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The Hidden Gems of a Visa on Arrival

The most dreadful part of planning a vacation abroad is acquiring a visa. In case you want to skip that hassle, visiting countries that allow you to get a visa on arrival is the best option for you.

To help you plan your next trip to these countries, we list down some of the most wonderful nations here that allow you to get a visa on arrival.


A beach heaven on earth, Maldives is full of blue lagoons, exquisite beaches, and picturesque coral reefs. Though all you might think when you hear about the Maldives is exotic beaches and quaint beach villas, there’s more to this place than just that.

The Maldives is home not just to beautiful beaches but also to some of the most unusual beaches. The illuminating beach is one of the places that appears as if it’s straight out of heaven. This beach, that looks like a starry night, is one of the most beautiful sights to see. You can devour these incredible Pixar-esque views on Mudhdhoo Island beach.

No, there’s no science fiction tale behind these glowing beaches. This beach glows because of the bioluminescent organisms in the water. Visit the Maldives to forget all your troubles and worries and get dazed by the pristine beaches.

2. Bhutan     

If you are someone who craves for the simplicity of amazing nature trails, then Bhutan is the place for you.

With the highest happiness index in the world, this place gives a peaceful vibe. It’s not just the serene monasteries that exude Buddhism, the religion is engrained in daily life and transports you to a simple and tranquil world.

Though there are beautiful tourist places such as Thimpu and Paro, there are also some quirky places such as Chimi Lhakhang monastery, which is a fertility temple. There’s also a post office that prints your picture on a set of stamps for you. Visit this gorgeous Himalayan kingdom without any visa woes.


Madagascar is yet another beautiful destination that gives you a visa on arrival. With some of the world’s most endangered species and dense rainforests, Madagascar is another destination for all those who find serenity in the woods.

From 1000 species of Orchids to the iconic baobab trees, Madagascar is a rich palette of wilderness. Not just the trees, it’s also home to some endemic animal species such as lemurs and fossa.


For all those music enthusiasts, this is a harmonious paradise for you. Home to iconic reggae music and the birth place of legendary musician Bob Marley, Jamaica will fill your soul with music. It’s also ideal for those who like to experience interesting flavours, cuisine and the warmth of the locals.

Visit the Reggae SumFest and Rastafarian village to blend in that lively Jamaican zest. In case, you want to spend some time by yourself, then the Blue Hole, a waterfall that resembles the blue sky, is the best of the places to visit as this is a slightly secluded spot with not much crowd.

Coyaba Gardens in Ocho Rios is yet another location that is not very crowded with tourists and has mesmerizing botanical gardens and scenic Mahoe falls.

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5. Seychelles

Popularly known as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world, Seychelles is a stunning island nation in the Indian ocean. You might expect a typical beach holiday here but it has more to offer than those gorgeous beaches.

Seychelles is home to a rare species of parrot which is black in colour and is also the national bird of the country. This species is only found here. With only 200 black parrots alive, you must visit Seychelles to see this black beauty before it becomes completely extinct.

Another such wonder of Seychelles is its pink sand beach. Bordered with magnificent granite boulders and palm trees, this colourful beach at La Digue offers you beautiful views that you could sink into for days.

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If you want to ditch the usual touristy countries, head to Tanzania. This African country will let you witness the Tanzanian essence and culture in its raw form. Though the wild safari is the most popular tourist attractions, you will have other fascinating options as well.

Visit the secluded prison island to meet 200-year-old giant tortoises. This place with a brutal history is not inhabited by people and hence, has been home to some of the oldest creatures on earth.

You can go back in time and live the stone age life with the Hazda tribe in Lake Eyasi. Away from the opulent modern world, this is a rare tribe that still hunts for their food. People from this tribe are very friendly and usually invite visitors on their hunting trips. So, if you want to relish the simple life, without any 21st century comforts, live a day or two with the Hazda tribe and witness the beauty of their modest life.

Are you planning to visit any of the countries above? In case your dream destination is one of the countries that does not permit visa on arrival, you can always walk into the nearest Thomas Cook office and leave all your visa worries to us. Just let us know your next dream destination and we’ll take care of the rest.

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