Share your travel tale with us and stand a chance to win a free Goa trip

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Travel leaves you speechless, yet turns you into a storyteller. 

They say it’s better to see it once than to hear about it a thousand times. A holiday planned through Thomas Cook is a holiday planned well. We want to hear all about your interesting encounters and experiences! But, we are constantly looking at different ways for you to depict your story. And so was born the Thomas Cook Travel Tales Campaign. Tell us your travel story with the pictures you’ve clicked at your favorite Thomas Cook vacation. Yes, guys no cheating, your vacation has to be planned by Thomas Cook. The more amazing your images, the better your chances of getting featured on our website!

Send in your entries to:



One lucky winner wins a trip to Goa to make new experiences and fresh anecdotes! Be quick; the delicious fish curries and sannas await you!

Source: Odyssey

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22 comments on “Share your travel tale with us and stand a chance to win a free Goa trip

  1. Goa! You don’t need a experience to tell about Goa.. Just pack up you’re bags and enjoy the holidays… Eat, Sleep Party repeat.

  2. Goa is a place where one can enjoy nature along with beach,cruize,casino and water sports.A cocktail for enjoyment.

  3. My 1st international tour Indonesia Bali ,its truly Indonesia ,Bali fully awsome place, fell good dream come true, fully neat clean green , friendly Bali ,fully cultural , 2nd is my shimla & manali ,Himalayan beauty got chance to enjoy., Travel trough got chance 2 come nearer each other, mall road it’s visit it’s really very good , kufri one of the best mountain view, apple garden visit, shimla village culture ,

  4. Shimla to manali road tour 250 km it’s very good eperience ,at Manali ,river drafting ,paragliding , & rothang pass it’s all awsome place, ,& visit to handimba Devi temple

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