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Go Green: 10 Most Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation

Pollution, pollution everywhere, not a single pinch of fresh air to breathe! This is our life in a nutshell. We deserve better, don’t we? We deserve the sight of rainbows, the sound of the winds and a lot more. So, what are you doing this summer? On the occasion of ‘Earth Day’ let’s celebrate our planet by traveling to most eco-friendly travel destinations.

Here’s list of 10 most eco-friendly travel destinations

  1. Bhutan:

    Bhutan has been developing its tourism in a way to protect and preserve its natural resources and culture. Wisely one of the best eco-friendly travel destinations, isn’t it?

  2. New Zealand:

    New Zealand’s terrain is home to diverse plants and wildlife. Visit this beautiful destination through New Zealand Tourism since it is one of the most popular destinations for luxury ecotourism.. Harming the environment is almost against their religion!

  3. Costa Rica:

    Costa Rica is on its way to becoming the first carbon neutral country by 2021. Here, you will notice the implausible diversity of flora and fauna. And this is the place, where you can look at the clear skies and sing ‘City of Stars, are you shining just for me?’

  4. Alaska:

    If you want to have an experience like ‘Gone with the wild’, Alaska is among the last truly wild places on earth. See glaciers, amazing wildlife, enjoy fishing, kayaking and explore Denali National Park. An eco-tour you can’t refuse!

  5. Santa Cruz Island, California:

    Santa Cruz Island is truly like taking refuge in the arms of nature. Be pampered by nature and remember, it’s not man vs wild! The island has two rugged mountain ranges, a large central valley, deep canyons with all year springs and streams, giant sea caves and expansive beaches.

  6. Amazon Rainforest, Brazil:

    Cruise your way to the Rainforest with over 80,000 plant species and 30 million animal species. Here you can spot pink and grey river dolphins. Live your free-willy moment!

  7. Dominica:

    Dominica is for the deep nature lovers, twitchers, hikers, and divers. Whether or not you are at your best, here nature is at its best!

  8. Kenya:

    Kenya’s breathtaking Savannahs with the most magnificent wild animals, await you. This is a paradise without halos, only with flower crowns.

  9. Norway:

    Norway has the beauty of 5 eco attractions, Hardangerjford, Jotunheimen Mountains, Jaeren Beaches, Saltstraumen and Dog Sledding in Fin mark. If you can’t do things your way, do them Norway!

  10. Maldives:

    Pristine islands, colorful coral reefs, and fresh water is what Maldives Tourism has to offer.

Well, while you are busy doing all things trending, this one time, try the eco-friendly path. Befriend nature, befriend a piece of peace!

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Go Green: 10 Most Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation
On the occasion of ‘Earth Day’ let’s celebrate by traveling. So here’s a list of eco-friendly travel destinations for your next vacation:
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