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6 Remarkable Wayanad Tourist Places You Cannot Miss

Sl. No.Wayanad Tourist PlacesApproximate Distance from the AirportTripAdvisor Rating
1Chembra Peak3 hours 30 minutes4.5/5
2Edakkal Caves3 hours 30 minutes4/5
3Bamboo Forests 3 hours 30 minutes NA
4Chain Tree2 hours 10 minutes3/5
5Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary3 hours 30 minutes3.5/5
6Soochipara Falls3 hours4/5

Professional pursuits are slowly assuming more prominence in our lives and that directly means that we have less time for ourselves. The calls from Managers, the mails of bosses highlighting pending tasks and the always urgent meetings are known to take a toll on our mental and physical health. As time progresses, the daily monotony of our lives bogs us down and there comes a time when we are just not able to do as much as we hoped. This is when a holiday or even a short getaway can prove to be a lifesaver of sorts. And what could be a better place than Wayanad? In Kerala, aptly called God’s Own Country, the welcoming weather, the serene backwaters, the limitless expanse of lush green landscapes, sprawling coconut groves, sunset points, Malabar cuisine and more, Wayanad is the best place you can be when you want to a social detox. This heavenly place will take you through the beautiful things in life that you get for free, and lets you experience a different version of the world. Wayanad tourism has been booming for a few years, attracting people from all over India and sometimes abroad to experience the natural wonder. There are a lot of things to do in Wayanad for both the nature lovers and the adventure seekers. If you’re wondering about the Wayanad tourist places you can visit when you’re here, we have it all covered!

Top Wayanad Tourist Places

1. Chembra Peak – Hike, Trek and Camp under the Moonlit Sky

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One of the first things you should do when you reach Wayanad is leave your bags in your room and head to the Chembra peak. Your pursuit of serenity will be instantly satisfied with the unfolding meadows and contrasting hues of green in front of your eyes. 5 minutes of silence here will take away all the stress you have been accumulating all through your life and career and you wouldn’t believe if we said that this place magically instills hope and courage to face things when you get back. The Chembra peak is magnificent agreed but it is also reassuring. With the ever silent meadows and the lush green fields, the Chembra peak is one of the prominent places to visit in the Wayanad tourism. People flock from all over the world to visit this place and get the best of its beauty.

Located at a distance of around 8km from Kalpetta, the Chembra peak borders the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu and rests as one of the best picnic and trekking spots for visitors. With a special permission from the forest department, you can camp and even go on nature trails here. Apart from this, there is also a mystical lake on top of the meadows, on your way to the peak, which is considered perennial. You have to sit by its side and soak in the views as much as you can.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: 3 hours 30 minutes approximately
  • Best Time to Visit: Summers and winters are the best time to visit Kerala.
  • How much time to spend: Half day including photoshoots, seclusion and lunch
  • Operating hours: NA
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4.5/5

This is the place that accommodates all types of tourists and travellers. No matter if you are a honeymoon couple, a solo traveller or with your group of friends, make sure this place tops your list of Wayanad tourist places.

2. Edakkal Caves – Take a peek into the Prehistoric Times

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Did you know that there is a place for spelunking in Kerala? We’re not joking! All your adventure enthusiasts will certainly enjoy some adrenalin rush at the Edakkal Caves. This place is also ideal for those of you interested in history and want to relive some of the instances from the past with the cave’s carvings and paintings from a pre-historic era. Considered to be prevalent from around 6000 BC, the place requires to trek for around 45 minutes before you can reach the caves for exploration.One of the most peaceful places among the Wayanad tourist places, these caves transcend you to a different world, exposing you to one of the most ancient man-made works. This place in Wayanad gives you a chance to explore the nature’s beauty in a  way that will make you bedazzled and happy for the rest of your life.

However, the most fascinating aspect of the caves is that it is not claustrophobic unlike some caves in other parts of the country. The dimensions are long and wide enough for you to avoid paranoia and go back to the historic age in the Edakkal Caves, one of the lesser explored Wayanad tourist places.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer
  • How much time to spend: Half day
  • Operating hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5

Go for the peace of mind the place offers and the sense of accomplishment it gives after you trek the distance. Trust us, the walk uphill is worth every second when you reach the caves.

3. Bamboo Forests – Breath some Fresh Air and Rejuvenate

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One of the main reasons we travel to serene places is for the chance to breathe fresh air. When it is only smoke, fog and dust we take in everyday back home, it is in places like these that we actually feel the difference and feel more alive on breathing fresh air. One such place that allows you to completely take in pure air and get lost in the beauty of nature is the Bamboo Forest. Part of the Nilgiris biosphere reserve, the place has no shortage of the woods, timberlands and bamboo stretches. Besides, this place is also a popular safari spot, where you can spot some indigenous species of the Nilgiris like deer, cheetahs, wild bears, bison and more.This natural beauty among the Wayanad sightseeing places is a wonder in itself. If you have a love for the wildlife and some adventure, this place lets you get the best of your interests. This Wayanad tourist place is a wonderful location that you dare not miss.

The best part is that there are several homestays available inside the forests to completely give you the experience of staying in the wilderness. These homestays are well stocked and take good care of you, without giving you a paranoia of staying in a forest. The sight is really rewarding when all you see is a road surrounded by bamboo shoots and in front of you, there is mist and only mist. Magical? Yes!

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer
  • How much time to spend: Half day
  • Operating hours: NA
  • Trip Advisor rating: NA

Conclusion: Surreal landscapes, lush green forests and beautiful homestays make this place one of the must-visit Wayanad Tourist Places

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4. Chain Tree – Eerie and Intriguing

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If you are game for some offbeat adventure and intend to visit a spooky place to feel the chills, we have a place called the Chain Tree for you. This is one of the oldest and iconic Wayanad tourist places but not much for the right reasons. When you are on the national highway near the Pepper Wayanad Gate hotel, you can see a humongous ficus tree which looks like it is chained. You can spot a massive chain made of steel encircling the tree when you stop and notice. There are several legends associated with the chain and some might alarm you out.

According to one legend, Karinthandan, a tribal person of the place was lost in the ghats and noticed a Britisher during the pre-independence era. When he asked him about the way to exit, he was killed by him and stories go like his spirit still resides in the tree, causing accidents and giving eerie experiences to passers. Another legend has it that the tree holds the spirit of a mahout, who took a couple of British people to Wayanad on their vacation and they did not want him to go back and pick up a few Portuguese.

This Wayanad tourist place is undoubtedly one of its best for all the adventure seekers. It has a lot of story behind it for all the curious travellers who wish to unravel the mystery behind it. Among all the Wayanad sightseeing places, this Chain Tree is a place that is a must-visit for all the mystery lovers.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: 2 hours 10 minutes approximately
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer and post-monsoon
  • How much time to spend: Half day
  • Operating hours: NA
  • Difficulty level: NA
  • Trip Advisor rating: 3/5

If you like to experience something paranormal and have always been on the lookout for such places, this place can give you what you go for! Our Kerala tour packages are the best way to indulge in the serene beauty of Wayanad.

5. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Your date with Nature and Endangered Wildlife

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The second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary has been attracting visitors from all over India for years. Thanks to its maintenance and its expanse of up to 350 square kilometres, the sanctuary is one of the most interesting ones you will visit down south. A place which is already blessed with greenery and magical landscapes is also blessed with natural ecosystems that make it perfect for animals to retreat and stay. This sanctuary is part of the Nilgiris biosphere reserve and you can find animals like elephant, bison, tigers, deer and more.

When visiting, carry a pair of binoculars as you will also spot some different species of birds here. You can take up nature walks, safaris or simply prefer to go on a sightseeing spree in the sanctuary here. Besides, the sanctuary is also home to some of the endangered species of flora and fauna in the belt which makes it one of the most popular and beatific Wayanad Tourist Places. This place in Wayanad is the best among all the Wayanad sightseeing places for the wildlife and adventure lovers. You can get a good glimpse of all the beautiful animals and capture some amazing shots.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer
  • How much time to spend: Full day
  • Operating hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Difficulty level: Low
  • Trip Advisor rating: 3.5/5
  • Best Time to Visit: NA

Conclusion: This is the perfect place to spend time with your family and get closer to nature.

6. Soochipara Falls – Powerful and roaring; one of the best Wayanad tourist places

Image Source

Translating to rock and needle, the waterfall is three-layered and is located in the region of Vellarimala. To reach the waterfall, you will need to drive for around 30 minutes from Meppadi. The waterfall is surrounded by thick woodlands and dense wilderness and is also known as the Sentinel Rock Waterfall. Once you reach the main entrance of the waterfall, you have to trek to up to 2km to reach the falls as vehicles can’t enter. Though not much strain is involved in climbing, the rocks and stones can make it time-consuming. However, the view on your either side is enough to keep you going. The waterfall is roaring when you go after monsoon and there are pools where you can take a dip.This spot is perfect for all the people who wish to go on a small picnic amidst all the sightseeing rush. The place is serene and is one of the most popular tourist places in Wayanad.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: 3 hours
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer and post Monsoon times.
  • How much time to spend: Until evening
  • Operating hours: NA
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5

Pack your lunch, wear your boots and go for a trek or simply take a stroll and dive into the fresh pure waters of the fall at the natural pools. This will be a vacation to remember.

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FAQ’S About Wayanad

1. How to Reach Wayanad?

You can reach Wayanad easily from major Indian cities by train, bus and flight. Calicut or Kozhikode is the nearest airport from Wayanad and is located at a distance of approximately 70km. The nearest railway station is also Calicut that is around 100km from the city of Wayanad. If you are planning to take the bus, you can get frequent buses from Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Mysore, Calicut and other popular cities in the adjoining states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. From the respective points of arrival, you can either taxis or local buses to commute like a traveller.

2. Can I find good accommodation in Wayanad?

Wayanad is one of the most popular destinations in Kerala and tourism here is a very serious affair. The place attracts visitors from around the world and some of the accommodations here are world class. Also, depending on your budget and purpose, you can find an accommodation. If you are in for some pampering and yoga, you can find spa retreats and centres that are situated amidst nature. You can find resorts for a more sophisticated vacation and even backpackers homestays for budget holidaying.

3. What languages are spoken in Wayanad?

People here speak English and Hindi apart from the native language Malayalam. Feel free to have conversations with the locals and get to know their cultures and traditions better.

Once here, you will understand why Kerala is called God’s own country and why the creator has had a special place in the heart for this picturesque place. If you want more of Kerala, we recommend you also visit Alleppey, Cochin, Kuttanad and others on your way back. You will be happy you did.

Check out our Kerala tour packages for the best experience in Wayanad.

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