!

Take the travel pill:

Travel is the secret boost to your immune system! A travel experience exposes you to new environments, which create strong antibodies. This boosts your immunity system and improves overall health and well-being. Don’t pop medicines, pop the travel pill!

Sayonara to stress:

Travel reduces stress levels to a great extent. Travel leaves you well-rested, relaxed, less anxious and happier. You tend to be in a better mood and this lasts for weeks after your travel experience. If you’ve been too hard on yourself, travel to bid Sayonara to all your stress and worries.

The nitro for your brain:

Travel expands your mind, as you meet new people and adjust to new situations. You become more aware globally and culturally. This sharpens your mind, increases your creativity and improves your brain health. And according to Journal of Personality and Social Psychology people who travel are more open-minded and emotionally stable.

Heart disease- No Entry!:

The people who travel annually or regularly, are free from stress, anxiety and are willing to relieve themselves of their stress factors. This way, they have a lesser chance of getting a heart attack or developing a heart disease, and this is backed up the Framingham Heart Study.

Fit as a fiddle:

When you travel, you are on your toes and excited to see new places. You spent time and money to be there, so you will readily opt for adventure sports, the city street walk, hiking and much more. Well, travel is sure to make you fit as a fiddle, sneakily, as you enjoy every moment to the fullest.

The healing superpower:

They say time heals everything. Yes, it is true, but did you know that travel has the super power of healing too? There are several destinations on earth that have healing properties. Some famous healing spots include Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt, Mount Desert Island in Maine, Turkey, Iceland and Costa Rica.

The relationship expert:

Not everyone is good with emotions, relationships and maintaining them. Well, it will please you to know, that finally there exists a relationship expert, and that’s travel. Travelling improves your existing relationships and also gives you a chance to develop new connections. Getting away makes your emotional state better. Travelling teaches you to be thankful for what you have and value the people in your life. Magical, isn’t it?

Long live the King:

Of course, you must live life king size, but having a long life is important too. And travel will ensure that you live a long and healthy life.  It is true that those who travel have a longer life expectancy. Less stress, less anxiety, more experiences to cherish, more happiness, definitely results in a longer life. So travel, and ensure that the King in you lives long.

Hadn’t seen travel in this light before, right? Now that you know the magic spell travel can cast, get planning your next escape! Let the travel bug bite you often because no other bug can do you such good.

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Science Says Travelling Improves Your Health and Relationships
There is one sure way to improve your health & overall well-being at one shot, & that’s travel! Know what science has to say about travelling.
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