5 places to visit in Europe

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Europe is home to stunning architecture, mouth-watering cuisine and wonderful people. If you plan on visiting Europe this summer, then we have the perfect list for you to explore. Presenting 5 places to visit in Europe that will help you make the most of the land of blue waters and vibrant culture.


Once here, you will be astonished by spectacular structures like the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge and many more modern architectural marvels that most London tour packages will take you. The city is also home to countless local bars and high-end restaurants, something perfect for everyone. You can even choose to check out the opera if you like. To sum it up, this city has something in store for everyone; the perfect place for tourists.

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This cosmopolitan and bohemian city will definitely make you fall in love with its captivating and medieval architecture. Prague tourism has grown over the years and is one of the reasons for the fame that surrounds the majestic Prague Castle. For sights within the city limits, you could check out the Loreta, the Mirror Maze or the Prague City Museum. No matter where you go in this beautiful city, you will witness stunning views and mouth-watering cuisines, unlike anything that the country can offer.

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When in Rome, the best way to experience the city is by walking through, by the lanes. You will be greeted by many fascinating structures whilst you bask in its amazing weather. Make a wish at Trevi Fountain, imagine gladiators fighting at the Colosseum and grab a slice of authentic Italian pizza. Your Europe holiday tour will definitely be incomplete without a stop at this beautiful city.

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Once you step into Paris, the first thing that comes to mind is – “Where’s the Eiffel Tower?” That isn’t the only thing to see in the city of love, however. You should also visit places such as the Orsay Museum, Grevin Wax Museum or the Louvre. In between the sightseeing, you could dine in one of the many fine dining restaurants or sit down for a cup of coffee in its many cafes or even grab a baguette. Either way, you have to sample some exquisite French cuisine.

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Shop from local shops and explore some of the finest world-class museums in Athens. As you tilt your head out from the window of your car, you’ll watch many ancient monuments and medieval churches as the city is abundant with them. You could even visit Acropolis, the ancient structure that will leave you awestruck while taking you back in time.

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After you’re done listing out the cities to visit, travel to Europe and make the most out of your trip! If you have visited any of these cities, do let us know which restaurants, cafes, museums or sights you loved.


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