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Darjeeling – A melting point of amazing vistas and aromas

Picture the emerald of manicured tea estates and the stark blue of the sky merge into each other harmoniously with the rugged Himalayas against the backdrop of this startling combination of beauteous landscapes, and voila- you are in Darjeeling! The archetypal hill station is replete with pristine nature, a tourist friendly local crowd, beautiful landscape, major tourist attractions and the permanent allure of the mystic Himalayas. Far off, you can also spot the elusive Kanchenjunga on a lucky day.

Backpackers’ delight

This quaint hill station is any backpacker’s dream- you have the typical and friendly home-stays, well connected routes, amazing trekking trails and constant road companies set out on the same adventure. You can move from one place to the other while boarding at any of the various comfortable home-stays across the hills.

Darjeeling tourism attracts a lot of trekkers each year as it offers some of the most mind blowing trails in the region. If you are an adventure lover at heart, a trip to Darjeeling should certainly be on the cards for you.

Places to visit in Darjeeling

Experience the best of the Darjeeling Delight at Mirik, which flaunts some of the most awe inspiring natural vistas. At Darjeeling, Tiger Hills is a major tourist attraction for tourists as it offers splendid views of the sun rise. The Ghoom Monastery is also a major attraction for tourists visiting Darjeeling. The serenity of the ambience will relax and rejuvenate you.

Besides, you can check out the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), the Himalayan Zoo, Buddhist monasteries, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Observatory Hill, the Rock Garden, Batasia Loop, and Nightingale Park/Srubbery Park while exploring Darjeeling.

To do

The Toy Train in Darjeeling is an eventful ride that one should not miss out on. The Ropeway/Cable car ride will also offer a panoramic view of the valley, a sight that will stay imprinted on your mind forever. You could go on trekking and hiking expeditions that are organized by various clubs in the region.

Robust flavors

Sample the delicious Tibetan cuisine which will set off your gastronomic senses on a joyride. The roadside momo stalls serve some of the best oriental fares. You can also sample continental cuisine at quite a few century-old bakeries and eateries that thrive on the flow of foreign tourists, making a beeline to this scenic destination.

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Darjeeling – A Melting Point of Amazing Vistas & Aromas - Thomas Cook
Darjeeling is replete with pristine nature, beautiful landscape, major tourist attractions and the permanent allure of the mystic Himalayas.
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