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Top 30 Incredible Things To Do In Bali – The Island Of The Gods

Ah, vacation! One of the few things that will bring a smile to your face. A tropical beach vacation surrounded by turquoise waters, a few mojitos on a sunny day (hey, it’s ok because you are on a holiday!), with some scrumptious food brings more than just a smile. You can get a beach and some sun anywhere, but what is it that makes a tropical island like Bali special? There are so many things that you can do while in Bali. Wondering what they are? Well, here are the best things to do in Bali.

List of Things to do in Bali

1. Lounge by the beach, baby

It is given that if you are in Bali, you have to lounge on the pristine beaches. The warm and sunny Bali weather gives you the perfect setting to just sit on the beach and watch the waves dance to its own tunes.

2. Go under water

With some of the best beaches in the world, Bali is one of the best places to go under water. Snorkel, scuba dive and walk on the seabed and most importantly, swim with fishes and acquaint yourself to a whole new world.

3. Hunt for treasure

Your childhood dream of being a treasure hunter can come true as you go wreck diving at Tulamben, where the wreckage of the USAT Liberty lies.

4. Surf up

Try your hand at surfing by signing up for a surfing lesson on the beaches on your Bali trip. Beaches in Bali are perfect for multiple activities from surfing to diving.

5. White water rafting

Adrenaline junkies can get their fix while navigating the rapids of the river through the thick jungles in while white water rafting Ubud. The best time to visit Bali for an adventure holiday is during the monsoon, as this is when the rapids are its best.

6. Water park fun

If you love theme parks, a trip to Waterbom should be on your agenda. The park is filled with some amazing rides including water slides, pools and a thrilling water drop aptly called Climax.

7. Head to the waterfalls

Plan a hike or a picnic to one of the many secretive and not-so-secretive waterfalls that are spread across the island of Bali. Relaxing under waterfalls is among one of the best things to do in Bali!

8. Hike to the sunrise

Though this would mean getting up from you bed at the wee hours of the morning, the sight of sunrise from the top of Mount Batur will leave your speechless.

9. Laze with the sunset

Just like the sunrise, the sunsets especially on a beach with a cold drink in hand is a good way to spend time in Bali. If the beach is not for you, then head to Tanah Lot temple by the cliff for a picture perfect sunset.

10. Head to the caves

If you have an abject fear of small spaces, then this is not for you. Step into one of the many hidden caves spread across the beaches. Just make sure you don’t venture too deep. You never know what sleeps within the darkness.

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11. Head to Elephant Land

Though the elephants here are carved on the walls, Goa Gajah or the Elephant Caves is an archaeological site filled with ancient relics that should be on your list of places to visit in Bali.

12. Adventure ahoy

If you feel the need for an adventure, trek, take a camel or elephant ride, drive an ATV and explore the unknown sites of Bali in a buggy.

13. Step into Goa Gala-Gala

Speaking of small spaces, walk into the maze of the underground house, which is actually a real house that encompasses of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a dining room.

14. Bike around

In an old Queen song, Freddie Mercury wanted to ride a bicycle. If you are in Bali, then rent one and take a tour of the rice paddy fields, stop by local café and soak in the charm of the surrounding villages.

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15. Dance pe Dance

Bali being such a culturally diverse country has many traditional dance forms like the Kecak Fire Dance and the Legong performance, each entwined with history and mythology.

16. Listen to the orchestra

The Balinese Gamelan is known to be one of the world’s biggest percussion orchestras and an evening out listening to the soothing music is a must on your Bali package.

17. Shop

Brush up your bargaining skills as shopping in Bali is one of the best things to do in Bali. Head to the 100% Genuine Fake Shop if you wish to buy some non-authentic goodies.

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18. Raat ki Baat

Bali nightlife is exciting, enthralling and wild. Bar hop to some of the best-known clubs on your Bali package.

19. Monkeying around

Home to about 600 monkeys, a trip to the Monkey Forest in Ubud should be on your list of things to do in Bali. Feed them, play with them, just try not get bit by them as they tend to be rather rowdy at times.

20. Safar in a Safari

The Safar we are talking about is a night time safari in Bali Marine and Safari Park, where you will be put in a cage, as you move amongst the animals that reside in the park. The cage is for your own safety.

21. Free the turtles

Head to Kuta Beach, which houses a special turtle sanctuary and helps in releasing the hatchlings into the ocean.

22. Temple Darshan

Sightseeing in Bali should have a stop at one of the many ancient temples, each rich with history. There are about 20,000 temples including the Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple etc. that are spread across Bali.

23. Cook up a meal

Learn the secrets of Balinese cuisine by joining a cooking class, you start the day with a trip to the market to pick fresh ingredients.

24. Eat

Those who can’t cook, eat. One of the best things to go in Bali is to sample the food of Bali, be it the amazing Nasi Goring at the local street stall or some fresh seafood by the beach in a fine dining restaurant.

25. Island Hop


There are many exotic islands surrounding Bali and a trip to any of these beautiful islands, including Gili Island is one of the best things to do in Bali.

26. Kafi Coffee

Ever wondered where your favourite coffee beans come from? A trip to one of the many coffee farms in Bali will answer all your coffee questions including the one about the cat-poo coffee!

27. Farm of Pearls

This is no ordinary farm, as the Atlas Pearl Farm gives its visitors a tour of how pearls are made. By the end of the tour, you can also buy some souvenirs to take back home.

28. Get spooked

Want to do something offbeat? Head to one of the many abandoned amusement parks, incomplete hotels, hidden underwater temples, aircraft and the mysterious island of the dead, each with its own haunting story that will give you the chills.

29. Unwind in a Spa

The best relaxing technique in the world is to get yourself a soothing spa treatment. Bali is known to have some of the best spa retreats and a day or two spent relaxing should be on your itinerary. So go on and relax with a massage know to be among one of the best things to do in Bali.

30. Go gaga over yoga

Looking for a break after a long day? Try some yoga at the Yoga Barn and just let go.

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Top 30 Incredible Things to do in Bali - The Island Of The Gods
There are so many things that you can do while in Bali. Wondering what they are? Well, here are the best things to do in Bali.
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