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The vast coastland and the vibrant jungle provide an adventurous and rejuvenating trip. You can either relax on its beaches or choose to take a jungle safari on an elephant’s back. The Orangutan, one of the rare species of apes, is also found here and is one of the major tourist attractions. However, before you start making plans for your trip here, make sure that you know all there is about the proper Thailand Visa which you will need to visit the balmy Asian country.

Thailand Visa Eligibility

Although Thailand allows short-term Visa-On-Arrival for Indian citizens, there are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled by the visitor.

Normally, to be eligible for a Thailand Visa you need to have a current passport with at least 6 months of validity left in it from the date of departure to Thailand. Among others, you will also have to carry your Arrival-Departure card which is provided by the airline you are travelling with, before arriving in Thailand.

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Different types of Thailand Visa

1. Thailand Visa-On-Arrival

This is a short-term Visa and is issued to citizens of particular countries, including India, on arrival at any of the 32 Immigration Service points at the several international airports. This Visa allows the applicants to stay in the country for less than 15 days and require 1,000 Baht as Visa fee. This Visa is mainly applied to visit Thailand for tourism purpose.

2. Category B (Business) Thailand Visa

This is a long-term Thailand Visa and needs to be applied for when you wish to travel to the country for commercial purposes. It also allows you to attend business meetings and conferences taking place within the Kingdom.

3. Category B (Employment) Thailand Visa

This type of long-term Visa needs to be applied for when you wish to enter Thailand for employment purposes. This Visa allows you to stay, and work, in the country for the time stipulated on the Visa.

4. Category ED (Education) Thailand Visa

This long-term Thailand Visa is meant for applicants who wish to travel to Thailand and attend an educational course, including for Buddhist monks. This Visa allows you, the applicant, to get admission in colleges, participate in a study tour, projects, seminars, etc.

5. Category O (Dependent/Family Member) Thailand Visa

This long-term Visa allows you to invite your family members, or dependents, to stay with you in Thailand.

Step-By-Step Guide for Thailand Visa Proces

Short-term Visa Process for Thailand

For a short-term Thailand Visa-on-arrival, you will need to carry your passport, return flight tickets, 1 photographs, and the Visa fee (per applicant) and apply at the designated Visa counters at the international airport your arriving flight lands at.

This is a significantly simple process and takes less time comparatively.

Long-term Visa Process for Thailand

The long-term Visa application procedure for Thailand may seem quite complicated for first-time travellers. To make the Thailand Visa process easier to understand we have taken the effort to present it in a simpler stepwise manner.

Check out the various stages of Thailand Visa application procedure:

Step 1

The first step in Thailand Visa application process is to determine the type of Visa you will need to apply for. Once you have decided the type of long-term Visa, you need for travelling to the Kingdom.

You will need to download the appropriate Visa application form from any of the numerous sources it is easily available on.

Step 2

Once you have filled the Visa application form, you will need to attach the relevant documents, as instructed in the form guidelines.

Step 3

Once your Visa application is filled, and your essential documents are attached, you will need to go to the nearest Thailand Visa Application Center (TVAC) to submit the documents and form.

Step 4

Ensure that you carry a demand draft for the total applicable Thailand Visa fee and service charges in favour of ‘Royal Thai Embassy’ and payable at New Delhi. (Tourism Visa applicants can pay the Visa fee in cash or demand draft in favour of ‘VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.’, payable at New Delhi.

You will also need to pay INR 205 for courier charges if you wish to receive the Visa and passport through the mail.

Step 5

Once you have paid the total applicable charges for Visa application, an acknowledgement receipt will be handed over to you. This is necessary when you visit the Embassy to collect your Visa and passport.

Step 6

Once the Visa process is completed, you will be notified of it through your chosen means of communication.

To avoid this seemingly long and tedious procedure, you can simply choose to take help from Thomas Cook, the leading global tourism, and travel adviser.

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What Documents Do You Need for Thailand Visa?

These are the essential documents you are generally required to attach with your Thailand Visa application form:

  • Passport – Attach current passport with all previously issued Visas along with it. Ensure that there are at least 2 (TWO) blank pages left in your current passport at the time of submitting it.
  • Photograph – You may require attaching 1 (ONE) passport-sized (35 mm x 45 mm) photograph along with the Visa application form.
  • Flight details – You will need to attach copies of your arrival and return tickets, showing the dates of arrival and departure through the Kingdom of Thailand clearly.
  • Means of Subsistence – Attach a copy of recent bank statement which shows that you have sufficient funds (20,000 Baht per applicant/40,000 Baht per Family) in your bank account to suffice for the expenses during your tour of Thailand.
  • Arrival-Departure Card – This is supplied by the airlines your tickets are booked with before you arrive in Thailand.

Thailand Visa Passport Delivery

Once your Thailand Visa application is completely processed, the Visa will be successfully issued on your passport.

After this, you can choose to have the Visa and passport couriered to you, or you can collect it in person from the Embassy.

Benefits of Getting Visa Processed from Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook has been prominent in providing all-round assistance when it comes to global tourism and travel. For tens of thousands of tourists, businesspersons, and patients, we have become the prime solution for getting Thailand Visa processed faster and with added efficiency.

Here are some of the major benefits you get when you ask Thomas Cook for help with your Thailand Visa processing:

Complete Visa Services

We are renowned for providing end-to-end solutions when it comes to Visa processing. From tourist Visas and business Visas to Visas for medical treatment or visiting family, we have helped thousands of customers get their Visa efficiently.

Save Time

Why spend your valuable time in going through all the individual steps of Visa processing, when we can do it faster and with easily. You can use the time saved to focus on refining your plans for the oncoming trip.

Safe and Secure

We have extremely stringent policies when it comes to the safety of customer information. We ensure top-level of security to you during your entire Visa application process and help you to successfully get your Visa.

Choosing Thomas Cook for help with your Thailand Visa application is going to make your trip most memorable, through easy and efficient Visa processing services.

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Will I need to submit my Thailand Visa application form in person?

Not necessarily, as you can choose a representative, or travel agent, to submit the Visa application in your place.

Do I need to collect my Visa and passport myself or can somebody else do it for me?

No, you can also choose to have your Visa and passport couriered to a mailing address, at the time of filing the Visa application form. There is an additional courier charge levied for availing this service.

Do I need to make an appointment to submit my Visa application at the VAC?

No, you need not schedule a special appointment at the VAC for submitting the Visa application form. You can simply walk in between working hours and take a token from the Security Guard and await your turn to submit it to the officer in charge.

Which is the best time to visit Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is between the cooler seasons which are between November and early April.

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