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Get enamored by picture postcard Germany

The country is the birthplace of prolific historical figures like Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Goethe, Beethoven, and the Grimm Brothers. It has also a long course in history, the impact of which is played out in abundance in its many castles, timbered villages, streets and old buildings. This European nation is always at the forefront of any progressive development, such as the printing press, automobile and aspirin, among others.

Checklist for travel itinerary – Germany

Germany boasts of numerous interesting destinations that deserve a visit. From its dynamic capital of Berlin, to most of its major cities like Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt or Munich, there is presence of a very distinct culture and heritage that carves out its individuality, anywhere you travel in Germany.

In such a large nation, there is much for travelers to do and enjoy. Tourists can explore the numerous dense forests, beauteous mountainous terrains, the verdant river valleys and the long sea coasts. There are also ample man-made structures in the country, which will make your Germany holidays a memorable experience.

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Enjoy the European Grandeur in its full glory at the Brandenburg Gate, Neuschwanstein Castel, Berlin Wall, Reichstag building, Cologne Cathedral, Museum Island and the Deutsches Museum, among others. Traversing the wide expanse of the picture postcard country on the Euro Rail is another experience that one must savor and which will accentuate your Germany tour manifold.

Fests and revelry

Food is a religion here, and great food, spiritual nirvana. When it comes to choice of beer, there are more than 5,000 brands in Germany you can choose from. There are different festivals happening in the country at all times of the year. This is also the place where the Oktoberfest, the famous beer festival, is held, which is a tourist magnet.

German food has more to its credit than sausages, schnitzel, roast pork and pretzels. Food is, however, almost always accompanied with large mugs of beer. Traveling across the country you will come across distinct flavors and personality in each region’s culinary habits, which will play havoc with your gastronomic senses. The rendezvous with food will help you experience the country more intimately.

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Germany trip has a lot to offer from dense forests, scenic river valleys and the imposing beauty of the Alps. Plan your Germany holidays now!
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