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9 Best Places to Enjoy the Bangkok Nightlife

A vacation to Bangkok, the Thai capital is never complete without experiencing its scintillating nightlife. Alive with crowds of partygoers heading to live performance bars, pubs, discotheques and more, Bangkok literally comes alive every night! It does not matter what time of the year it is, Bangkok remains one of the hottest places to visit in Thailand. Millions of visitors are welcomed every year with open arms in Bangkok.

It includes an interesting mix of jazz clubs,  dance clubs, pubs, and bars.Bangkok is also called as a “City that never sleeps”. You can have a safe, relaxed and enjoyable vacation here. There are plenty of exuberant dance venues and great hotels in Bangkok where you can also enjoy its traditional food and culture. It’s a city that has everything and lacks nothing, it’s also a home to prolific pious temples, mesmerizing royal palaces, unlimited shopping outlets, gourmet restaurants, wildlife, soaring skyline and of course Bangkok nightlife.

Best Places to Enjoy the Bangkok Nightlife

1. Tokyo Joe’s

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Also known as the “Mecca of Blues”, the bar is open only at night from around 9.30 PM. You can spot lots of talented local musicians crank out amazing music. In addition to Blues, the bar occasionally plays Soul, Jazz, R&B and more. Their specials are the Flamenco nights on Mondays. The place drives most of the crowds on weekends though weekdays too can be crowded during season times. Both locals and tourists love to enjoy a nice drink in a calm, comfortable ambience.

2. Levels club and Lounge

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This place houses three different party zones and offers a delectable range of drink options for spirit lovers. You can also enjoy theme parties here every weekend.  Stroll into the bar to enjoy international DJs, while tasting the city’s best-refined cocktails and wines.

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3. Brown Sugar Pub

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Open throughout the week from 11 am to 1 am. This old jazz pub is one of the best nightclubs in Bangkok located on the road bordering Lumpini Park. It offers a retro feel with a small stage and tight benches.  The pub is known to be crowded every night and you must be an early bird to get seats here. This nightclub in Bangkok serves strong drinks & finger food and is known o be a bit expensive compared to the other nightclubs in Thailand offers.

4. Iron Fairies Bar

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Located in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, this is a magical pub with fairytale decor inspired by a book written by the owner. Spot a magical tree house hidden in the splendid décor which includes copper sewing machines, pottery, bicycles near the staircase and more.  All in all, it is the perfect fairy tale experience which will remain memorable for a long time. This place is not limited to its creativity, they also serve tasteful burgers, superb cocktails and an excellent choice of beef and fish dishes.

5. Titanium Ice Bar – One of the best places to enjoy Bangkok nightlife

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This bar is open every day from 6 pm to 1 am and is located in Sukhumvit, Soi. It offers an exciting and fun-filled experience with an ambience that merges contemporary and modern décor in an aesthetic manner. The place is home to one of the really popular all-female rock and roll band which turns up the volume here daily. What’s more, you can get a chance to taste the 90 exotic varieties of Vodkas here. If you are in search for an excellent drinking experience, aside from live music, then consider taking a seat in the minus – ten – degree ice bar.

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6. Choa Phraya River Cruises

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Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine and history on Bangkok’s River of Kings. Enjoy delectable Thai delicacies on a Luxury cruise, admire the architecture of the temples around you while enjoying your meal. For a romantic and magical evening, enjoy cruise dinner on a vintage rice barge. Our Thailand tour packages will allow you to experience the best of Thailand.

7. Cultural Live Shows at Asiatique

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Enjoy amazing live Thai shows at Asiatique, an exciting theatrical venue which showcases displays the ancient martial art of Thai Boxing called Muay Thai, An entertaining show for families and theatre enthusiasts. It is a 90-minute show, which also showcases other aspects of the rich Thai The show opens every day 20:00 and it’s a 600 – seater theatre within the magnificent Asiatique riverfront night market.

8. Live Jazz Music at bars and Pubs

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Bangkok is also famous for its fascinating Jazz Bars where you can spend a relaxed evening. There are many different venues where you can enjoy Live Music featuring some of the most talented and famous national and international Jazz musicians. Some of the places include the Bamboo Bar, The Living Room, Jazz Happens and the Glaz Bar.

9. Gay Bars, Pubs, and Clubs

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The city of Bangkok is a highly liberal country where sexual preferences are considered to be a personal choice. Homosexuality is legal where there are many clubs and bars meant exclusively for Gays and Lesbians.Soi 2 and Soi 4 are considered as some of the main gay areas of the city. Bangkok tourism has a lot in store for you. we want you to visit in see it for yourself.

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