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10 Naturally Surreal Sites of the World

The beauty of mother nature is undeniable. But concealed to many of us, it has so much to offer aside from magnificent natural wonders. As surreal as may it seem, unearthly looking places like the glowing caves,  beautiful rock formation, pink lakes and much more are found on our planet.Even if you are not travelling the world to see the beauty of Naturally Surreal Sites of the World, let us look at the world’s topmost places that you will be adding to your bucket list!

Naturally Surreal Sites of the World

1. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

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Settled next to the Atlantic ocean in Ireland this is easily one of the most fascinating, bizarre natural wonders of the world. It includes more than 40,000 columns, most of which have six sides to resemble a honeycomb. The causeway was not a famous tourist hotspot, but it is today. Formed from cooled magma, it remained hidden from the world for millions of years. According to scientists, the Causeway was revealed at the end of the ice age.

2. Pamukkale Thermal Springs, Turkey

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Pamukkale Thermal Springs is nestled in Turkey’s Inner Aegean region close to the river Menderes Valley. The springs consist of hot – mineral-saturated water and have been a popular tourist spot for many years. The shape of the spring resemble a scallop, and frozen waterfalls add beauty to the cliffside. The spring water is high in calcium, sulfate, magnesium, and bicarbonate. The spring flow at the rate of four hundred litres every second.

3. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

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The Fingal’s cave boasts of many geometric columns and is named after a character from a famous poem. The cave is formed from basalt hexagonally solidified by lava.  The sea cave is located on Staffa, an island that is part of Scotland. The cave includes high, arched roofs that carry the sound of the sea. Although boats can’t enter the cave, there are local companies that provide sightseeing tours to this popular tourist attraction.

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

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The Grand Canyon is America’s most recognizable natural wonders. The Grand Canyon is a breathtaking place which is 227 miles long and is not unlike anything else you have ever seen.  Best time to visit here is during winters; you can see a thin blanket of snow that folds over the deep valley and cliffs that makes the surreal landscape even more beautiful.

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5. Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, USA

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Standing tall at 1, 267 ft, The Devils Tower in Wyoming, USA is over 5,000 ft above the sea the level. President Roosevelt declared the Devil’s tower Americas, the first official national monument in the year 1906. Today, numerous tourists from around the world visit this site each year, and itis considered as one of the greatest natural wonders in the U.S.A

6. Uluru, Central Australia

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Located in Central Australia in Kata Tjuta National Park is the former seven wonder of the world the mighty Uluru. A large red rock and sandstone, Uluru aka Ayer’s Rock are one of the oldest and largest sandstone rocks in the world, and It is also listed on the World’s Heritage sites.  It covers a circumference of 9.4km andis 348m high. There are numerous ancient markings on the rock, which are believed to have been made by the early settlers in the region.

7. Skocjan Caves, Slovenia

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Journeying through the caves of Skocjan, you will explore a natural spectacle straight out of fantasy novel. Here you can explore large rocks and undulating pathways. The cave is home to one the largest underground canyons in the world, that can be crossed via a bridge.

8. The Catacombs, Paris

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The iconic Parisian catacombs are home to more than 6. Million human skeletal remains. During the 18th and 19th centuries, their remains were brought here from overcrowded graves, stacked up to the on walls to make a spine-chilling display. It’s without a doubt one the strangest tourist attractions in Paris and the world as is definitely, not one for the faint-hearted.

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9. Pig Beach, Bahamas

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If you fancy swimming with pigs, then make sure you visit this unusual but popular tourist attraction in the Bahamas, the Pig Beach.  This sun-kissed beach is surrounded by turquoise blue water and addition to boating, surfing, sunbathing and other beach activities you can roll around in the mud with the many pigs that have inhabited.

10. Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar

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Tsingy is a forest, that is home to numerous columns on limestone, formed millions of years ago. The limestone rocks have created a unique ecosystem in the area, that is home to many unknown and magnificent species of flora and fauna. It’s not your usual run of the mill tourist attraction, undefinedly worth a visit.

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