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Top 10 Hill Stations In Kerala

There are so many hill stations in India, some are popular for snow, others are known for the sheer greenery. With serene landscapes, tranquil backwaters, and diverse mix of culturally affluent people, you can find must visit hill stations in Kerala, South India. Yes, it is not only the beaches and the backwaters, but this state also boasts of an array of hill stations waiting to enchant you with its scenic locales and breathtaking vistas? You won’t believe it but it is true. Among the many places to visit in Kerala, you can explore an incredible mix of topography that includes dense green beautiful locations, coffee and spice farms, acres of tea plantations, thick forest cover, an eclectic mix of flora and fauna and amazing waterfalls.

From best places to visit in Munnar, Palakad and Wayanad, Kerala requires a lot of time to explore despite the size of the state. One unique aspect about all the hill stations in Kerala is that they provide so much serenity and freshness that you forget the city chaos and just feel refreshed. Kerala offers experiences of all the best hill stations in India in its proximity. Want to know about the best hill stations in Kerala? This article below will tell you about some of the amazing places to visit in Kerala.

Best hill stations in Kerala

  1. Munnar

Among the most popular hill stations in India, Munnar is always mentioned with Shimla and Manali. A loved place for the newlyweds, Munnar is considered among the top places to visit in Kerala. Munnar is situated at the confluence of 3 rivers and is one of the well-known hill stations of Kerala. Positioned at an elevation of around 1600m above sea level, this place is popular for its unparalleled green shades. As one of the most visited hill stations in Kerala, Munnar has a lot of attractions. There are so many places to visit in Munnar that a weekend trip is not enough. The rolling tea-planted hills together with the mist above them provides a surreal picture indeed! This hill station is an ideal place to relax because it is beautiful and serene.

Pothamadu (6kms), Pallivasal (8kms), Devikulam (7kms), Attukal (9kms), Mattupetty and Nyaymakad are several of the must visit places near Munnar. You can spend days covering the places to visit in Munnar and yet something will be missing. Many of these places of Munnar tourism have great scenic beauty, trekking trails, waterfalls, dams and lakes.
No wonder, Munnar’s reputation is so high among the hill stations in South India.

There are also a lot of exhilarating places close to Munnar such as Top Station, where the prominent Nilkurinji blooms once in 12 years. Eravikulam National Park and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary are favourite places to visit in Munnar for nature lovers who come here for great views of the different wildlife of South India and Marayoor, which is popular for its profuse sandalwood. There is so much to see, no wonder Munnar is one of the best hill stations in Kerala. These attractions make Munnar lead the list of the best places to visit in Kerala.

  1. Wayanad

With the best mist clad mountains as well as mountainous rivers, Wayanad is actually a pleasant destination for a weekend trip and Kerala’s top point of interest. If places to visit in Munnar are dotted with lakes and waterfalls then Wayanad is filled with scenic caves and tribal life. Being counted among the most prominent hill stations in Kerala, Wayanad is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore and Mangalore. The majestic beauty, dazzling waterfalls, thick rainforest and spice plantations offer not just a lot to see but also has many adventure sports to participate in. The tranquil beauty is like none other place making it a worthy winner of one of the best hill stations in India.

Wayanad offers a number of activities to the visitors. Among the many things to do in Kerala, Wayanad has so much to try. You can go trekking to the heart shaped lake, go hike on the forest trails and cycle in the villages.

October to May is the best time to visit Wayanad which is one of the top Kerala hill stations. For an absolute experience of Wayanad, visit some of these places:

  • Pakshipathalam – Experience the deep caves here that are home to a broad range of animals, birds and distinct species of plants.
  • Chembra Peak – Have a race to the top with your family at the highest peak in the area and witness the breathtaking sight at the summit. This unique wonder is a popular getaway for the adventurers and trekkers who come to see the jewels of the best hill stations in India.
  • Soochippara Waterfalls – Soochippara Waterfalls are moderately unknown falls that will surely be a treat for the eyes. Because of it being offbeat, this waterfall is a prized destination in the hill stations in South India. It also gives a chance for rock climbing for adventure tourists.
  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary – Here, you can visit the biggest residence of elephants with your family for an unforgettable time. Visit the sanctuary and spot different species of spotted deer, tiger, bison, and wild bear.
  • Kuruva Island – This is an evergreen forest on the tributaries of River Kabani having uncommon species of orchids, birds, and herbs. The pristine nature makes it one of the best destination in any of the hill stations in South India. This is an idyllic picnic place for a laid-back afternoon.

Apart from the regular places, you can also use Wayanad as a retreat or a destination wedding spot. Among the best hill stations in Kerala, only Wayand has so much appeal for destination wedding.

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  1. Thekkady – Among the best hill stations in Kerala

When we talk about Kerala hill stations then the topic starts from places to visit in Munnar and ends somewhere never. Little do people talk about places like Thekkady which offers a lot more serenity and personal experience.

It is an amazing place to get refreshed. Far from the annoying crowd of the city; get pleasure from an uninterrupted holiday amidst the lush greenery surrounding of the green hills. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a lot of elephants and is one of the main attractions in Thekkady.

The boat cruise and elephant safaris on the Periyar Lake is something that you must try. Rowing your boat in the misty lake is an experience that not even the best hill stations in India will fail to provide. Inside the Periyar wildlife sanctuary, you can go for boating and bamboo rafting tours. Indulging in this activity among the scenic view s of the national park is one of the best things to do in Kerala. With unique natural heritage, Periyar is an important part of this best hill stations in India called Thekkady.

Trekking is one more activity that you can enjoy here. As one of the most picturesque hill stations in Kerala, Thekkady is filled with natural beauty and charming sceneries. You can go to Kurisumala, which is one of the best places for trekking. Pandikuzhi, Mangala Devi Temple, Ramakalmedu and Vandiperiyar are must visit destinations in Thekkady for you. With so many attractions that take you deeper into history and culture of Kerala, no wonder Thekkady is one of the best hill stations in Kerala.

Book Kerala tour packages to indulge in the serene beauty of kerala hill stations. These Kerala tour packages are especially designed to take you to some of the best hill stations in South India.

    1. Ponmudi

This is one of the enthralling hill stations in Kerala. It is close to Trivandrum and has narrow winding pathways that provide picturesque views to people who travel via road. With a gorgeous array of mountain flowers, small rivulets and exotic butterflies, it is a sight best pleasured sitting beside your loved one. As a lesser known destination, Ponmudi can challenge the best hill stations in India in terms of beauty and natural charms.

The best time to visit this place is January-March. The best places to visit during this time are:

      • Golden Valley – Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Kallar River here followed by relaxing picnic with your loved one. There are several hiking points here and are counted among the unique things to do in Kerala.
      • Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary – This sanctuary is a unique part of Kerala hills. It is a protected range which provides home to many wild animals such as Asian elephants, lion-tailed macaques, sambar and Malabar grey hornbills. A jungle safari or a photography trip will make you remember it among the memorable things to do in Kerala.
      • Meenmutty waterfalls – If you are ready for some exercise then have a trek from Kallar to the dense forests to witness these attractive waterfalls. A guide is provided by the Forest Department of Kerala Tourism for tourists to get to the falls. As a hidden beauty among the many hill stations in South India, Meenmutty takes you closer to nature.

In offbeat terms, Ponmudi is among the best hill stations in Kerala. So many surprises hidden here make it unique place to explore. Exploring the waterfalls and the green hills of this place is among the must do things in Kerala.

  1. Lakkidi

Truly a heaven on earth and one of the top 10 hill stations in Kerala, Lakkidi consists of a tranquil environment and lofty green mountains. One can see uninterrupted sights of Kerala hills from the viewpoints. What makes Lakkidi special are the many luxury resorts that have been set up here for a pleasant and comfortable stay. The healthy climate is an additional benefit, together with the stunning landscape and tranquillity in the valley, where you have the chance to get relaxed.

While other hill stations in India may have a season based travel plan, Lakkidi will welcome you all time of the year. One of the unique things to do in Kerala is camping in Lakkidi. Living in a tent surrounded by natural beauty make this one of the pristine Kerala tourism destinations. While many other hill stations in Kerala are bustling with tourists, you can explore Lakkidi if you wish to have a break from crowd.

  1. Silent Valley

To have a typical holiday experience which you will remember for years, go to the Silent Valley. Unlike various other commercial hill stations in Kerala, most of the natural fascination here still remains unspoiled. Silent Valley is a jewel of Kerala hills and one of the richest hill stations in South India. It is also home to the Kurumbar Tribes and numerous other rare species. December to April is the best time to visit the Silent Valley, which is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala.

Post your hike or trip inside Silent Valley National Park, you can return to Palakad and visit Shanthi Ayurveda Ashram. A massage here in an experience to remember and worthy of things to do in Kerala. The technique relieves you of all the pain. All Kerala tourism destinations promote Ayurveda massage as one of the memorable experiences in one of the best hill stations in India.

The Silent Valley National Park is the most ecologically assorted areas on the planet having some flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the globe. Exploring here will give you an introduction to Kerala hills. Silent Valley is located in Palakad and is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India.

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  1. Ranipuram

The beautiful hill station popular greatly for ecotourism, Ranipuram is situated in the Kasargod district of Kerala. The travel attractions in Ranipuram has gorgeous sights of Kerala hills. Like various hill stations in Kerala, this place also offers the best opportunity for trekking and bird watching and wildlife. You can get pleasure from jeep safaris in the forests and have an opportunity to see elephants too!

The monsoon forest is an added attraction in conjunction with butterflies. You can have a fun-filled holiday experience at this off-beat place in Kerala. As one of the lesser known Kerala tourism destinations, you’ll find the personal time that you crave for.

The Ranipuram peak is one of the perfect places to travel at this unique hill stations in India. This peak is a popular trekking destination and one of the most splendid places to visit in Kerala.

  1. Idukki

Idukki basically meaning “Thin Valley”. It’s plentiful natural treasury big mountains that chase the scenic setting of the city, nice weather and the wandering Periyar, Thodupuzha and Thalayar River that point on the Idukki’s border, makes this destination the most magnificent hill station in Kerala. Idukki is counted among the best Kerala tourism destinations because of its scenic wonders.

The Western Ghats, which take the prominent portion of Kerala hills, make this place filled with tranquil beauty. When you talk about the charming hill stations in India, this is one place that you can simply fall in love with.

Apart from the spreading tea and scenery and spice plantations, Idukki’s attractions that allure tourists or that must not be missed are Idukki Arch Dam, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary and Waterfall at the Keezar Kuthu. There is no doubt that it is the best destination to spend a memorable vacation with hiking, trekking or for an outstanding holiday experience.

  1. Vythiri

When we talk about hill stations in India, Wayanad finds a mention because of its scenic wonders. Among the many hill stations in South India, Vythiri, in the Wayanad district of Kerala, is considered one of the best. It is situated at a height of around 1300m above sea level and is popular for its temples, picturesque beauty and Neolithic age Edakkal caves. As a part of Wayand, this place is popular between honeymoon couples who come here to enjoy a peaceful vacation in Kerala hills. Vythiri is a gorgeous place and one of the most pristine Kerala tourism destinations. A weekend here is filled with amazing vibe.

The descending Kabini River, green-clad rotating hills and versatile fauna of Vythiri makes it an impressive holiday destination. Its wavy and rolling mountains give a superior trekking opportunity to the visitors and make it one of the best hill stations in Kerala.This scenic wonder brings many qualities of other Kerala tourism destinations at one place.

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  1. Painavu

Painavu is situated inside the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary at a height of 3900 m above sea level. Unlike the crowded places to visit in Munnar, Painavu offers alone time to the visitors. While looking for Kerala tourism destinations, you should never miss upon this beautiful place. It is indeed a busy hill station. It houses many important Kerala government institutions like the Government Engineering College Idukki and Civil Station. From here you can visit the Idukki Arch Dam (Asia’s biggest arch dam), Kulamavu dam, and the Cheruthoni Dam.

You can also have a day of outing with your loved ones at Hill View Park and convert it to one of the honeymoon places in Kerala. It offers picturesque vistas of the nearby dams and surrounding lush greenery. There are quite a few leisure activities to do here. These include a boat ride, play area specially built for children, and the famous herbal garden. Just 5km away from Idukki bus station, Painavu is easily accessible by road. It is one of the most scenic places to visit in Kerala.

Destination wedding is one of the most popular things to do in Kerala. Many visitors from India and aboard come here to tie their holy matrimony in the charming landscapes of these hills. Lovely and charming places to visit in Kerala play the perfect host for the newly married couples. Nothing can be more memorable than getting hitched at one of the best hill stations in India. Many Kerala tourism destinations have special packages for wedding and honeymoon.

These top 10 hill stations in Kerala make your trip to God’ Own Country exciting and memorable. You can go on boat ride, trek, birdwatch, see cultural dance arts, take part in martial art tournaments among the many things to do in Kerala. With so many best hill stations in India, Kerala needs a lot of time to travel and explore everything. So, plan a trip to the heavenly beauty of Kerala, now! Who knows, one of the many charming places to visit in Kerala may surprise you and call you back over and over again.

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