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The Most Pristine Barcelona Beaches You Can Ever Set Foot On

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Spain has always been the dream destination for most of us after witnessing the country’s beauty through diverse television shows and movies. Be it the countryside, the bustling cities or the natural retreats, the country has something magical or rather special that makes it one of the most popular destinations in the world. Specifically, Barcelona remains at the top 5 must-visit places for football fans for its legacy in the sporting event. Apart from its historic monuments and architectural marvels from the medieval period, what stand out amongst tourists are the pristine Barcelona beaches. With a myriad of sand-scapes along the coastline, tourists have plenty of options to head for a chilled out vacation. From crowded shores with cluttered cafes and restaurants to the more silent beaches, you can find a beach that suits your taste and enjoy a laid-back vacation.

9 Pristine Barcelona Beaches

1. Barceloneta Beach – Electrifying and Alive

Barceloneta Beach- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

This is one of the most crowded Barcelona beaches that will give you a glimpse of the innumerable sights and sounds of the city. This place is all about the ocean and water. Known to be a top Barcelona attraction here you will find crowded shorelines, seafood restaurants, sublime marinas, fishermen houses, parks, cafes and more. It is a chaos here but in the most beautiful ways possible. As you make through some dancing doughnut salesmen, sand artists, and drummers around the weird cube monument region, you will finally get to see the beach that is full of people sunbathing. It is noisy, electrifying and you will be instantly absorbed into the vibes that this place emanates. When you are done with your time in the water, head to a restaurant and grab some plates of fresh seafood delicacies. The first thing you do after you check in at your hotel is grabbing your swimwear and head to this beach.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes


2. Nova Icaria – Perfect for Watersports

Nova Icaria- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

Known to be one of the top things to do in Barcelona, This beach attracts a very young crowd who are looking to take some time off work or studies and unwind at the shores. Located next to the Olympic Marina & Observatory, the beach is conveniently situated near the Nova Icaria shopping avenue, which allows you to go for some shopping after spending quality time by the sea. Besides, there is also a cinema theatre that plays English movies which you can go for or prefer dining at some really good restaurants around the region. If you are into water sports and look forward to indulging in some water-based adventure sports, Nova Icaria is the ideal location. There are multiple options for you to book English sessions so that your experience is more satisfying. It is comparatively less crowded than the Barceloneta Beach. This place is ideal for a laidback evening.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes


3. Ocata Beach – Tranquil but after a commute

Ocata Beach- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

If you don’t mind spending some time in getting to a beach that is a little outside the city limits, Ocata Beach would be perfect for you. A top Barcelona Tourism attraction, this beach will welcome you with a serenity that is like no other.  For those of you looking for a tranquil holiday away from the noises of the city and people, the Ocata beach is an ideal destination. To reach here, you have to take a train and commute for close to 30 minutes. This is comparatively one of the less busy beaches and is devoid of major entertainment options. This means that it is just you, the shores and the water and nothing in between. However, this certainly does not mean that there are fewer options for quality food and beverage here because the cafes here serve the best of drinks and food for you to refresh yourself. This is a beach that will offer you more privacy and peace of mind when compared to the other beaches. If you are with your family or spouse and intend to have a tranquil time with them, Ocata Beach is where you need to be heading to. If you are with your family or spouse and intend to have a tranquil time with them, Ocata Beach is where you need to be heading to.

  •  Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

4. Bogatell Beach – Picturesque and great for drinks

Bogatell Beach- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

This is one of the most popular Barcelona beaches and was created as part of the urban planning movement. It was created with the intention to refresh the appeal of the area and sports a beautiful coastline and lush green gardens. The place beautifully combines natural elements and offers you a perfect ambience to relax on your holiday. Also regarded as one of the safest beaches in Barcelona, this place will also offer you options to indulge yourself in a few games of volleyball or ping pong. This is where locals generally hang out and you can see a slightly older crowd, which means less noise and more relaxation. Again, this beach is perfect for families and honeymoon couples who want to tuck away from people for a while. For refreshments, the place has ample restaurants, cafes and bars.This is where you forget all your worries and work and give into the water and the shoreline.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

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5. St. Pol de Mar – Of Hillocks and golden sands

St. Pol de Mar- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

One of the most picturesque Barcelona beaches, the place will welcome you with its serene water, golden sands, and beautiful hillocks. However, all good things come with a condition and this beach does come with one as well. To reach the St. Pol de Mar beach, you need to take a train and commute for close to an hour before you can see the magnificence of the beach right in front of your eyes. Located close to 50 km from the city, you will travel through some really idyllic beaches and small beautiful towns during your commute, making your holiday all the more special. When you are finally there, you will be happy to take in the fact that you will have to share the beach only a few others as the beach attracts less crowd probably because of its location. The hillock we mentioned about also has a small church on top of it, making it a beautiful addition to places to visit in Barcelona. If you really appreciate secluded beaches that offer you optimum privacy, you will fall in love with the backdrops and the location of St. Pol de Mar. The beach is about an hour’s drive but is worth it!

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 60 minutes

6. Mar Bella Beach – A Beach with a difference

Mar Bella Beach- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

This is one of the other Barcelona beaches developed when a few places around the seafront were restored for the Olympic Games. The beach is double the size of Nova Icaria and allows you indulge in an array of activities or simply while away your time sunbathing. Having a moderate crowd of visitors, the place ends up as an ideal place to experience some water sports. For those of you who have always wanted to try hands at windsurfing or kayaking, Barcelona and especially the Mar Bella Beach might be the place your dreams could actually come true. The beach is clean the promenade is perfect for an evening stroll. If there is one concern that you could consider to be a shortcoming of the Mar Bella beach, it is the lack of bars when compared to the other Barcelona beaches. If that does not bother you, the beach could be a perfect spot to enjoy your evening after sightseeing. Great to try your hands at windsurfing and kayaking

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

7. Sant Sebastia – More Local than it appears

Sant Sebastia- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

More than a kilometre long, the beach is located on the city’s eastern end. It is also one of the longest Barcelona beaches, making it a hub for activities, gatherings and water sports. This is the beach where the locals frequent apart from tourists and travelers. The place is alive all through the year with crowds of young men and women flocking the place to indulge in a myriad of activities. In summer, the place gets exceptionally crowded and more bustling. You have multiple options to entertain yourself at the beach. You can stay safe on the shores and prefer to play games like volleyball or summon courage, hit the water and experience extreme sports. Being alive with frequent crowds, the place obviously has a sound range of restaurants and bars, making it ideal for you to spend an entire day doing nothing at the beach. A great array of restaurants make it difficult to move out of the place. This can be at the top of your list of places to visit in Barcelona.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

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8. Garraf Beach – Best of the lot

Garraf Beach- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

This is one of the hidden gems in Barcelona beaches that most articles won’t tell you about. Located in the region of a quaint little town is the Garraf beach, which is reachable after a short commute of about 30 minutes. The town conveniently sits over rocks and the beach is located inside a pristine bay. Here, you can find beach huts that you can hire for rent to spend your day and you will also find a marina at the other end of the beach, attracting tourists. The place gets crowded during the summer and is a clean and safe beach in the city. Since you have to take a train, you have to get down at the station after Platja de Castelldefels (which is another beach). The price you will incur for a roundtrip is approximately 6 Euros but that is totally worth it. If holidaying at a picturesque locale is your intention, head to the Garraf beach first thing. This is an ideal beach for a getaway with your family.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

9. Caldetes Beach – Laidback and Serene

Caldetes Beach- Barcelona beaches

Image Source

Located a few kilometers away from the city at its north-eastern end is the Caldetes beach. Considered once an upscale avenue, the place is renowned for luxurious spas and resort towns, the place is now a major attraction in Barcelona. This is one of the most idyllic Barcelona beaches and is lovely with its golden-sand shoreline. To make the place more special, a train track is laid just behind the shacks and you can see the train passing from behind, making the place more lively. The beach attracts a good crowd and it gets more crowded during the summers. Despite this fact, the beach still remains laidback and chilled to offer you a peaceful vacation. Chill out on the golden sands and watch the horizon changing colours in a slow time-lapse.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions about Barcelona Beaches

1. Are Barcelona beaches safe?

Yes, the beaches in Barcelona are safe. However, it is entirely up to you to take care of yourself, your belongings and your family. There have been a few reports on bag-snatching and pick-pocketing along the promenades or marinas but you can always be careful and alert of your surroundings. Do not get too carried away by the places and completely forget yourself or your belongings, leaving them vulnerable to snatchings. Responsible holidaying is always preferred.

2. What do the different coloured flags in the Barcelona beaches mean?

When you are about to hit the water at any beach in Barcelona, make sure it is supervised by a lifeguard and that that there are flags going up. There are three different types of flags you will come across in Barcelona beaches – red, orange and green. Red flags mean that the beach is unsafe to enter. Orange flags mean that the beach is experiencing powerful waves and that visitors are advised to avoid entering the water for bathing. A green flag means that the conditions are ideal for swimming. If you find a fourth blue flag, know that the beach is one of the well-maintained beaches in Barcelona.

3. I am a solo traveller. Is it okay to ask someone to take care of my belongings until I swim?

In Barcelona, it is accepted socially to request people chilling at the beach to take care of your belongings. However, this goes with the understanding of the etiquettes that you will not take more than 5 or 10 minutes on the water and that you will not blame them at all if your belongings go missing. For the best experience, put them on the beach and keep an eye out without having to disturb your neighbour. If you are in a group, take turns to swim instead of asking somebody to take care of your stuff.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places you can visit and when you plan it right, you can have a whale of a time. If you have some interesting additions to this list of the best Barcelona beaches, go ahead and share them on your comments. And if you are really excited to visit Barcelona, do check out our Spain Tour Packages to get the best offers and perfect holiday plans!

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