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10 Things You Must See in Dubai, That don’t Involve a Mall

Planning your international Dubai Packages? Here is a list of things you must see in Dubai.

Things you must see in Dubai

1. Ride through the sunset on an at the picturesque Dubai creek, and all for just one dirham. Close your eyes and feel the calming breeze as evening prayers waft across the mosque minarets.

2. Walk through the tangy aromas of Dubai’s famous spice souk. Located in the beautiful old Deira, pick up incense burners, frankincense and enjoy the old world atmosphere.

3. Enjoy the best of Dubai cuisine at Ravi’s, one of the longest serving restaurants. Favourites include chicken boti, mutton tikka, kebabs and you must taste the fresh, fluffy and hot breads.

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4. The famous desert safaris are major tourist attractions. The authentic style campsite offers you the privellege of puffing some shisha or enjoying a barbeque. The best time would be sunset, sitting in the darkness and staring at the stars.

5. Bigger, better and louder, the most fascinating are the Dubai Fountains that shoot water as high as 500 feet. Performances occur daily on the Burj Khalifa lake. We recommend you book into a restaurant, preferably on the terarrce to enjoy the breath-taking view.

6. Swim alongside majestic dolphins at Dolphin Bay, one of the largest dolphin habitats in the world. There are a range of dolphin interactions that you can choose from and many other things you must see in Dubai, pick from Dubai tourism that will make the process smoother.

7. You must return saying that you’be visited the tallest building in Dubai. Burj Khalifa allows visitors to view the surrounding landscape with a scpecially designed Behold Telescope located on the 124th floor of the building.

8. For adventure enthusiasts Dubai offers the most nerve wrecking rides. Gravity Zone is Dubai’s hub for those who love extreme sports. Free-falling, bungee jumping and monstrous roller coaster rides will leave you red in the face!

9. You must try gliding in a hot air balloon while in Dubai. As you move over the great sad dunes, camels and oasis, marvel at the sunrise and feel more like Aladin on his magic carpet.

10. Lastly, you cannot return without visiting Aquaventure Waterpark and experience heart thumping adventures. You must try the “Leap of Faith”, that will leave you fearless for life!

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10 Things You Must See in Dubai, That don't Involve a Mall
Planning your international holidays to Dubai? Here is a list of things you must see in Dubai.
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