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8 Things a Switzerland Tour has in store for you

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One of the Europe’s most prized possessions is the serene country of Switzerland. Right from its amazing cuisine and its calm lakes, everything about the country exemplifies a peaceful life. So what are the things that you should definitely explore on your Switzerland tour?

Things to do on your Switzerland Tour

Go Hiking:

Hiking Switzerland

Image courtesy: macsadventure

Switzerland’s landscape is covered with beautiful mountains all around. If you love a good view and are more than ready to work for it, hiking is something you must experience.

Pedal-boat ride in a lake:

Pedal boat ride on Lake Zurich

Image courtesy: visiteurope

The Swiss nation is home to more than a thousand lakes and countless  water bodies. Take in the pleasant weather with a relaxing pedal-boat ride with your loved one. The privacy and surroundings will make the ride all the more amazing.

Go back in time:

Switzerland Castle

Image courtesy: alpenwild

No place gives you a better glimpse of medieval Switzerland than the many castles spread across its countryside. A visit to any of these well-maintained castles will take you to a whole different era in time.

Take a history lesson:

History Switzerland

Image courtesy: myswitzerland

Take a quick Swiss history lesson by visiting any of the country’s museums. There are some dedicated only to specific art while most include general history. The right Switzerland tour package will ensure you make the most of your holiday!

Be a part of a grand parade:

Zurich Grand Parade

Image courtesy: fest300

Want to be a part of one of the largest parades in Switzerland? Don’t worry, the Zurich Street Parade is making its way to Swiss streets this August. If you want to have a blast with a million other people, this is the place to be.

Live the easy life:

Switzerland Village

Image courtesy: wikimedia

Being a land famous for its calm and peaceful countryside, you must take a trip to a quaint village close to any major city. The best part is the easy lifestyle and them being quite cut off from civilisation, the perfect place to let go and relax.

Indulge in the best:

Wine and cheese - Switzerland

Image courtesy:

The perfect place to indulge in the heavenly trio of chocolate, wine and cheese is definitely Switzerland. This holy trinity of culinary goodness is one of the many things that has helped Switzerland’s tourism boom over the years. If you love the finer things in life, Switzerland is the place to be.

Take in the stunning view:

Switzerland stunning view

Image courtesy: placestoseeinyourlifetime

If you love a good view but would rather take it easy and relax while doing so, take a train ride. These rides will get you up-close and personal with the grand Alps and treat you to a view that very few have witnessed.

With so many things to do in Switzerland, you will definitely have your hands full. Make sure to enter with great expectations and you will leave with countless memories to cherish for a lifetime. If you already have a hearty Switzerland Tour, do let us know any other activities we can add to the list, in the comments below.

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8 Things A Switzerland Tour Has in Store For You - Thomas Cook India
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8 Things A Switzerland Tour Has in Store For You - Thomas Cook India
Planning your international trip to Switzerland? Here are few things that you should definitely explore on your Switzerland tour?
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