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T20 World Cup & More: Pitch Perfect Places to Visit in Australia in 2020

A low down on some of the best places in Australia to catch a game of cricket and the traditions that surround the game.

Australia is one of the few countries to share India’s enthusiasm for cricket. Cricket might be a religion in India but in Australia, it is a way of life. Such is the love for the game, that people will often drop everything to tune into an important cricket match. Why wouldn’t they? The conditions both on and off the pitch are perfect for an Australian holiday centred around cricket. Australia is also hosting not one, but two T20 World Cups in 2020. This means visiting Australia is a great idea, especially if you want to experience the Aussie way of life first-hand. With so much to do and see, on a continent full of fun, great people and adventure, your Australian cricket vacation in 2020 will be nothing short of, wait for it…legendary.

So, here’s a list of the five perfect places to visit in Australia for cricket buffs and fun places to watch the gentleman’s (and ladies’) game. You can choose from

  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Tasmania
  • Melbourne

1. Brisbane

Home to the Woolloongabba Stadium which is colloquially called ‘The Gabba’. This stadium is home to Brisbane Heat, a team in the Big Bash League. The Big Bash League is an Australian T-20 cricket league, similar to India’s IPL. The reason we’re telling you this is because there’s no better time to visit Brisbane, than the winter. With night time temperatures dropping as far as 10oC, the weather beats any preconceived notion about Australia’s climate. The best thing to do is throw a lazy afternoon barbeque with frosty beers in the crisp winter air. Do this at one of the many parks in Brisbane while streaming the game. You won’t be alone though; the parks are teeming with people having a good time doing the exact same as you. Carry a few extra beers and a little more food to share so you can make a couple of friends. This will only add to the experience. If the game gets called off on account of rain or you wish to take a break from cricket, you can explore Brisbane and its picturesque suburbs or even go whale-watching in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay, one of the best places to observe these behemoths from the blue. Located just 30 mins north of Brisbane, this is the perfect second innings to a Brisbane holiday.

2. Sydney, Amongst Best Places to Visit on Your T20 World Cup Trip

Australia will be hosting the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup from the 21st of February 2020, until the 8th of March 2020. This is perfect if you intend to take a girls’ trip to watch the opening match between India and Australia at Sydney. Scheduled for the 21st of February, this match couldn’t come at a better time. The waning days of winter, in Australia are a delicate balance of crisp winter evenings and warm afternoons which makes it perfect sundress weather. Cheer the girls in blue with your girl gang at the Sydney Showground Stadium. A pub crawl is the perfect pre-game activity as Sydney is choc a bloc with a multitude of bars where you can grab a beer with your girlfriends without worry. Cosmopolitan Sydney is safe for female travellers. When the day’s play comes to a close, grab a glass or five of wine at one of the many top-notch restaurants and bars by the Sydney Opera House, an iconic landmark. Sooth your post-match hangover at a spa. You could also head to nearby Bondi Beach to flaunt that bikini bod and marvel at the multitude of Australian eye candy that throngs this seaside paradise.

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3. Perth

Australia also has the distinction of hosting the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup cricket tournament starting 18th October. The onset of the temperate Aussie winter is as good a time as any to cheer our boys in blue as you watch them take on South Africa on 24th October at Perth Stadium. Take a pre-match drinks break at one of Perth’s many microbreweries, which might brew something special for the world cup. Aussies take their cricket pretty seriously, so you’ll have plenty of time to work on your chants and cheers at one of the many pubs and public screenings during which Perth comes down with World Cup fever. If you intend to follow India around Australia, make sure to visit the Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Located on Mt. Eliza, it offers sweeping views of the city along with a range of natural attractions and expansive gardens. You could also chow down down under with a tour of Swan Valley with its wineries and restaurants which are some of the best in the world.

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4. Tasmania

Fancy an Australian summer watching neighbours Australia and New Zealand go head to head? Sure, it isn’t India playing, but it’s still pretty good cricket. What’s more, the final is set in sunny Hobart. Located on the island state of Tasmania, Hobart lives up to its status as an island paradise. Follow up game day with a tour of this city of many ports. Start off with Port Arthur, the most famous prison from Hobart’s days as a prison colony. Located 90 mins from Hobart, stare in awe at the beauty that surrounds Australia’s shady past. With many of these now turned into distilleries, breweries and art galleries, the shade is now restricted to the many tree lined avenues that offer respite from the sun. Another exciting activity to undertake is climbing Mt. Wellington, just 30 mins from Hobart. Here from 4265 feet, you have a vantage point like none other. With many coffee shops, bars and restaurants dotting the trail to the summit, you can go at your own pace, catching your breath over a beer or a cup of coffee as you enjoy your Hobart vacation.

5. Melbourne, Beautiful Place to Visit on Your T20 World Cup Trip

Few cricketing traditions are as famous as the legendary Boxing Day test, traditionally held the day after Christmas, 2020’s Boxing Day test sees India take on Australia at Melbourne’s historic Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG. The MCG is an attraction in itself, match or no match. Plus, Melbourne is a melting pot of the best multicultural Australia has to offer. Think top notch restaurants serving food from all over the world, an active nightlife scene and to top it all, an obsession with cricket rivalling our own. A lesser known fact about Melbourne is its unofficial status as the coffee capital of the world. With street-side cafes and swank coffee shops, it’s never too late for a latte in Melbourne. Put the caffeine rush to good use at one of the many live music venues across the city, famous for its thriving rock music scene. Every wall in Melbourne is an art gallery, thanks to the many murals and graffiti that adorn the city. Melbourne also has the largest Greek population outside of Athens. Yell ‘Opa’ as you slam a shot of Ouzo, the heady Greek aperitif flavoured with anise at one of Melbourne’s many Greek restaurants and bars. There’re also Italian, Arabian and Chinese sub-cultures to explore after the match. Thanks to the Boxing Day test being a multi-day affair, it is perfect as it allows you to dive into the city when you’re not cheering the boys on the field.

There it is, a cricket lover’s guide to Australia, with games to watch and things to do. You might want to book tickets for these matches well in advance as people from across Australia and all over the world will be vying for them. So, make your life easier by booking the cricket tickets and letting Thomas Cook make the other travel arrangements for you. Simply log onto the Thomas Cook website and check out the many Australia tour packages on offer.

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