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6 Reasons why Andaman should be the next destination in your bucket list

If there is one thing most of you reading the blog could do is the change of scenery that doesn’t involve a concrete jungle. So if you’re ready to trade in your chair, desk and PC for a hammock, dining table and a breath-taking view, we have just the place for you. Presenting the beautiful and serene world of the Andaman Islands.

You may be wondering why we are being so specific while suggesting a holiday destination where you can kick back and relax without any interruptions, here’s why…

Reasons to Visit Andaman

Almost like home:

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A stark contrast to the cobbled streets and high-rise structures you’re used to, the Andaman Islands are all about countless beaches and quaint huts. Everything about these charming islands will make you feel like you’re relaxing in a foreign land, but it is the people and cuisine that remind you of its Indian roots.

A world free from tech:

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Although technology has caught up and cellular network isn’t an issue, the Andaman Islands are best experienced without any tech. Before heading out to explore the islands, leave behind your phone, music players, tabs, and anything that might distract you from the epic view. Take a camera if you please, but capture the landscape through your eyes and not through your lens.

Honeymoon destination:

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The best time to visit Andaman is between the months of October and May. The amazing climate and peaceful islands make for a perfect honeymoon package. A vacation is generally about spending quality time with your loved ones and what better place to do that than these amazing islands?

Remote Islands:

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There are close to 300 islands that make up the Andaman Islands. A majority of these islands are remote and deserted, perfect for those looking for a quiet place to get away from the world. Andaman tourism has picked up over the years and most packages will take you visiting all the tourist hotspots, but do make sure you explore a little on your own as well.

Nature at its best:

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No matter which island you make your way to in the Andamans, you’ll surely be treated to a fantastic view that includes white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. You’ll also find an abundance of dense forests to explore over each island, not to mention the virgin islands themselves.


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Make sure you set aside enough time on your vacation to explore and discover the stunning wildlife that call these islands home. Right from the colourful fish to the native birds and animals, you’ll get to catch a glimpse of some of the islands most unique species of fauna.

If you’ve made it this far, the above reasons have most definitely convinced you to make the Andaman Islands your next destination when you want to escape civilisation. So plan your trip and make sure you head there with a best Andaman Holiday Package to have a time of your life you won’t soon forget.

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6 Reasons Why Andaman Should Be Your Next Destination in Bucket List
Andaman is the land of sun, sand and beaches, making it the ultimate travel destination. Here are the reasons why you should visit Andaman.
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