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The 10 Best Spa Destinations in The World

Who can say no to a trip to the spa? Those few hours spent under the skilled hands of a masseuse can restore your body and soul. If you are looking for a rejuvenating experience, why not indulge in some spa therapies? The world over, there are a range of spa treatments, ranging from the affordable to the super-luxurious.

Here are Our Top 10 Massage and Spa Destinations in the world:

1. Indian Ayurvedic Massage

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One of the oldest massage therapies known to mankind is the Indian Ayurvedic massage. Besides taking care of aches and pains, this therapy can also help you detox and alleviate stress. The herbal oils used in this therapy effect your body and mind to work their magic.

Each treatment is customized as per your need. The masseuse prepares an aromatic combination of warm oils made from blended herbs. The skillful hands of the therapist apply a wide range of Ayurvedic techniques that work with the energy channels of your body and help restore the flow of vital energy.

Where to get it done:
Head to Ananda in the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in Kerala, Devaaya in Goa or The Leela in Udaipur for an Indian Ayurvedic massage

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2. Hot Stone Massage

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The next in our list of ancient massages is hot stone therapy that dates back to ancient Egypt.

This therapy uses hot lava stones which transmit warmth deep under your skin to help loosen your muscles. The hot stones also promote better blood flow which leads to a richer supply of oxygen to your cells. Warmed aromatic oils can be used to enhance the experience.

Where to get it done:
Make an appointment at the Kuta, Midori Spa in Vietnam, for the best hot stone massage.

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3. Balinese Massage

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Feeling sore and tired from all the work you do? Then you need a deep tissue massage. This form of therapy is designed to go deep within and work on almost every muscle in your body, reliving you of all the pent-up stress and muscle tightness. The therapy usually involves the masseuse applying a variety of techniques, including acupressure and standard massage techniques.

This is not a delicate massage, and you will feel it deep in your muscles. You can opt for a spa version of this massage that is known to be gentler.

Where to get it done:
When in Bali, you can check out Mandara Spa, The Spa at The Legian Bali, Pran Spa and Jamu spa at Alam KulKul Boutique Resort.

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4. Thai Massage

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A traditional Thai massage focuses on blood circulation and the various pressure points in the body to promote internal health as well as muscular flexibility.

This massage starts at the feet and gradually moves towards the head. During the massage, the masseuse will gently position your body in four postures – face-down, face-up, side, and the sitting position. This way the masseuse can perform various exercises and stretches on the body.

A Thai massage includes rolling of limbs, rhythmic compressions, and gentle rocking. This helps relax and realign energies in the body. The massage is so effective and popular that people are known to visit Thailand simply for a massage.

Where to get it done:
If you are in Thailand, do visit Health Land, Asia Herb Association, and Wat Pho for a truly relaxing experience.

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5. Hammam or Turkish Bath

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Not just a massage, a Hammam (yes, that’s where the Indian soap brand name comes from) is a complete ritual by itself and is known to be one of the best massages in the world.

When you head for a Hammam, you will first enter a warm room for relaxation. This is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air, which allows you to perspire freely, thus opening up your pores. Then you are led for a full body wash in cold water. This is followed by a deeply relaxing massage; if you’ve not fallen asleep till now, the massage is definitely going to send you into deep siesta. The spa therapy ends with you relaxing in a cooling-room.

Where to get it done:
Some of the more popular spa destinations in Turkey include Aga Hamami in Taksim, Kusadasi, and Elis Turkish Bath.

6. SE Asia Bamboo Massage

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A new type of Asian massage that is gaining a lot of popularity these days, the bamboo massage uses warm bamboo sticks of varying lengths and diameters to massage your body.

The warm sticks are rolled on your body to provide deep and long massage strokes. This helps break down tension and loosens tight muscles.

Where to get it done:
If you are holidaying in SE Asia to relax the mind, do check out Great Bamboo Massage in Thailand and Nurture Spa Village in Philippines to massage your body too.

7. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

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The Hawaiian people are deeply spiritual and know how the body and the mind work together. And the Lomi Lomi massage, an ancient Polynesian technique, is a wonderful example of that. Lomi Lomi means massage, but this therapy is so deeply relaxing and rejuvenating that we can forgive the repetition. The therapy is a spiritual technique that is based on the Hawaiian philosophy of ‘huna’ which allows a person to connect with their highest self.

Where to get it done:
You can take the route to harmony at Mandara Spa and Touch Kauai in Honolulu, or at Abhasa Spa in USA.

8. Japanese Shiatsu

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Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork from Japan where the masseuse uses kneading, pressing, tapping, soothing, and stretching techniques. You will be required to wear light, comfortable clothing for the duration of the therapy.

Where to get it done:
You will find several spa centres in Japan that offer this massage. Check with your hotel for the most recommended.

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9. Swedish Massage

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If you’re not sure whether these exotic spa therapies are for you, you can indulge in a classic massage in Sweden. When you opt for a Swedish massage the masseuse will take you through a specific set of massage movements: petrissage (kneading), effleurage (sliding), friction (rubbing), vibration and percussion. The massage therapist will also stretch and bend your joints to encourage circulation and exercise muscles that are constricted by tension.

Where to get it done:
When you are in Stockholm, head to Grand Hotel, Selma Citypoint, and Central Badet for a classic Swedish massage.

10. Aromatherapy

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We’ve kept the more known aromatherapy as the last spa therapy to talk of. This makes use of essential oils from plants for the healing process.

Essential oils have been used for therapy for several centuries now. In this therapy, they are massaged into the skin, and the combined effect of the soothing aroma and the massage help relax the body and rejuvenate the mind.

Where to get it done:
You will find several aromatherapy centres in India. Ask your hotel for a good recommendation close by.

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