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The Best Cheap Hotels in Goa that offer everything you need.

Sl. No.Hotel NameDistance from AirportAmenitiesApprox. Cost
1Anjunapalms Guest House1 km from Goa International AirportWiFi, Parking, Hot/Cold Water, Pets Allowed₹ 642 – ₹ 1,412 per night
2Alba Rooms1 km from Goa International AirportAirconditioning, Free WiFi₹ 1,411 – ₹ 4,105 per night.
3The Gulmohar Resort4 km from Goa International AirportAirconditioning, Free WiFi, Parking, Bar, Pool, Airport Transportation₹ 2688 per night.
4Amigo Plaza9 km from Goa International AirportAirconditioning, Free WiFi, Bar, Pool, Laundry.₹ 1,348 per night
5Alfa Guesthouse5 km from Goa International AirportPets Allowed, Laundry₹ 1,000 per night
6Orritel Village Square2 km from Goa International AirportPool, WiFi, Dance Floor, Air Conditioning, Restaurant₹ 2,632 per night
7Casa de Cajino4 km from Goa International AirportSuites, Business Centre, WiFi, Pool,₹ 2,822 per night
8William’s Guesthouse0 km from Goa International AirportPets Allowed, Room Service₹ 1672 per night
9Sea Castle7 km from Goa International AirportBeachfront, Suites, Room Service, Airport transportation₹ 2000 per night
10Maharaja Hotels6 km from Goa International AirportBreakfast, Air-Conditioning, Restaurant, Room Service, Bar,₹ 2021 per night.

Being the most visited by people across the globe, the Goa nightlife is popular for people. If you’re planning to visit Goa, you will be enthralled to know that the place is a delight throughout the year. You will see something or the other happening at one place or the other and this is why the international tourists are much more excited about Goa as compared to other tourist destinations in India. Goa indeed has a lot to offer for any person who makes a visit to it. The first thing that people will fall in love is the Goan beaches. There are around 36 beaches in the state and all of them are distinct. The Northern Goa is full of foreign tourists and locals while the Southern Goa is full of popular beaches where tourists can spend their holiday time. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Goa for a weekend getaway or more, here’s our curated list of places that offer the best value for your buck!

Goa is also known to have the best places to eat, especially with the chefs experimenting with the seafood. Most of the tourists come to the state to satiate their hunger in the form of fish steaks, Lobsters, and Tiger prawns. Most of the restaurants have a way with the foreigners that they even became eminent for serving the international tourists. While you have the places and food sorted, the one thing that comes in the way is finding a suitable and sophisticated accommodation. With just so many hotels in the picture (given the range of tourism), it is entirely not possible to know which is the cheapest especially when you’re not acquainted with the place. In such cases, it is recommended to go through this list of Cheap Hotels in Goa to avoid people taking a dig at you.

Cheap Hotels in Goa:

1. Anjunapalms Guest House

Located close to Anjuna and Vagator beaches, this one is a perfect place to stay for pocket-friendly tourists.

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  • Location: Dhanachuli – 650 Dmello Vaddo | between Oxford Arcade and Eat O Pia restaurant, Anjuna, Bardez 403509, India.
  • Distance from Airport:1 km from Goa International Airport
  • Amenities: WiFi, Parking, Hot/Cold Water, Pets Allowed, Room Service.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 642 – ₹ 1,412 per night.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:4/5

If you’re touring Goa with your family or friends, Anjunapalms is the best budget place in the list of cheap hotels in Goa. It is relaxing, calm and serene. If your expectations are not higher and you just need a calm place to relax, sleep and spend time together, this guest house is the best choice. It offers different type of rooms including single, double and even 5-bed rooms based on the number of people visiting together. You won’t have any difficulty in buying the essentials as it is located in an area filled with shops, eateries, and restaurants within the walking distance.

2.  Alba Rooms

A step far from the beach on one side and a step far from the shopping street on the other, this place have been perfect for people who want to spend nights looking at the beach.

Image Source

  • Location: Palolem Beach Road | Goa, Palolem, Canacona, India.
  • Distance from Airport:1 km from Goa International Airport
  • Amenities: Airconditioning, Free WiFi.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 1,411 – ₹ 4,105 per night.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5/5

If you’re staying at this place, make sure that you’re not missing out on the Little World and Fernandes (food joints) on the beach. Palolem is famous for providing different food. Apart from that, Alba Rooms is a place in the list of cheap hotels in Goa that offers you recreation which you might need at a place like Goa. You can find many shacks on the beach but you will never be disturbed by the hassle outside even from the bars and restaurants. With a 1 minute walk to the beach, Alba Rooms is highly recommended for the tight sleep it provides.

3. The Gulmohar Resort

Looking for a place away from all hustle-bustle but with decent amenities? Pick this hotel in the list of Cheap Hotels in Goa.

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  • Location: Calangute Entrance Street, Porba Vaddo, Calangute, India.
  • Distance from Airport:4 km from Goa International Airport
  • Amenities: Airconditioning, Free WiFi, Parking, Room Service, Fitness Centre, Bar, Pool, Airport Transportation.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 2688 per night.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5

A perfectly located property with visual acuity, this is the best find in the budget hotels if you don’t want to spend too much or spend too less. Away from the concrete, this place is perfect for people who are both new to Goa and also people who already explored it. You can even land up here during the nights, have a profound sleep and go exploiting the state in the morning. This place is clean, well-maintained and the sit out balconies are really tempting to be in!

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4. Amigo Plaza

In spite of being a budget hotel, this place offers all the luxuries that a luxury property would.

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  • Location: 4th Ward,Colva Beach | Colva, Salcete, 403708, India.
  • Distance from Airport:9 km from Goa International Airport
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5
  • Amenities: Airconditioning, Free WiFi, Parking, Room Service, Bar, Pool, Laundry.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 1,348 per night.

Be it with friends or family, staying here is really cozy. The staff is trained to accommodate all your needs; even babysitting your kid for a while if needed, sanitizing and filling their milk bottles even the odd hours. The place is courteous and will make you feel at home with their services. The location of the place is brilliant, and you can walk to the Colva beach all yourself. After spending some lone time in this less crowded beach, you can march through the streets and have an undisturbed sleep here.

5. Alfa Guesthouse

Located very close to the Calangute beach, this place is hosted by a helpful couple and is a homestay among the cheap hotels in Goa.

Image Source

  • Location: Maddo Vaddo | Golden Beach Road, Calangute 403 516, India.
  • Distance from Airport:5 km from Goa International Airport
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5
  • Amenities: Pets Allowed, Laundry.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 1,000 per night.

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This guest house is at a close proximity to the beach where the rooms are extremely clean. While most of the hotels are tidy, this place is like home with peace dwelling inside, all the time. There are plenty of restaurants, shops around the place and if you want to go somewhere far, you can either rent a bike down the road or hire a taxi after negotiating with the owners. The tour buses are also available at the main junction which takes around five minutes from the guesthouse on foot.

6. Orritel Village Square

A cozy and calm resort resting in the middle of greenery, this place suits the best if you are seeking peace.

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  • Location: 399 Plot No | Near Vagator Petrol Pump, Anjuna, Bardez 403509, India.
  • Distance from Airport:2 km from Goa International Airport
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5
  • Amenities: Pool, WiFi, Dance Floor, Air Conditioning, Parking, Restaurant.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 2,632 per night.

The resort, as the title says is known to stand out as a village on its own, completely isolated from the outside world. The resort is clean, cool and has a great ambiance that you would not want to leave. The homemade flavors and food will keep you hooked with the gourmet delights, a pool, a dance floor with all the splashing made possible. The staff at this place is efficient and gracious to keep the management on the line. If you’re staying at this place, take the ground floor for an easier access to everything.

7. Casa de Cajino

This place is known for the warm and outstanding hospitality that keeps the place gracious.

Image Source

  • Location: E3/40C, Tivai Vaddo, Calangute 403516, India.
  • Distance from Airport:4 km from Goa International Airport
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5
  • Amenities: Suites, Business Centre, WiFi, Pool, Breakfast.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 2,822 per night.

You can call this place a gem in the list of cheap hotels in Goa because of the services you receive here. As soon as you step into the premises, you will take care of. All the people here are kind and accommodating that whatever you ask, you will be provided with a solution here. The place is located right at the heart of Calangute where you can get great breakfast. Away from the street noise, this place is tucked inside a road and is extremely pleasant to stay in, making it the most recommended place in the entire state.

8. William’s Guesthouse

This place is located on Tito’s lane situated very close to the Baga beach.

Image Source

  • Location: 7 William’s Guest House William’s Guest House Titos Lane House No, Saunta Vaddo, Baga 403516, India.
  • Distance from Airport:0 km from Goa International Airport
  • Trip Advisor Rating:3/5
  • Amenities: Pets Allowed, Room Service.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 1672 per night.

A simple place, it has well-maintained and clean rooms that are serviced every day. The couple who maintain the place are very friendly and you can share anything with them or ask any help from them. If you’re a budget traveler, you should opt for this place in the list of cheap hotels in Goa because of the sublimity the place has got. The Baga beach is only ten minutes away from the place and you also have the two prominent clubs; the Mambo’s club and Tito’s club at a distance. The staff in this place is of great service and you can stay forever with the views of the sun across the bay.

9. Sea Castle

With a good restaurant and uninterrupted electricity, this place has the perfect ambience for a quiet stay.

Image Source

  • Location: Umta Vaddo | Near Baga Circle, Calangute 403516, India.
  • Distance from Airport:7 km from Goa International Airport
  • Trip Advisor Rating:8/5
  • Amenities: Beachfront, Suites, Pool, Room Service, Airport transportation.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 2000 per night.

The staff in this place is accommodating and excellent, making it a beautiful and comfortable place to stay. The in-house restaurant serves affordable and variant seafood one should definitely try along with the exclusive booze. The place has Gothic architecture around it and you can spend the evenings either by swimming in the pool or by wandering around in the buffer space before you go for a walk.

10. Maharaja Hotels

The ambiance of this place is of the older Goan period, making it peaceful and calm in the list of Cheap Hotels in Goa.

Image Source

  • Location: 200 Rua Leopold Flores (Road), Vasco da Gama 403802, India.
  • Distance from Airport:6 km from Goa International Airport
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Amenities: Breakfast, Air-Conditioning, Restaurant, Room Service, Bar, Laundry, Fitness Centre.
  • Approx. Cost: ₹ 2021 per night.

The rooms in this place are spacious and well-maintained and good making the place a pocket-sized hotel with exemplary staff. The in-house restaurant will serve you biryani that everyone should taste. The Vasco da Gama is only a stone throw away from the place. Even if you are boarding late night, the staff at this place will make sure that you are comfortable and you can take off to Panjim to explore the city.

Goa is the most popular destinations of India and is known for the unique culture and massive beaches that reflect the Portuguese architecture. As it is a province, it is divided into many zones that have the spectacularly crescent-shaped beaches that are fringed with palm trees and beach huts. All the beaches are reddish and white and by residing among any of these cheap hotels in Goa; you can have an immaculate experience.

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Cheap Hotels in Goa – FAQ:

1. What modes of payment are accepted for booking a room?

All Indian and International credit cards are accepted along with major debit cards and ITZ cash cards in order to book a room in Goa.

2. What are the usual check-in and check-out time?

The check-in and check-out time usually varies but for most of the hotels here, it is around 12 PM.

3. What kind of complimentary services can a person experience on staying in Goa?

Guests who stay in the hotels are entitled to receive the complimentary breakfast but some places also offer complimentary tours as well.

4. Can I book the room for someone else through online booking?

Yes, you can. However, for whoever you have booked the room should carry an identity proof in order to make a validation.

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