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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Going for international trips can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Besides opening up the foreign locales before your eyes, the ‘trips abroad’ also land you amidst unknown people and languages, and need you to deal with foreign currencies.

Thomas Cook India can help you with travel money, as you can get Foreign Exchange online to meet your everyday needs. You can book forex online in the form of prepaid cards, currency notes and travelers’ checks with Thomas Cook. Offering 30 different currencies, the company can offer you reliable and authentic notes so that you don’t land up in trouble abroad. Reloading the Borderless Prepaid Card prior to the trip makes it easier for you to deal with the regular expenses as it can be swiped directly for shopping or paying bills and can even be used for cash withdrawal from the global Visa ATMs during the course of your trip.

Thomas Cook offers you Money transfer services as well, so that you can receive or send money abroad to meet the immediate needs for business, travel or foreign studies. You can either save up for future travels or Sell Foreign Exchange online at live rates through Thomas Cook India.

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