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20 Hottest Hippie Cities Across the World

The 60s surely marked the beginning of the hippie culture. It was the time when people with a free soul wandered around the world without any attachment. Slowly, in this journey, they met one another and formed a group, which soon became the hippie revolution. The 60s are long gone, but the hippie culture is still alive. Sounds intriguing and exciting, isn’t it? Well, here’s your chance to visit hippie cities and embrace the hippie lifestyle!

Here are 20 hippie cities across the world that you must visit:

  1. Hippie Paradise- Ibiza, Spain:

    Ibiza is a lot more than just college students partying. It is famously known as the paradise for hippies and has market places, shopping places, where you can get a flavour of the hippie culture. Back in the 60s, Ibiza was the inception of raves and the main spot for all European hippies.

  1. The ultimate hippie place – Goa, India:

    Goa is undoubtedly the dream destination of every youngster. But, it is also the off the beaten track for many wanderers. With a strong essence of the Portuguese culture, the beauty of sea beaches and churches and a regal Bohemian touch, Goa Tourism is the ultimate hippie destination.

  2. The inner free spirit – Negril, Jamaica

    : Negril is one of the most underrated hippie destinations in the world. The unspoiled beaches, the pure blue waters and the relaxed aura will embrace the inner free spirit in you. Negril is fantastically Bohemian!

  1. The mountaineer hippie – Kathmandu, Nepal:

    The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, has always been the spot for hippies with a mountaineering passion. Kathmandu is visited by people who have left behind their own world in a quest for some space, peace, and spiritualism. The snow clad path to the Himalayas is home to the mountain loving hippie travelers.

  2. The free-willed destination – Cambodia:

    Hippies have the strength to bring an underrated destination to the limelight. Yes, we are talking about Cambodia. When Thailand became famous and extremely commercial, the hippies moved to Cambodia for its still birds, close to nature atmosphere and hidden craziness. The greatly free-willed country is now a favorite hippie destination. You can’t miss this one.

  3. The Gulf of Aquaba beauty – Dahab, Egypt:

A dive in the clear waters of the Gulf of Aquaba, sharing shisha with your friends and sleeping under the stars in the tents, makes Dahab a great place to sit back, relax and experience the hippie way of life. Imagining yourself there already aren’t you?The Bohemian town – Nelson, Canada:

Nelson is a Bohemian town that has made sure to keep its carefree spirit alive and kicking. With ample coffee houses, heritage structures, Nelson is gorgeous with snow clad mountains surrounding it. The town is the hippie’s definition of peace, love and enjoyment.

  1. Magical charm – Tulum, Mexico:

    Tulum is a magical blend of ancient ruins, excellent coastlines and charming restaurants. The real beauty that makes it a hippies’ paradise is that its undiscovered, it has bistros and bars and local markets that sell dream catchers and all things organic.

  2. The hippie haven – Olympia, Washington:

    Olympia with its casual, carefree ambiance will help you master the art of being a hippie. This City is one of the best hippie cities, with a large hippie population and an environment for them to live peacefully. Organic farms, a strong community that stands together and an undergraduate college with no grades, where the hippies can choose from diverse courses, makes Olympia one of the best places for hippies to live.

  1. The best in U.S.A. – Eugene, Oregon:

    Eugene is the most bohemian city in U.S.A. Free willies and the aroma of marijuana are never too far away, here. In U.S.A., Eugene is undisputedly the hippies’ favorite destination. Wouldn’t you want to be here too?

  2. The artists’ stage -Bisbee, Arizona:

    Bisbee is a hippie destination in U.S.A. that is full of artists who paint the town in multi colors. It is a vacation spot for hippies with proximity to the Mexican border. They celebrate lots of festivals and also have artists, poets protesting for several causes.

  1. A backpacker’s dream – El Bolson, Argentina:

    The abundance of hikes, a light-hearted atmosphere, and a more so sleepy town, makes El Bolson a great hippie destination. While you are here, don’t miss the ‘Bosque Tallado’ an uphill forest with wood art, that will leave you awestruck.

  2. Hippie at heart – Chefchaouen, Morocco:

    Chefchaouen is a place for people who are a hippie to the very core and are in hiding. This is one of the beautiful hippie cities that does not hype or even call itself as a hippie destination. But, as you enter the city, you will know that it is a hippie with its carefree spirit, smiling locals, handicraft products and Boho stuff. Here, you can be happily doing nothing!

  1. Freedom – Amsterdam, Netherlands:

    Amsterdam is one of the most hippie cities in Europe. With its liberal drug policies and freedom of expression, Amsterdam openly accepts Bohemian people. Green open spaces, quirky pubs and carnival celebrations with plenty of hash cakes defines Amsterdam as the beginning of the hippie trail.

  2. The hippies’ ecstasy – Nimbin, Australia:

    Nimbin in Australia, is every hippie’s joyful hub from around the globe. Here the hippies come in search of free love, free souls, positive energy, and peace. The hippies find ultimate peace and tranquillity, here in Nimbin.

  3. The hippie capital- Ecuador:

    Ecuador is known to be the hippie capital of South America. It has wonderful ecosystems and is also budget friendly. Handmade jewelry, clothing, interesting pubs and a relaxed attitude, makes this place hippie friendly. Quito in Ecuador is very popular among the hippies.

  1. Graffiti and glamor – Christiana, Denmark:

    Christiana is a hippie place which dates back to the 80s. With graffiti walls and gritty edges, the scenic beauty of the city is inimitable.

  2. Since the inception- Arembepe, Brazil:

    Arembepe is a small town in Brazil that is experiencing hippie culture since the birth of the hippie movement. The communal living, the bohemian music, the capricious atmosphere and colorful graffiti justify the hippie culture completely.

  3. The cool counterculture – Berea, Kentucky:

    Berea was home to a counterculture of the hippies even before the concept of the counterculture was cool. The city is home to organic farmers, artists, authors and social activists.

  4. The Sixties forever- Missoula, Montana

    : Missoula is the true support of Montana’s hippiedom. The government here has worked hard to reduce arrests for possession of marijuana. In Missoula, there is no shame in sporting long hair and doing your own thing.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? You have in front of you 20 hippie cities across the world imbibed with the hippie culture. This is your chance to live your passion of being hipster and no one will stop you! Live the hippie life and free your soul!

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20 Hottest Hippie Cities Across the World - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
The 60s are long gone, but the hippie culture is still alive. Listed below are 20 hippie cities across the world that you must visit!
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