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50 Interesting Things to do In Goa

Goa is that hip and happening destination that every Indian wants to go to, at least once in their lives. But little do they know, that the salty and crisp air of Goa beckons you so much, that going just once is akin to eating a single piece of Lays potato chips, which is seemingly impossible. There is an exhaustive list of must do things in Goa to keep you entertained on this land that is often referred to as the paradise of beaches. So for all those multiple trips to Goa that you’re going to make, here are 50 different things to do in Goa! Enjoy!

Interesting Things to do in Goa

  1. Go beach hopping in Goa

When someone says ‘Goa’, our collective minds form a picture. It is an image of the sea, adorned with sandy beaches that are blinding white in the sun. And the moment people land, their main aim is to cover all the beaches in Goa. Beach hopping is one of the best things to do in Goa, referring to the number of beaches and different kinds of experiences these beaches let you explore.


  • Carry lot of wet wipes, sunscreen to avoid sun-tan and hand sanitizers
  • Carry jackets to protect yourself from cold evenings
  • Use comfortable footwear to roam around the beaches
  1. Enjoy the nightlife – Among the recommended things to do in Goa

After its beaches, the next things to do in Goa is so popular for is the amazing nightlife. Parties in Goa are like no other. Head out to any of the famous pubs in Goa and see what Goa nightlife is all about.  If you’re done with the beach hopping in the mornings, then gear yourself for the bar hopping in the nights among the famous pubs in Goa, to get the best of the Goa nights.


  • Bring a partner along as stag entries aren’t permitted in many clubs
  1. Indulge in lip-smacking Goan cuisines

Depending on your tastes, enjoy Goa’s local culinary delights or gorge on continental cuisine at any of Goa’s famous cafes and diners. There’s nothing like an early afternoon brunch at a cute little European themed cafe. This is one of the best things to do in Goa for everyone who wishes to explore different cuisines.


  • Do check the ingredients of the dish you order to avoid intake of any products you are allergic to.
  1. Paragliding in Goa

Enjoy the adventurous sport of paragliding that you always wanted to try. The cliffs of North and South Anjuna are excellent for paragliders due to strong winds. The adventurous sport of paragliding is a must do thing in Goa for all the hipsters and adventure seekers.


  • Apply loads of sunscreen before stepping out
  • Make sure you have your gear in place and are suited well
  1. Surfing

Enjoy the adventurous sport of paragliding that you always wanted to try. The cliffs of North and South Anjuna are excellent for paragliders due to strong winds.


  • Make sure your surf board is soft and big
  1. Scuba diving Goa

If you wish to swim with the fishes, then indulge in some Scuba diving lessons and dive deep into the picture perfect blue water. This can be one of the most exhilarating things to do in Goa. Candolim beach and Baga beach offer excellent Scuba diving opportunities and also house good diving schools to help you train.


  • Do carry another set of fresh clothes to change
  • Don’t hold your breath when you are under water

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  1. Snorkelling in Goa

Snorkelling and Scuba diving go hand in hand. If you are averse to the heavy equipment of Scuba, then snorkelling is the right choice for you as it is relatively lighter and easier.


  • Wear swimsuit in cold waters and wet suit in warmer waters
  • Take a dry towel and a pair of extra clothes with you
  1. Parasailing Goa

If you want a bird’s eye view of Goa from about 300 feet up in the air, then make sure you sign up for a thrilling parasailing ride. It’s quite easy. They ensure you stay safe and protected at all costs by strapping you to a boat and then lift you up high in the air.


  • Get a proper briefing from the experts before performing the activity
  1. Take a cruise

If you fancy taking a big boat out into the sea, then the cruise is for you to take. Many cruising services are available around Goa, and you can choose between a luxurious cruise or a more modest one. An evening sunset on the beaches of Goa by the cruise is one of the best things to see in Goa.


  • Find out how you can avoid sea sickness
  1. Pamper yourself with a massage

After all those adventure sports, your muscles may need to relax a bit. So, make your way to the innumerable spa joints and treat yourself to an exotic spa or massage. The Leela Kempinski Spa Centre is the goto place for spas. This is a must do thing in Goa to gear yourselves for all the adventures this city has to offer.


  • Recommended therapies include Abhyanga (with one therapist) and synchronised Abhyanga (with two therapists)
  • You can also go for a traditional full body massage
  1. Quad Biking in Goa

Are you a jungle person or a bike person? If you’re both, then this highly adventurous activity is for you. Hop on a quad bike and explore Goan jungles along with helpful guides.


  • Do give a read to the owner’s manual properly before you start biking
  • Fasten your belts properly to avoid falling down from the bike
  1. Jet Skiing in Goa

Come on, we’ve all seen James Bond jet skiing himself away from the bad guys in a suit. Lose the suit, and you yourself can stand on water while a boat drags you at high speed. It’s both scary and thrilling at the same time, and a must try activity.


  • Take help of a jet ski professional to understand the basics
  • Ensure you are in proper jet skiing attire before you turn on the jet ski
  1. Windsurfing

People who can’t surf, sail; and people who can’t sail, surf. But what if you can do both? Then you wind surf. You can enjoy wind surfing at the Dona Paula beach if you are visiting Goa between the months of October and April.


  • Use your harness more and more to avoid tiring yourself.
  • Keep a track of changing wind direction and ride the waters properly
  1. Sailing

If a luxury cruise is too elite for you and you want something grittier, then you might as well sail. Climb aboard a sailboat and let the wind decide your fate.


  • Bring along an experienced person with you to avoid fatal accidents.
  • Other than attire and knowing the weather conditions, you must learn the technical jargon properly
  1. Talk to dolphins

You can sign up for something called a ‘Dolphin Tour’ in Goa. In and around Grand Island, boat tours are available exclusively to see dolphins jumping in the water. The Dolphin Tour in Goa is one of the best things to do in Goa Find out more from our Goa tour packages.


  • Pay special attention to the rules and saThe museums, churches, art galleries and old bakeries will offer a peek into Goan history.fety precautions while you are on the boat
  1. Canoe or can you not?

One of the best things to do in Goa is canoeing. Paddle along the lakes and beaches of Goa in a canoe as you take in the mesmerising view.


  • While canoeing, ensure that both you and your partner are in sync with each other
  • Apply lot of sunscreen as sun reflected off the water might cause skin burns
  1. Water scooter Goa

Who needs roads? Where you’re going you don’t need roads. Explore Goa on what is essentially a water scooter or a motorbike on water.  This fun adventure sport will give you a different outlook on the city, and is one of the exciting things to do in Goa.


  • Ensure the waves are calm as turbulent waves often disturb the balance of both the driver and the rider
  1. Deep sea fishing

Head out into the waters on a fishing boat and catch yourself some fishes. You can later barbeque your prize and enjoy a well caught dinner. This one is among the most unique things to do in Goa for all the travellers who want to explore new activities.


  • Understand the signs properly before you head out for deep sea fishing
  • Tag along an experienced person while you are planning to go on-board. It helps in the longer run
  • Figure out ways to combat your motion sickness as it could ruin the entire fun you seek
  1. Goan culture and heritages

If you feel you’ve had enough of Goan beaches, go on a cultural spree around Old Goa and have a look at various Indo Portuguese heritage sites. The museums, churches, art galleries and old bakeries will offer a peek into Goan history.  Be a part of this rich culture with Goa holiday packages.


  • Enjoy folk songs, lively dances, colourful festivals, seasoned cuisines and many other festivities while staying in Goa
  • Be a part of different festivals in Goa to know more about the rich culture and heritage of this beautiful city
  1. Spice Farms

Have you run out of typical things to do in Goa? Go to the Sahakari Spice Farm in Ponda and check out the plantations. You can even learn a thing or two about farming spices.


  • Carry a digital cam if you want to capture the eternal beauty and are on the lookout for some solace from the regular hubbub of concrete jungle
  1. Woof Woof boat tours

A woof woof boat is a large 53-foot boat handcrafted out of teakwood. Enjoy a ride on this unique sea vehicle with family and friends.


Get aboard, make yourself comfortable in the lounge and enjoy some of the finest cocktails along with excellent music with your loved ones

  1. Lunch Club Tour

The Lunch Club Tour is an all-day service provided in Goa where you can feast your eyes on a majestic private palace. An authentic Goan lunch follows this on a garden terrace.


  • Take this tour if you want to see hidden gems of old colonial Goa with a handful of people followed by a scrumptious lunch.

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  1. Guided trek into the jungles – unique things to do in Goa

If trekking is your cup of tea, then make it a point to sign up for a trek in Goan jungles and enjoy the lush green vegetation. This is one of the must do things in Goa for all the adventure seekers out there. It is simply astonishing as to how much this destination has to offer for all the adventure lovers across the world. Goa, in short, is also a haven for the adventure seekers.


  • Carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated at all times
  • Avoid getting lost by becoming a part of a large group and enjoy the trekking experience together
  1. Ashwem Beach

In case you’re vary of ‘touristy’ places and want to go away from the crowd, visit Ashwem Beach, a quiet place to hang out for a picnic or just some quality time with your loved one. Do take a visit to this place which is often regarded as one of the best places to visit in Goa!


  • Carry your yoga gear such as a yoga mat and a bottle of water as this is a perfect place to practise yoga along with the serene climate
  1. Ayur Clinic, Arpora

Apart from a happening destination, Goa can also be a place of rejuvenation if you know where to go. A visit to the Ayur Clinic in Arpora will let you revitalise yourself.  If you’re bored of the conventional things to do in Goa, head over to this clinic to get the best relaxation and rejuvenation.


  • Go for a ayurevdic detox-therapy here and enjoy the hospitality of Dr. Rohit and his professional staff
  1. Do yoga!

Yoga can be quite an enjoyable affair if you want to perform it in Goa. Sushumna Yoga Centre is a great place in the west coast to partake in some soul-fulfilling and meditative yoga. What’s better than enjoying a silent yoga session paired with the beautiful sound of the waves crashing against the rocks?


  • Visit Sushumna Yoga Center if you want to try and learn almost everything about yoga
  1. Visit Silent Noise

For a unique party experience, head over to Palolem and go to Silent Noise, a pub where people dance to music played via color coordinated wireless headphones. This is one of the best pubs in Goa, if you want something different.


  • Learn a few dance steps so that you can groove your way to music
  1. Saturday Night Market

Apart from everything else, do make sure to visit the Saturday Night Market in Arpora to buy trinkets and mementos.  You can undeniably add this on your list of things to do in Goa, to buy perfect souvenirs for your loved ones!


  • Tug someone along who is good at bargaining as you will get everything from spices to jewellery, vintage items, etc. in this market
  1. Wednesday Flea Market – fun things to do in Goa

This is another market which is open on Wednesdays at Anjuna beach which is famous among hippies.  This fun stop in Goa is also another place to get some quirky souvenirs.


  • Avoid buying jewellery and toys from shops and head straight here for jewellery, hand-made toys, etc.
  1. Go shopping in Panjim

Shopping is definitely the most important one in the list of things to do in Goa. Panjim has those quintessential shopping lanes that we all love. Go deeper in to find unique items.


  • While you are busy roaming the streets of Goa, carry a bottled water in plastic containers with you always to avoid dehydration
  • Learn how to bargain before you step in Anjuna Flea Market as it’s easier to bargain in there almost up to 30%
  1. Catch some live music

If you are a music lover and like having some exotic food with some live music, then head over to these musical cafes. This is one of the best things to do in Goa for all the music lovers.


  • As such you get to enjoy music at every nook and corner of Goa, but for live music Arpora and Anjuna beach are the most favourable locations

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  1. Buy local treats

Shop for cashew nuts, feni and bebinca in the local markets. If you are one of those who pay close attention to the price tags, then head over to Mapusa and Panaji to get the best bargain details.


  • Take a local with you and get at least 10% discount on items purchased from the vendors at local markets
  1. Dudhsagar waterfall – best things to do in Goa

Take a bath in the heavenly Dudhsagar Waterfall – an exception among the endless beaches of Goa. Located in the Sanguem Taluka of Goa, the waterfall is a sight to behold especially during the monsoons.


  • Keep your camera with you all the time to capture the mesmerising view of the location
  1. Picnic at Chapora fort

If you love spending your time watching forts and other historical artefacts, Chapora fort is a must visit place. Just pack a delicious meal and spend a day with your loved ones here.


  • Carry your camera to capture its aesthetic beauty
  • You can even replicate the famous Dil Chahta Hai pose here with your loved one
  1. Practice Tai Chi

Goa is famous for yoga, but you can sign up or some Tai Chi classes in and around Candolim. Once you master the art, just go atop a fort and practice the art by yourself in total solitude. The professional art of Tai Chi is a must thing to do in Goa if you want to explore different things and gain various experiences.


  • Attend a weekly class to maintain regular practice rhythm and to keep yourself healthy
  1. Karaoke at the beach!

At Baga beach, indulge in karaoke nights at some great karaoke bars and cafes. Head over to St. Anthony’s, Cafe Lollypops or Eclipse Bar with some friends for an entertaining evening of karaoke.


  • One of the best places to try out steaks and cocktails here
  • Wait for your turn, don’t just go on stage and start singing
  1. Watch the sunset!

If you’ve got nothing else to do and you just want to relax, simply watch a beautiful sunset at Palolem beach. You can also catch an amazing view of the setting sun from Thalassa, a Greek restaurant in Vagator.


  • Pre-book your seat at Thalassa before arriving, to cut down waiting time
  • Participate in a Greek Dance where you would get to smash plates on the floor
  1. Rock Climbing

Awaken the athlete in you and go rock climbing. Conquer rocks and reach peaks around Chapora and Arambol, which are the most popular spots for rock climbing.


  • Preview the route beforehand and understand how professional climbers read climbing routes
  • A proper workout and stretching is a must do thing to improve the overall performance
  1. Bird Watching

Goa can be a photographer’s delight. And people who enjoy bird watching and photography can go to a couple of bird sanctuaries and enjoy the chirping birds.


  • Pay a visit to Bondla Sanctuary to feast your eyes on exotic birds and click amazing photographs
  1. Rent a bike

Reserve a day to lose all guides and pre-planned tours. During the entire journey, make it a point to stop at beaches and enjoy the fresh incoming breeze. Exploring Goa on a bike is certainly among the most fun thinsg to do in Goa.


  • Rent a bike, grab a local map and move out to explore the city
  1. Go natural

Leave your luxurious hotel room for a night and stay in a natural hut on the beach. Many cottages in Goa are situated right in the middle of natural vegetation. So you can enjoy nature like never before.


  • Be cautious of insects. Apply insect repellents to protect yourself
  1. Jamboree Creeks

Image source:

Stay in a small hut at Jamboree Creek in the middle of the jungle. If forest stay is what excites you, then nothing can beat Jambora Creek as it offers some amazing huts located right in the centre of the jungle. Stay in them and see how it feels to be away from civilisation.


  • Do not litter and help in keeping the environment clean
  1. Anand Bar

One of the most underrated things to do in Goa is to hit the cheap bar and drink yourself out. For some great food, gather up a few friends and go to Anand Bar in Panjim.


  • Try their delicious cuisines at affordable rates
  1. Baba Au Rhum Bakery

If you are someone who loves baked items and bakeries, head over to Baba Au Rhum. This French bakery serves some great baked treats.


  • Other than French and Italian dishes, you must try Beef burger – one of the most favourite dishes here
  1. Scarlet’s Juice Centre

All the physical exertion may exhaust you leading to dehydration in your body. So rejuvenate yourself by taking in lots of fluids and juices.


  • Head over to Scarlet’s juice centre in Chapora if you are on the lookout of some fresh juices
  1. La Plage

La Plage is a fine dine restaurant at Ashwem Beach and quite famous for its ambience and food. Indulge in some excellent and diverse range of delicacies at this amazing Goan restaurant.


  • Known to serve one of the best in town Bee burger.
  • Do make prior reservations before you head out to La Plage
  1. Visit Gunpowder in Assagao

If fine dinners and exorbitant lunches isn’t your thing, then go to any of the local restaurants like Gunpowder in Assagao. The South Goan eatery is quite popular for its Parathas and curries. This definitely among the best places to visit in South Goa.


  • Parathas and curries are just one aspect. If you are looking forward to trying some amazing Goan food, head nowhere but to Gunpowder
  1. Aguada Fort, Among the best things to do in Goa

Goa sightseeing will remain incomplete if you skip this place. Made famous in the iconic Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai, Aguada Fort is a rage among youngsters. Visit the Aguada fort and enjoy the fantastic view of the sea.


  • You can reach Aguada Fort in two ways:
    • 4 km long road from Sinquerim beach often used by motor vehicles
    • 2km foot path which is shorter but is a steep climb
  1. Stargazing

Sometimes the simplest of things are the most enjoyable. On a lazy evening, lie on your back and enjoy a starry night as you feel the cool sand on your back.


  • Carry a blanket and some insect repellent cream to wade insects off.
  1. Get a tattoo – quirky things to do in Goa

Goa is the best place to get tattoos done. Tattoos are a culture in Goa and with various tattoo parlours across Goa get your favourite tattoo inked here! If you haven’t got the nerve, opt for temporary or henna tattoos which you can later remove.


  • Tattoo’s might look cool and trendy, but avoid getting inked if you have extra sensitive skin
  • Properly clean the tattooed area with plain soap and water to avoid any infections or rashes

There we go. Let’s see how many trips it takes you to check all of these things to do in Goa! But rest assured, whenever you go, you will never have to think about what to do, thanks to this exhaustive list. . This list has got almost all your Goa trips covered right from the beach hopping to the tattoo making. There are a lot of things to do in Goa and many other things to see in Goa, that will make your trip memorable to the core!  Indulge in a bit of Goa tourism today!

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