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Everything you need to know about The West Coast of America

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Traveling across 1500 miles of encompassing coastline with breathtaking natural beauty and mesmerizing landscapes is like a dream come true for every traveller. The West Coast of America, stretching from The Washington State to the golden sandy beaches of Southern California is exactly the destination where one can experience this kind of charm and beautiful surprises all along the way.

Technically it would take more than 25 hours to travel across a stretch with so much awe-inspiring beauty everywhere. It is impossible to miss these places located in The West Coast of America. It is filled with so many beautiful spots.

Here is all you need to know about the route filled with world-class cities, lush green forests, coastal towns spread across a stretch from Canada to Mexico. You’ll need at least 3 weeks to complete the entire route.

1. Start with Seattle – The life of the west coast of America

Seattle - The West Coast of America


Seattle is the natural starting of the trip. The place that a number of mega-companies like Microsoft, Starbucks and Boeing call home is also known as the heart of the Pacific Northwest. At Seattle, you can explore the pike palace area where the markets are abuzz with the fresh catch in the morning.

You can visit the first ever ranch of Starbucks and then climb the space needle for astonishing views of the Majestic Mount Rainer. A cruise on the harbour is a nice idea to spend the afternoon. A lot of people pack their own meals and like to have them on board. Additionally, get pampered while cruising over the sun-kissed ocean with in-house spa and lunch.

If you are a sports fan then you can go ahead and catch seahawks match followed by hopping from a bar to another enjoying the local bands and their amazing tracks. The pub hopping in Seattle is one of the best because most of them have their own breweries and have an array of craft beers..

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2. Explore the La Push Beach

La Push beach - The West Coast of America

La Push Beach

Irrespective of your opinion about the movie Twilight, it was shot at some beautiful locations. One of such places is the La Push Beach in the Washington State. This beach is one of the most beautiful coastal shores in the region and is counted among the least crowded ones.
La Push is divided into a number of gorgeous areas where you can either drive or take small hikes. The view of sunrise, sunset and the natural pristine beauty that the beach speaks of otherwise is glorious and makes your trip an affair to remember.

3. Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach - The West Coast of America

Cannon Beach

The beaches at The West Coast of America have been the set of some of the most iconic movies in the history. Cannon Beach is one such renowned destination where The Goonies was shot. Located in Oregon, the beauty of Cannon Beach is unmatched. The town is filled with tiny art galleries and makes for an awesome stopover during your trip.

The rocky landscape of Cannon Beach makes it the home of tiny crabs who wander aimlessly from a rock to another. One can also walk or hike up to Haystack Rock and try to catch a glimpse of Orange Starfish and Anemones playing in the clear water.

4. Portland, Oregon

Portland - The West Coast of America

Portland, Oregon

America tourism’s pride, Portland a magnet that attracts all the hipsters, foodies and environment activists here. Portland is a city for the backpackers who like to experiment with their food and drinks. This city is also one of the favourite destinations for the vegans because of its vegan-friendly restaurants.

Wall art, graffiti, live music, street performances are not to be missed in Portland. Reserve your afternoons for coffee shops while saving your evenings for hopping from a pub to another and sampling there home-brewed craft beers is the best way to explore this town.

Portland is a city where you’ll find a group of jugglers at one corner of the street and a singer at the other. No one can get enough of Portland, ever!

5. Redwood National Park, California

Redwood National Park - The West Coast of America

Redwood National Park

Hiking the Redwood is counted among the most adventurous and spiritual things to do in America. Redwoods is known as the spiritual centre of California. This is one of the most ancient forests in the entire United States of America.

Redwood and the ancient trees take up a major part of the Northern California. Some trees are grown out of proportion in the Redwood National park. Some of these trees are so wide that you can drive through two trunks of the colossal structure.

The national park is also a popular destination for many hikers who walk inside the forest and reach the coast. These humble giant trees are as high as 100 meters and are said that they are older than the Roman Empire itself.

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6. San Francisco

San Francisco - The West Coast of America

San Francisco

When you are driving through California, the gorgeous views of San Francisco and the Bay Area will take your attention because of the obvious reasons. Steep hills, a majestic skyline, and a pinkish sky make you fall in love with the awe-inspiring beauty of this city.

San Francisco is an amazing place to be. The number of activities and the places to explore is simply umpteen. The visitors often add a day or two extra in their itinerary so that they can experience the best while traveling without regretting that they missed something amazing , making it one of the best places to visit in USA.

San Francisco has some of the most amazing and oldest Sandwich parlours. A tram ride from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf will take you across some of the coolest parts of the city. The tram routes are filled with fancy eating joints, handicraft markets, and uber cool restaurants. These exist facing the prison rock of Alcatraz at the distance.

Of all the places in San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge is something that you must visit. The view of the sunset in the background of the bridge is breathtakingly beautiful.

7. Big Sur

Big Sur - The West Coast of America

Big Sur

In the south of Carmel, The Big Sur is another wild unexplored coastline filed with rugged beaches and hidden coves. The landscape has a mysterious aura attached to it because of its foggy mornings. The Big Cove has been a home to many writers and artists who come here to take inspiration from the changing views of the landscapes.
They try to write it down in their stories and paint it in their artworks, trying to uncover the secrets that this place Holds. For ages, this Big Sur has been a source of inspiration for the greatest minds who have visited here.

8. Finally to Los Angeles – the heart of the west coast of America

Los Angeles - The West Coast of America

Los Angeles

The beautiful and buzzing Los Angeles is the most happening city on the West Coast of America. While there is a lot to do here, the city is as expensive as it can get. People come here to enjoy street performances as it is the home of some of the most famous hip hop artists, musicians, and performers.

You’ll see a lot of tourists taking a souvenir photo at The Hollywood Boulevard with the Hollywood sign in the background. This is one of the must do things while visiting Los Angeles.

America tour packages will allow you to take a tour of the homes of your favourite movie stars and celebrities is few of the must do things in America. For those who want to experience their favourite movies up and close can get lucky as some of the sets are still kept intact in the original form.

9. Vegas Baby – The party capital of the west coast of America

Las Vegas - The West Coast of America

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the coolest places to visit in America. Located at a distance of 4 hours from LA, The Las Vegas is America’s original sin city. Known for its luxury hotels, high-end casinos and amazing nightclubs where one can catch some of the most iconic shows, Las Vegas is the dream destination for those who wish to experience the fancy.
Walk around the city, drink at the open and free for all bar, try your luck at the casinos and dance with the local hip-hop artists. Exploring the exuberant city of Vegas is one of the best things to do in America.

10. Carmel and Monterey

Monterey - The West Coast of America


Carmel and monterey, two chilled out spots in the cozy location of West Coast. Located next to each other, Carmel and Monterey are way apart in every possible way. Carmel or popularly known as Carmel by the sea and is a small coastal village filled with art galleries, fancy boutiques, and expensive designer stores.

Monterey, on the other hand, is the home of the fishermen who come here to make a life out of the booming fishing industry. One of the major attractions  The Monterey wharf is dominated by a large cannery.
The aquarium at Monterey is one of the biggest and built using state-of-art technologies. One can also go on whale watching tours near the coast and come face to face with these giants of the ocean.

Caramel is the shopping destination for those who like to have the fancy stuff. From high-end designer clothes to handmade jewellery and modern paintings, there is a lot to take home as a part of your trip souvenir.
Located at a short distance is Moss Landing where one can kayak over the gentle sea while surrounded by adorable Sea Lions and Pelicans. The amazing diversity makes Carmel and Monterey the most amazing places to visit in America.

11. Santa Monica

Santa Monica - The West Coast of America

Santa Monica

One of the most serene locations of The West Coast of America is also the home of surfers, street performers, and graffiti artists. Besides, you are also likely to run into a top Hollywood executive at a chic restaurant. The Ferris wheel of Santa Monica has an iconic spot in the pop culture of America and has played an important part in a number of movies and TV shows.

Santa Monica is an amalgamation of cultures and this is why it intrigues travellers and tourists alike.Hence, the diversity makes Santa Monica a jewel in the crown of America Tourism. The Long Promenade is the home of several performers who can be seen juggling, miming, playing music and performing freestyle dance routines.

Exploring Santa Monica is like walking through a fantastical alleyway where a surprise pops up after another. The giant Ferris wheel gives amazing views of city’s skyline while the boutiques spread at promenade simply serve as workshops for some of the world famous designers. You can also cycle across a corner of the city to another or explore the famous beaches like Venice Beach and The Muscle Beach.

12. San Diego – Indulge in the culinary culture of the west coast of America

Ariel View Of San Diego - The West Coast Of America

Ariel View Of San Diego

San Diego is the sign that you are getting closer to Mexico. This city takes all its inspiration from the neighbouring country of United States and serves as an ideal spot to call the end of the trip. One can witness Spanish influence on San Diego almost everywhere. From food to the dressing style of the locals, San Diego has Spain written all over it.

This city is home to many creative breweries. People come here to explore the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The beaches of the city are a few of the best places to surf in the entire West Coast. One can also go for sailing, diving, and whale watching on the beautiful beaches. Apart from these, the hand gliding is something that an adventure lover must try.

The food enthusiasts will find San Diego very fascinating because of its culinary culture in essence of the influences it takes from Spanish art of food preparation.

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13. Bainbridge Island Day Trip

Bainbridge island - The West Coast of America

Bainbridge Island

Accessible via Washington State Ferry, this heavenly destination is an half hour ride from Seattle. The ferry ride is an amazing way to enjoy Seattle’s spectacular skyline. This alluring Island takes a lot of inspiration from the Northwest America and has some pleasant quaint cafes, designers stores, and restaurants.

Also home to many artists, Bainbridge Island and its gorgeous views are an inspiration to many of them. You can find their art galleries at different corners of the island.

The West Coast of America is among the few of the best road trip destinations in the world. A complete journey of this region will fulfill your wanderlust for a long long time. So what are you waiting for, start planning today!

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